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As a special thank you for taking the time to let me know, I’d love to send you my Essential Done-For-You Script Pack to help you explain what you do, get glowing testimonials and ask for referrals like a pro. As a special thank you for taking the time to open up and let me know, I’d love to send you my Essential Done-For-You Script Pack to help you explain what you do, get glowing testimonials and ask for referrals like a pro.
I’ve had clients refuse to work with me when I’ve nervously quoted them embarrassingly low fees, and others happily sign up the moment I’ve proposed five figures for a single day’s work. Communicate your worth ineffectually or the wrong way, and you could be stuck in a cycle of struggling to convince clients you’re worth it, undercharging and overdelivering.  Not only will you attract fewer ideal clients, but you may more regularly have to deal with last minute cancellations or clients who don’t take your requests seriously. On the other hand, get this right and you’ll never have to defend your prices again.  Clearly communicating your worth helps ideal clients understand exactly how you can help them, and when you do, they’ll take your expertise, time and attention seriously.
You might think that charging lower fees let’s you work with clients who really need your help that wouldn’t be able to afford the fees you’d secretly like to be charging.
I feel you, and believe this mindset is likely linked to your desire to be of service to those you can help, but think about this:  How would you feel if – because you were bringing in enough income working with clients who were paying you what you’re really worth – you were able to help those unable to pay – completely free of charge?  Undercharging is keeping you from that experience. Please PLEASE hear this:  Your deep desire to be of service doesn’t mean you need to undercharge or suffer.
Holding your boundaries with clients is key when it comes to demonstrating your worth.  As your potential client, it reminds me your expertise, time and attention are all ridonkulously valuable and to not squander that shit. Thanks for reading – as always I really appreciate you support!  If you’re called, I’d love you to share this post with your friends by clicking on one of the social buttons below. Through her passion-fuelled coaching, consulting and writing, Dr Kate Byrne helps women coaches and consultants intentionally engineer success so they can shine neon bright in business. What a brilliantly written post Kate – you’ve made the solution so simple and obvious too! I loved this article, I am working my way into practice but have been thinking that because I don’t have a lot of experience cas a coach directly that I would have to start low.
I help women coaches and consultants create truly irresistible premium offers, charge (and be paid!) what they’re worth and intentionally engineer success so they can shine neon bright.
In my own consulting firm I’ve tripled my fees, commanded 5 figure days and generated $50k+ months – and I’m excited to share my secrets and shortcuts so you can too! It far exceeded my expectations, and I know I can apply all of the tools to every area of my business!! After working with Kate I was able to really craft a unique set of offerings that have literally sold like hot cakes… before I even launched them! Through our time together, I made more money, gained more clients, and created more ease in my business than ever before. Kate’s guidance […] has been invaluable helping me achieve my dream of replacing my corporate salary faster than I could have imagined was possible!
Her guidance and unwavering support gave me the confidence I needed to package my expertise, get crystal clear on my message, and think big about the future growth of my business. Since working with Kate I’ve had a flood of new client sessions and queries, I’ve exceeded my first month’s financial goal and have revamped my website and offerings.
Kate identified clear, actionable strategies that suited my creative rhythm, the stage of my business and the reality of my life. Kate’s process and the exercises she’s provided have been game-changing for me and my business (and I haven’t even implemented them all yet!). With 65% of Americans learning visually, infographics—visual representations of complex data—have emerged as one of the most popular forms of social content. Why does our brain like them so much? Check out this infographic for some surprising facts.

