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Wait, Did Austin Mahone & Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello Go Out On, Like, A Real Date-Date?!
Wait, Did Austin Mahone & Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello Go Out On, Like, A Real Date-Date?! Before we blow what could just be a friendly, platonic hangout way out of proportion (TOO LATE), let’s consider all of our options.
Kerry Washington wore large flowing coats while filming Season 3 of "Scandal" to hide her first pregnancy. Speaking of which, you don’t want to read our Camstin fanfic, And Then They Made Out And Stuff.

Season 6 of Scandal is now scheduled to premiere during the spring mid-season instead of the fall, in the wake of actress Kerry Washington's second pregnancy, Entertainment Weekly reported Tuesday.Typically, Scandal premieres in late September.
However, by the time the fall season comes, Washington may be heavily pregnant or may have just given birth, which may hinder the logistics of the show.
Clearly, show creator Shonda Rhimes does not want to incorporate Washington’s pregnancy into Season 6. With the storyline of Scandal leaning toward a fierce political battle, it is likely not for time for Olivia Pope to be thinking about motherhood. During Season 3, Washington’s pregnancy was hidden with large jackets and with the actress standing behind lamps and other objects.

It is possible viewers may also see the coming Season 6 cut short, due to its late premiere.Season 6 of Scandal will follow Olivia Pope in the midst of running Mellie Grant’s Republican presidential campaign after forcing Jake Ballard to be Mellie’s running mate.

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