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Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Cadets conduct Primary Marksmanship Instruction at the 2013 Leader Development Assessment Course June 16th at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash in preparation for basic rifle marksmanship.
Cadets learned safety rules as well as the basic fundamentals of shooting while rotating through five stations of 50 minute classes for phase one of basic rifle marksmanship training.
The Cadre used five focus areas for PMI to assist Cadets with proper firing procedure: positioning, sight picture, breathing, trigger squeeze and follow through.

Four rules were posted throughout the site and repeated at each station to keep Cadets and Cadre alike focused on safety. The result of this training exercise is to ultimately ensure Cadets feel at ease with their weapon and confident enough to move onto the next stage of BRM later at LDAC. The rules were: treat the weapon as if it’s loaded, keep the weapon at a low ready, don’t point at anything you’re not willing to destroy and make sure the target they are shooting at is positively identified.

Wolf and fellow Cadets then described the steps they go through to get out of the situation to the Cadre assisting with the exercise.

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warrior leader course training support package

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