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Or visit our PCH Fan Page on Facebook to check out the news on our winners and Prize Patrol – and log in a Sweepstakes entry at the same time. Hope you take my advice … and do what it takes to make your OWN winning moment come true very soon!
Hi, winning would be a blessing at this time, if its me I will be the happiest mother ever, I would help so many people, starting with paying for my children education and take care of my self, I’ve worked all my life for so little but it keep me going, it would be nice to finally sit back and just take care of my children go to school and spend time with them. Today, five members of Kathi’s Clutter Free launch team are here to share with you their real-life examples of what works for them as HSPs.
Notice how each woman has (1) awareness of her own needs and (2) a specific plan to meet them so she stays out of the “OVERWHELMED ZONE”!
As a Highly Sensitive Person, I have a hard time deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. I have been actively working on managing my stuff in the nine years since our family began our active duty military journey. My 9-year-old’s plan to simulate the sound of breaking glass by dumping a bucket of Legos on our tile kitchen floor is highly effective.
The noise makes me jump as the high pitched sounds assault my ears and the association with broken glass push me near panic. When the household noises get overwhelming, I put on noise canceling headphones or calming music and encourage the kids to play with quiet things. With horizontal bingo, you have to make a horizontal line of number dabs in order to win the game. Diagonal bingo requires the player to make a line from one top corner to the opposite bottom corner. Way # 1 : Weapons–Courage and BraveryYou might not have any swords or guns but you must remember that courage is the greatest weaponany man can possess. Way # 3 : Enemies—Fear, Misery and WorryUnlike in the olden days, today your greatest enemies are invisible.

Way # 4 : Chariot—Action Just as a horse carries a warrior in the battlefield let action carry you forward. All the difficulties that arise can be sorted outalong the way with swift and planned action. You must have the right contacts to help you move faster.A strong team is essential for success and can go a long way in determining the outcome of any war.
Way # 6 : War—A fight for your dreamsYou may not be able to wage wars for conquering lands and kingdoms but today’s warsare about achieving success. Way # 7 : Victory—Success and happinessIn the end the victory everyone strives for is success and happiness.
If you believe in yourselfand have dedication and pride - and never quit, youll be a winner. Or log on to PCHSearch&Win and activate an entry with your first web search of the day.
So one day, I took an afternoon and went through the pile: throwing out, shredding, and filing.
Start your own lists so you can become aware of what happens for you…and what works for you!
I've been a part of the pizza industry since 2007, first as the editor-in-chief, and now as the editor-at-large at PMQ Pizza Magazine. If you are playing online, you can always have the computer auto-dab for you but if you decide to do it manually, pay close attention to the numbers that will give you a horizontal line.
And just as with horizontal bingo, it is easier to win if the line falls straight in the middle of the card where the free space sits. But the best aspect of this pattern is that the game is more exciting and lasts longer because there are more squares to cover. The pattern will be shown to all players and in order to win, the pattern must be replicated on the card. You might not be able to fight wars withswords, spears and shields likein the olden days but there arenumerous battles to be fought everyday.
Hope for better things and a faithin your abilities can protect even amidst the most violent of wars.

Such a strong shield will keep you safe and going in the face ofdifficulties and challenges. They strike with rapidity anddisappear but leave behind damage and destruction in their path. And since any entry could end up making you a winner, it’s essential for you to enter every day and every way you can! Generally, it is fairly easy to win horizontal bingo, especially if your line is in the middle where the free space is located. In 75-ball games, it is less likely that two or more winners will be called but in 90-ball games, multiple winners are seen all the time because of the increased likelihood of filling more lines. The game mighthave changed but the rules are still the same; you have to be strong, you must fight to win.
A swift horse can give you speed and safety and it will allow you to navigate the battlefield with ease. To emerge victorious in the modern day war you need to use your weapons,shields, horses and your army effectively.
However, statistics show that bingo players tend to miss more numbers in this pattern of bingo. During the holidays, bingo websites may use themed patterns such as Christmas trees, stars, witches hats and broomsticks. Even if youhave all the wealth, knowledge and luxuries in the world without courage they are all useless.
You mustchoose your generals wisely, those who could guide you and help you on the road to success.
Before getting into a waryou need to think strategically and plan carefully to maximize your chances of victory.

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