An advertising graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta, Jessica Brannen brings a strategic and creative eye to managing social media and online presence for Kelsey's clients. According to my observation, designers throughout the world pay much heed to their aesthetic communication skills and efficiently engage themselves in improving and refining this ability.
Although effective communication is vital for salaried designers as well, however, being able to communicate effectively is extremely crucial for freelance designers as they often find themselves in situation where they have to directly deal with professionals like clients, vendors and fellow designers etc. I would also suggest to keep your personal contact information separate from the professional one. Your pattern of communication may include; the way you want to address the receiver, your response time, the response time you expect from the receiver and an alternative medium of communication etc.
One of the characteristics of professionalism is to put everything in writing as much as possible. Moreover, when you are particularly engaged in email communication with your client, one of the best practices is to document every step of communication in a thread of emails. Note: Try to keep all your communication regarding a certain topic or subject in one email thread. It is totally understandable that while working in a flow, designers tend to communicate in their typical industry jargon. If in some case, your communication requires you to write certain design jargon, try to put its meaning in brackets beside it. Professional communication had always been fuss for creative fellows, and same goes for the designers. She is an advocate for being all in, charging what you’re really worth and premium pricing. I am going to start implementing these tips immediately, setting boundaries is something I have trouble with, in fact, all 3 tips hit pretty close to home.
All of these points are spot on, especially focusing on the benefits the client will receive.
I also need to remember that though I massage companion dogs and cats, I am marketing to their humans, who pay the bills! Especially the comment about being able to help those unable to pay – completely free of charge – if we stop undercharging in the first place. On the other hand, when it comes to the point of professional communication, even the most expert of the designers cut a sorry figure and turn out to be bad communicators towards their business. Therefore, for all my designer fellows who are deficient in effective professional communication, here are a few Effective Communication Tactics for Designers to help you deal with it better.
For instance, if you are using email as a medium of communication, create a separate email address for business communication purposes. Similarly, for effective communication, set patterns or policies for your communication activities. It is always good to prepare the receiver about your communication patterns beforehand in order to avoid any confusion. Especially when it comes to designers who have a number of clients and many different tasks to deal with, writing everything down makes communication far easier and much more organized. This will enable you to provide written references of their communication with you in case of any issue. This will enable you and your client to immediately catch up with the history of the conversation regarding that topic. It doesn’t matter if your communication is verbal, written or electronic, it is important generally for every professional and particularly for a designer to mind his manners in communication.

Netiquettes are the etiquettes of communication via email and comprise of a number of things to take care of while writing professional emails.
These words are the basic etiquette of communication and are potentially influential on the sender’s image.
It is not a problem when communicating with other professionals from the same industry, however, when it comes to communicating with your clients, it is suggested that you avoid the particular design jargon. I think undercharging is indeed one of the biggest ways us women don’t hold our worth. I feel when I focus more on that versus comparing myself to others in my field I am able to price my services accordingly, as opposed to undervaluing myself.
So while the animals feel and do great with massage, I need to never forget to communicate the benefits and results to people.
The first refers to the type when a designer communicates with its audience via his designs.
No matter what design domain do you belong to, you cannot undermine the importance of effective communication at any stage. These mediums range from email, social media like Facebook and Twitter, phone calls and even a text message! Also, once you have set a pattern, make sure you let your receivers know about it as soon as you start the communication process.
Things like contact details, meeting time, date and place, pending payments and billings and even the client feedback, all these things are good to be preserved in writing.
Always keep in consideration your client’s level of interpretation towards our work and make it a habit to communicate as simply as possible. With a little concentration and attention to the details any designer can conduct an effective communication and pave the way for progress and success.
I’ve been in corporate for years and had been considering whether or not I should maintain my pricing for my small biz clients.
I love how you wrote, “How would you feel if – because you were bringing in enough income working with clients who were paying you what you’re really worth – you were able to help those unable to pay – completely free of charge? However, in order to organize your communication habits, start by selecting one particular medium that is suitable for you and with whom you are communicating. However, any issue can be handled without losing your temper and that’s what constitutes effective communication. The truth is I add MORE value to these new clients because they will actually make money from my services (I help folks create course content). However, the second type concerns the communication which a professional designer carries out while dealing with professional matters. Can you price high for ebooks and ecourses even though there are many others out there at a lower price?
I know it depends on the product I’m just wondering how you feel in general about it.

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