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The dial colour will be gold to fit the stainless steel bracelet and stainless steel bezel. You can purchase this product by means of Rain forest for getting greatest delivery support.
The case diameter is 45 millimeters while the thickness is actually 12 millimeters .Packaging is very attractive as always. Reasonably scratch resistant and the mineral glass and the coating on the case are very sturdy The Michael Kors timepiece includes a gold dial encased within a hardened mineral dial window.

That clock Michael Kors using gold strap colour makes it can be an everyday accessory to fit your casual and also rugged style. Know for its trendy designs & affordable prices these watches are hot favorite amongst youth.
This Michael Kors timepiece have got 22 millimeters strap wide as well as it made from stainless steel.
The total ship weight of this product is 1 pounds and it can offer,delivery and shipping by amazon.This table under will display more details about the watch.

Long life This specific watch is also water-proof approximately 100 meters So there’s no need to worry about accidentally dropping your watch in a swimming pool or something.

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watches online booking

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