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One of the many rumors that have trailed along behind Stevie Nicks since she joined an ailing Fleetwood Mac in 1975 and helped to turn them into one of the most successful bands in pop history, is that she is some kind of witch. Perhaps during the heady years of the 1970s and '80s - a time when, as Nicks has admitted, she took so much cocaine that "you could put a big gold ring through my septum" - the singer's lifestyle was wild and magical enough for these kind of rumors to flourish. That revelation offers a little glimpse of the interior life of Stevie Nicks, but with her solo recording career now a fading memory and the recent Fleetwood Mac reunion a creative disappointment, it seems there's nothing to stop her speaking her mind.
Can it really be the case that, beneath the gauzy gold-dust image, the real Stevie Nicks is so careful, pragmatic and razor-sharp? The singer could be making a backhanded reference to Say You Will, the 2003 Fleetwood Mac album that Nicks recorded without long-time ally and confidante Christine McVie, who left the band in 1998 in favor of a quiet life in London. It seems that almost 30 years after the end of her romantic relationship with Buckingham there's still tension.
She lives alone in Los Angeles and has no room for a man in her life, preferring the freedom to be able to take off for Australia for six weeks, fly to Washington to visit injured soldiers, or play a corporate function in New York. Even the death last year of her 80-year-old father Jess has made little impact on Nicks' serenity. Six months after the end of the Fleetwood Mac reunion tour, her father joined her again on a short US solo tour with Don Henley. This confrontation with mortality has led Nicks to review her own life, and the singer is considering writing an autobiography, though she jokes that the people involved aren't yet old enough that she could safely name names.
And despite the ups and downs, the struggles with lovers, bandmates and addiction, Nicks is well aware that she has led a charmed - some might say magical - life.

Stevie Nicks performs with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at Rod Laver Arena on Saturday. Although that's an interesting article about Stevie, it seems like the writer may have something against Stevie.
I think she may have also cast a love spell on Lindsay Buckinham, but alas, Lindsay married someone else (someone that looked like Stevie, but wasn't a big-time celebrity.
A rumor that has trailed Nicks through the years is that she is a witch and is heavily involved in Wicca.
Some rather credulous people believe her lyrics in songs such as Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman and even the recent Sorcerer reference a demi-monde of white magic and wiccan ritual. But now, at the age of 57, Nicks is as far from witchy as you can imagine, and no longer willing to humor such romantic delusions. So she dismisses the mysticism in her songwriting, arguably the very trait that has earned her millions of fans worldwide, by reducing it to an act of calculation. It's worth remembering that in 1973, when her pre-Fleetwood album with boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham stiffed, it was Nicks who worked menial jobs to pay the rent and to keep their dreams alive, each night stepping over the passed-out bodies of Buckingham and his music buddies as she returned home from waiting tables or cleaning houses. Fleetwood Mac have sold more than 70 million records since Nicks joined the group, while her six solo albums (beginning with 1981's now classic Bella Donna) have sold in excess of 20 million. Originally conceived as a Lindsey Buckingham solo project, Say You Will came to resemble two separate albums awkwardly squashed together, with nine songs apiece from Buckingham and Nicks alternating in strict succession.
But you would never have known it in February 2004, at the Melbourne show of the 135-date Say You Will tour.

After two decades spent in the thrall of cocaine, alcohol and the prescription sedative Klonopin (which she describes as the worst thing of all), Nicks has been drug-free since 1994.
As further evidence they point to her music publishing company, Welsh Witch Music, an allusion to both the song Rhiannon and the Celtic lunar goddess who inspired it. In other words, Nicks is a woman who has always known what she wants and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it.
Nicks is an all-pervasive element of modern pop culture, maybe not as influential now as at her height, but still a figure to be referenced (mockingly or otherwise) everywhere from South Park to The Simpsons, and to be covered by artists as young and current as Lindsay Lohan and Joss Stone.
Buckingham kissed Nicks' hand several times during the show, while she draped her arms tenderly over his shoulders as he played guitar.
The first bright idea for a lyric comes, and then I go back and I say, 'Well, that line is really too heavy, I'm going to take that out, because that line might turn off one generation'. A lot of the time during those last four or five years before I went into rehab, I really didn't think I was going to make it out alive.

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watch stevie nicks in your dreams free

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