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Horses are sensitive to the facial expressions and attention of other horses, including the direction of the eyes and ears. The new study also challenges the earlier-held notion that animals with eyes to the sides of their heads cannot glean information based on the direction of one another’s gaze. Wathan and the study’s senior author Karen McComb took photographs to document cues given by horses when they were paying attention to something.
The researchers’ observations show that horses rely on the head orientation of their peers to locate food.

The findings, reported in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on August 4, are a reminder for us humans to look beyond our own limitations and recognize that other species may communicate in ways that we can’t, the researchers say. Then Wathan and McComb used those photographs as life-size models for other horses to look at as they chose between two feeding buckets. However, that ability to read each other’s interest level is disrupted when parts of the face — the eyes and ears — are covered up with masks. In each case, the horse in the photo was paying attention to one of the buckets and not the other.

The ability to correctly judge attention also varied depending on the identity of the horse pictured, suggesting that individual facial features may be important, the researchers report. In some instances, the researchers also manipulated the image to remove information from key facial areas, including the eyes and the ears.

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ways to communicate with horses

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