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Encouraging Christians In their faith In Christ, sharing the gospel with those without Him.
With a shout the Angel of the Lord and the Heavenly Host went their way to the earth to praise God with the announcement of the birth of the Savior. Christian Education Leadership Academy in Pewaukee, a private Christian school in its founding year, plans to expand its enrollment by 60 percent for its second year of operation. As Pewaukee's newest private Christian school nears the end of its inaugural year, the school's co-founder is looking ahead to bigger and better things, including boosting enrollment by 60 percent. Christian Education Leadership Academy, on Ryan Street just north of Highway 16, is serving 250 students in grades kindergarten through eight this year.
Because of its first-year success and number of requests from other families to join, Brian Nahey, who co-founded CELA with his wife, Nancy, said the school is projecting enrollment to swell to 400 for the 2016-17 school year and hopes to establish a waiting list to fill potential openings.
Nahey said CELA will announce detailed plans to fulfill that goal in the coming weeks, including new scholarship opportunities. For now, the school has planned three "Each One, Reach One" events in April and May, where current CELA families are encouraged to bring friends and neighbors who might want to join the school. The concept of the school, according to Nahey, is to build a community of like-minded families.

The physical structure of the school is different, too, with many of the early-grade classrooms grouped in a pod system with adjoining "family rooms" that are also used for learning. That includes allowing students to retake assessments to make sure they're grasping the material.
Nahey said students are continually getting opportunities to practice leadership skills, whether it's leading morning prayer, reciting announcements over the public address system or setting up lessons for chapel. The school scrapped the "headmaster" title, replaced it with "head of school," and in February hired Don Galster to take over the role. CELA's news about an expected boost in enrollment comes a few weeks after another private school in the area, Queen of Apostles Catholic School in Pewaukee, announced it would close after this school year because of declining enrollment. Nahey said CELA heard from quite a few Lake Country Christian Academy families after that school's closure.
CELA was originally eyed for the city of Delafield, but the plan was met with resistance from some city residents who argued the school didn't fit with the city's land-use plan.
They know that this is an exceptional announcement that they will be privileged to participate in. The event will give families an opportunity to see the school, meet members of the CELA family and encourage them to look into the enrollment process.

It's based on the three pillars of academic excellence, Christian values and leadership development.
It's interdenominational, so the school doesn't cover any of the aspects that are unique to different denominations. He said he's not sure whether there will be a similar response from Queen of Apostles families. They are very excited, for they have been summoned to accompany the Angel of the Lord to the earth. They do not know the purpose for their journey, only that they will be called to sing praises to God. This they do on a regular basis before the throne of God, but to travel to earth in mass to sing before men is another matter. We find them seated in numerous rows waiting to hear their exact destination and who will make up the audience for their great choral delivery.

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waiting christian book

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