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This video is of hope, inspiration, giving, helping each other, the kindness of mankind, and it’s just plain BEAUTIFUL!
As shifts in identity are more difficult than shifts in habits, pay special attention to what you do on a regular basis – your habits. Key Habits are habits that, when mastered, deliver change and value beyond the area where they are rooted.
When you take stairs instead of a lift you take care of your physical health, but also of your mental health. My Key Habit that made most difference is listening to audio programs and podcasts in the car. I just reflected on it recently and I realized how much of who I am, what I know and what I do has been influenced by those hours of listening.
Stay in touch Follow Life Puzzle Coach's board Thoughts & Reflections on Pinterest. If you feel like achieving far more but are at loss at what you should do next, perhaps these great people will be able to help keep your head straight.

These quotes cover topics like inspiration, problems, failure, success, motivation, giving up, hard work and dreams.
It is better to have someone notice and critique your work than to have no one notice at all.
My favorite shows right now include Friday Night Lights, Party Down,A and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.A  I'm a huge Kyle Chandler fan, and I would watch Kristen Bell or Hugh Laurie read the phone book. I live in a suburb of Philly and in my spare time (that's time away from work and TV), I like to read Shakespeare sonnets and plays 20 times apiece,A hunt ghosts, sing at the top of my lungs to Butch Walker songs, and write! A So far, the only people not coming are Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, Steve Carrell, and BJ Novak.A  But everyone else, and we're talking everyone, like all of the writers, the rest of the cast, they'll be there, and I'll be hobnobbing right along with them!
Friday night, I watched Canterbury's Law (well, okay, I DVR'd it, and watched it Sunday morning); it was really really good!!A  I love Juliana Margulies and I hate FOX for running the show into the ground, essentially, with Friday night airings.A  Hopefully it lives long enough to tell us what happened to her son!! But you also take care of: higher level of vital energy, feeling better emotionally and (suprise, surprise) your productivity.
One of the best decisions I made long ago is that I would not listen to the radio or music (ok, I do the latter very occasionally), but I will invest this time in personal development (which you know is my priority, and should be yours as well).

Besides full length audio programs, the smaller format that I use now and I would like to recommend to you are podcasts. If you found this post interesting and valuable, please share it using the social media buttons below.
What they have to share are simple and light for some, but powerful and impactful for others. There are so many of them that you will definitely find some that correspond with your current interests and needs. We’ve also taken the time to recreate high-res images to fully feature these quotes and who are behind them – we hope you like it!

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watch change your life by little mix

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