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If you have a part-time job, it can be more challenging to communicate with your boss than it might be if you worked full time–you physically see them less frequently, which means you’ll need to rely on other means of communication rather than verbal in-person interaction to get ahold of your boss. Here are six ways to communicate more effectively with your boss if you are only on a part-time basis. If you only see your boss three days a week as opposed to five, it will be more difficult to keep them updated on which days you have class conflicts, appointments for which you need to leave early from work, and any other matters that may affect your ability to work a certain day.
If you’re the type to flood your boss with emails and they’re the type to never check their inbox, but to respond almost instantly to phone calls and text messages, there’s a disconnect between you and your employer.
Ask your boss which contact method is most effective to use when trying to contact them, and stick with it. Talk to your boss about any changes in workload coming up because of something special such as an event or fundraiser, or simply use this meeting time to connect with them on a human level. Should a situation arise in which you can’t complete something on time, be real with your boss and let them know what’s going on. Don’t let procrastination dig a hole for you to fall into–be ahead of the game so that you can account for time in which you can receive guidance or help from your boss. This is much easier said than done–but nonetheless, it is especially crucial in boss-employee relations.
As a part-time worker, developing healthy and responsive communication habits with your boss will only help you in your position. I'm Julia, a second-year Literature (Creative Writing: Poetry) and Biology double major at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
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If you need something, be direct with your boss so that they get the message on the first try. Being a part-time employee, you need to work extra hard to stay connected to your boss and what they need from their employees; thus, it reflects well on you to demonstrate interest in being on the same page as them about what’s new at work and how it may affect you. If you don’t know how to format a document that your boss said is due Wednesday, ask them for help on the Thursday beforehand (6 days early). They will appreciate it just as much as you will, and ideally, your boss is there to support you such that you put forth the best work you can produce. If your boss does something to make you angry, avoid lashing out at them or using harsh language.
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Your initiative to keep them in the loop even when you’re off the job will look great on you, and your boss will hopefully be more responsive in the future to your requests if you build a strong communication history with them from the start. Always use the communication method to which your boss will most likely respond in a timely manner. In meetings between you and your boss, aim for clarity in your communication and avoid skirting around issues that you might feel weird bringing up. Your boss will likely be much more willing to help you out if your request isn’t last minute, and it’s smarter to simply ask for help than to do a poor job on your own. In charged situations that may have arisen from a misunderstanding or a failure to complete work duties, take extra care to remove yourself from your boss’ presence if you feel extraordinarily upset with them.
As a part time employee, you may feel more vulnerable in these cases, so pay careful attention to how you and your boss are feeling in times of disagreement so that neither of you acts in a manner you will later regret.
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