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Fort Sumter was a federal fort in South Carolina, which had seceded from the Union in December 1860—however, because the fort was owned by the federal government, it remained part of the Union and was manned by Union troops.
The watch was still around, but for whatever reason the claim about the message wasn’t investigated further—perhaps because people were skeptical of the legitimacy of Dillon’s claim.
Sure enough, there was a message there, just not quite what Dillon himself had reported, but the sentiment was more or less was the same. Whatever the case, besides Dillon’s message, when they opened the watch in 2009, they were surprised to find other writing as well.
As for LE Grofs, it’s likely that he was another jeweler—the watch would need to be taken in for cleaning every now and then, after all.
The inscription find doesn’t change history, of course, but it’s uplifting to think that Lincoln carried a message of support in his pocket during the war, apparently without ever knowing that it was there. I write as well, and one of the hazards is to look back, sometime years later, on my own slips.
Abraham Lincoln was of the same political party as Ted Cruz and the Tea Party, a Republican.
The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.
I detest racialism, because I regard it as a barbaric thing, whether it comes from a black man or a white man. Find Us On YouTube!Subscribe today to check out our free Daily Knowledge Youtube video series!
The events are called lunar transits rather than eclipses since they’re seen from outer space.
SDO circles Earth in a geosynchronous orbit about 22,000 miles high and photographs the sun continuously day and night from a vantage point high above Mexico and the Pacific Ocean.

For comparison, the space station, which orbits much closer to Earth, would make a poor solar observatory, since Earth blocks the sun for half of every 90 minute orbit. When you look at the still pictures and video, notice how distinct the edge of the moon appears.
SDO orbits about 22,000 miles above Earth, tracing out a figure-8 (called an analemma) above the Pacific and Mexico every 24 hours.
SDO amazes with its spectacular pictures of the sun taken in 10 different wavelengths of light every 10 seconds; additional instruments study vibrations on the sun’s surface, magnetic fields and how much UV radiation the sun pours into space. Compared to all the hard science, the twice a year transits are a sweet side benefit much like the cherries topping a sundae. Dillon reported what he did to the New York Times, saying, “I unscrewed the dial, and with a sharp instrument wrote on the metal beneath: ‘The first gun is fired. It wasn’t until Harry Rubenstein, the chief curator of the Abraham Lincoln bicentennial exhibit, received a phone call from Douglas Stiles, Dillon’s great-great-grandson, that the message came to light. Historians speculate that Dillon was rushed while writing the message, and perhaps meant for something with more meaning which he added in the interview with the Times 1906.
It’s possible that he wrote “Jeff Davis” in the watch in 1864, at the height of the Civil War.
However, George Thomas—the man who took the watch apart for the inscription reveal—said it looked like Lincoln hadn’t used it much, it was in such great condition.
NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) got its own private solar eclipse showing from its geosynchronous orbital perch today. Twice a year during new phase, the moon glides in front of the sun from the observatory’s perspective. Transits typically last about a half hour, but at 2.5 hours, today’s was one of the longest ever recorded. Just as the moon slid off the sun’s fiery disk, a strong M6.6 solar flare exploded from within a new, very active sunspot group rounding the eastern limb and blasted a CME (coronal mass ejection) into space.

To make sure SDO didn’t run down its batteries when the sun was blocked, mission control juiced them up beforehand.
About 1.5 terabytes of solar data or the equivalent of half a million songs from iTunes are downloaded to antennas in White Sands, New Mexico every day. It was purchased in Springfield, Illinois in the 1850s, but the watch itself was made in Liverpool, England, and the gold casing was made in an unknown shop in America. No, it wasn’t this one with the inscription on it—it was the one that Lincoln was wearing when he died. Thank God we have a government” are etched there, though the author of the text remembered writing something a tad different, as you’ll soon see. Spielberg doesn’t do anything by halves, and he wanted to include the sound of a watch from Lincoln’s time.
They decided to see if the watch, which had been silent for 150 years, would start working again.
There were many people who were outraged that this happened, because the watch could have been damaged. Spielberg actually approached the Smithsonian about recording the inscription watch, but they turned him down, thinking it was too risky. No real harm was done to the other watch, except it will now need some restoration after being oiled and wound.

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