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Effective portfolio management is an important element in the success and growth of business across all industries. Training for senior management – By improving the knowledge and understanding of portfolio management at the highest level, you could be on your way to success. Create a culture of prioritizing portfolio management – For effective portfolio management, the process itself should be deeply rooted and prioritized uniformly throughout the organization. Set aside resources for portfolio management – Improving your portfolio management would also involve dedicating organizational resources for effective solutions. Implement the right techniques and tools – For an organization, it would be much easier to maintain a competitive edge by utilizing the correct tools and practices for portfolio management. Establish an elaborate strategy – To ensure the effectiveness and success of your portfolio management, prioritize on establishing a clear and realistic strategy as well as your organizational goals in terms of portfolio and project targets. When I think about quality practices, manufacturing and safety are the first concepts that come to mind. Whether you are managing a large project or your own work, we can benefit from improving our quality practices. Made famous by Tim Ferriss in The 4-Hour Workweek and several other recent books, the Pareto Rule is a valuable concept with many applications in the business world. For example, let’s say that you manage an online banking application for a large bank. Action: Organize defect information into categories and identify the top cause of quality problems.
Let’s say you are running a technology project to improve customer service at an eCommerce company like Amazon. Action: Checklists improve the performance of aircraft pilots, surgeons, and other professionals.
When introductions were made before a surgery, Gawande says, the average number of complications and deaths dipped by 35 percent. Action: as you learn about the power of quality improvements, it is easy to get carried away with the options. Tip: For personal improvement, I recommend the Tiny Habits program developed by Dr BJ Fogg (thanks to Ramit Sethi for introducing me to Fogg).
I think the PMBOK is a valuable resource however I do not consider it the only perspective on how to apply tools. Few sensations in life rival the feeling of finding yourself at peace in the natural world. One of the best ways to achieve harmony with nature is to participate actively in what it has to offer. Run along the beach, go for a hike, stretch on a patch of grass, walk through a park, swim in a lake, dance in your garden, or practice yoga beneath a tree. Paige is a freelance writer, a believer in good vibes, and an advocate for embracing your passions.
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This design is ideal for a rural home such as a mountain or lake lodge, a country farmhouse or a contemporary casual design. While softer shades of green work well in older and more traditional kitchens, modern kitchens can handle a bolder shade. Red and black are a classic color combination giving a contemporary kitchen the wow factor. Sleek red metal cabinets with inset white handles create clean lines that repeat the tile backsplash. A honey-toned floor is repeated in the bar island cabinetry and contrasted by the white cabinets on the opposite wall; white trim carries the color into the rest of the room. Windows allow outside colors to enter the room, and several hues of yellow are used to provide depth and contrast. Red and white subway tiles create a techno-feel, while open shelves afford the opportunity to continue the stark color contrast of red and white through china choices. Blue is an excellent color choice for a farmhouse kitchen and an English or French Country design. This large kitchen is stunning with the soft blue cabinet colors back-dropped against pale yellow walls.

In fact, the 2012 Pulse of the Profession study conducted by the Project Management Institute proves just that. This enables senior management to ensure that the projects are undertaken and developed according to the organizational strategy.
For gaining all the benefits of portfolio management, everyone involved should have a clear understanding of the process, how it works, and why it is necessary.
This would involve executives showing their support of portfolio management by way of investment and communication. It would be best if you leave it to professionals, so you need to ensure that the organization invests in the right talent. Make use of portfolio management software and applications in addition to other tools for an efficient management system.
This motivates the entire team to work efficiently for portfolio management, as they have a better understanding of the goals and constraints involved in the project.
When manufacturing firms like Toyota embraced quality, lives AND money were saved (though Toyota’s recent experience shows that quality is a never ending activity). The following four principles and techniques are tried and true ways to improve quality in a variety of environments.
For example, the Six Sigma school of thought developed at Motorola and General Electric defines quality as minimizing the number of defects or errors. If you select customer satisfaction as the definition, come up with an assessment tool (e.g. As millions of people use the application every day, you will likely receive a large quantity of comments and feedback regarding the application. Applying your resources to improve the most significant cause of problems is an excellent quality approach. PMBOK Guide) and other management approaches, there are numerous quality tools and methods. As you build and test new capabilities, you may be asked (or simply wonder) how the project is improving customer service. The more variables and issues we face in our work, the more difficult it becomes to deliver work. We recently wrote an article on our website discussing the 6 must read articles on increasing quality control.
You know the moment—the one where you’re standing at the top of a hill you just climbed, a crisp breeze kisses your cheek, and you feel utterly alive.
Participating in nature’s stillness, its chaos, its movement, its cycles, and its power can help you become more in tune with your body and mind. Whether you’re stepping over rocks and stones along a pathway, swimming amidst clusters of algae in the ocean, or balancing in a plank position on a tilted grassy incline, learning to adapt your body to the elements helps you become more in touch with your strengths and your weaknesses.
You don’t need to practice a formal type of meditation to experience positive effects from sitting in silence.
A native Southern Californian with a fondness for France, Paige adores travel, self-development, languages, literature, and connecting with people across cultures.
All green cabinets and refrigerator panels create a sharp contrast against the wood floors, while the red stove adds a focal color. Lime green, a cross between green and yellow works well in contemporary kitchens that have lots of light, clean lined-cabinetry and the ability to concentrate the color in one space.
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The report showed that out of all the projects undertaken by organizations considering themselves as highly effective in managing portfolios, 62% met or exceeded the expected return on investment (ROI).
In fact, the study also showed that in 89% of highly effective companies, project leaders and staff are educated on the process and practices involved in portfolio management.

Along with this, you will also need to establish a set of practices for achieving your strategic goals. If you are looking for a way to improve your productivity, improving quality is an excellent strategy to pursue.
These tools include check sheets, control charts, Cause-and-effect diagrams and the Pareto Rule referenced above. One way to improve customer service is to improve the consistency of the customer experience. Once that change is implemented, you will have enhanced credibility to implement other quality improvements.
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Here are five ways you can improve your physical, spiritual, and mental well being by taking advantage of nature’s restorative powers. Instead of catching up on Netflix, taking a bath, or browsing the Internet, utilize nature as your environment for recharging.
Barbeque in someone’s yard, bring a picnic to the park, play cards on the beach, start a game of Frisbee or football, go camping, or host a bonfire.
Shiny black granite countertops provide an accent color and give an unexpected modern touch. Standardizing portfolio management is a critical step for improving effectiveness within the organization. Whether you are managing a multi-million dollar IT project or managing your career, a commitment to quality makes a big difference. For example, you can build a check list that describes what happens when a customer places an order: they receive an order confirmation email within 30 minutes of ordering, a shipment status email within 48 hours and so forth. This quality concept is especially important when you are building quality practices for others to use. However, health professionals face a great deal of stress and long working hours – simply assuming they will remember everything is not realistic. Read a book outside, sketch the landscape, listen to a podcast as you walk on the sand, play a portable instrument, float in a pool, dip your toes in a creek, or listen to music as you sprawl on the grass and take a nap.
Let the bright, energetic morning hours invigorate you and motivate you to get your heart pumping.
Spending time outside with friends presents unexpected challenges and more opportunities for fun and adventure.
Listen to the hum of a faraway car on the road, the bright whistle of a bird, the soft crash of waves.
In this view, quality is only achieved if the end customer or user can effectively use the product. Once you have those categories in place, you may notice that the majority of defects fall into the security category. If you have never used any of the tools, I encourage readers to start with the check sheet. You can then choose random transactions from the project and run them through the checklist. Making time for yourself away from the distractions of an office or home allows you to reconnect with your emotions and needs. Adjusting to the forces of nature—like weather, time of day, and seasonal changes—teaches you to become more flexible, patient, and accepting of circumstances outside of your control. Feel the cool breeze tickling your skin, feel the stray strands of your hair blowing across your face, feel the sun heating your palms.
The Pareto Rule suggests that addressing customer security concerns will improve quality as measured by customer satisfaction.
Experiencing this period of calm allows you to feel gratitude for your very aliveness—for the fact that you can sit and simply be.

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