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Western Digital has started shipping the My Book Live Duo, a NAS (network-attached storage) device that is meant to act as a central hub for the home.
All it takes is for a special app to be installed onto the supported gadgets and the setup is ready to go. The NAS has 4TB or 6TB of HDD storage space, plus a built-in media server that can stream movies, photos and music to the devices mentioned above, as well as DLNA-certified game consoles, smart TVs and Blu-ray players, plus WD TV Live media players. Upon initial launch, the Android WD2go app asks for an activation code which needs to be generated via the web interface of the My Book Live. Western Digital's personal cloud solution is quite effective in providing access to the My Book Live over the Internet, be it from a mobile device or a remote computer.
I remember costly multi-drive NAS costing more than this without including any HDDs and performing much worse. Thanks for review!But you should note - this device can work as a decent DLNA server and provide all your media content library to all your DLNA-certified devices (TVs, notebooks, set-top boxes, smartphones, etc.). Venya, Thanks for your informative posts (which, I am sure, lot of readers will appreciate).I did mention Twonky in the second page of the review.
I have over 1 TB (yes, terabyte) of music, 600 GB of movies, and 900 GB of TV shows, and two desktops and two laptops that want access.I use RipIt and Handbrake for movies and XLD for music.
Speaking from experience, I've found having a small, cheap, configurable NAS on my home network to have a bunch of advantages. Together with the WD2go remote access via website, they form the personal cloud solution for the My Book Live. After this code is input, one can see the attached devices on that network (I am assuming that multiple My Book Live units on a single network will end up with the same activation code). Software-wise this is based on Twonky Media server.Only this feature alone make this device worth to purchase! The DLNA server it runs is TwonkyServer, which I couldn't make work in HD with my Samsung 650 LCD TV. It exists just to make up for the deficiencies of the products involved.The My Book Live is pretty neat and does its job of exposing the available files via a SMB share. One would need to install and configure a NAS (network attached storage) server, lease an IP or use a dynamic IP service to route back to the machine sitting at home and configure their router to make it work. In this section, we will go over the WD2go Android app features as well as the web remote access solution. Now, if only the TVs were good enough to just recognize and read from Samba shares, DLNA could have been rendered unnecessary.uPnP is pretty good by itself (It enables the Play To functionality in Windows), and all this DLNA standardization on top has only served to confuse consumers further. Instead of having to keep my desktop machine running when I'm not using it, I have a 5W server and a connected USB drive that powers up and down as needed. These days, there are off the shelf products with software wizards that helps you do just that.Why Personal Cloud StorageSo what are the benefits of choosing a Personal Cloud.
The WD2go Pro app provides extra security, sharing options and Dropbox like syncing functionality. The WD2go app settings include a configurable cache size (for storage of downloaded content) and the ability to clear it. There are some configuration XML files for Twonky where you can setup separate profile for your TV and change content type. The end result is we pay less for electricity (important here in Hawai'i, given the rates we're charged) and it generates less heat (important on the days we run the AC). Since there is no transcoding going on at the My Book Live end, we are severely limited with respect to the nature of the video files which can be played back. This way, there would be no confusion about supported DLNA profiles and other such stuff (I believe on-the-fly transcoding by any media server program is just hiding the inefficiency of the renderer..

Read more about Dynamic DNS below.Update your router to point external traffic looking for this resource to your storage device.
My desktop is where all of our photos first land, and I have a script that runs periodically to copy all the photos to the server.
It's all automated, so I never have to worry about making sure it's all backed up, other than checking the logs every now and again to make sure the copy's working OK.Similarly, my wife likes having a copy of all our photos on her laptop so she can have them to show people when she's away from home. If youre was lucky enough to buy Samsung TV before reading forums about their problems ;)Actually, with my initial comment I just said that Ganesh skipped very important aspect in this review - DLNA. In the past, I ran an rsync server on my desktop machine so she'd get copies that way, but making sure she was up to date required coordination - I'd have to make sure my desktop was on at the same time as her laptop.
All features and problems should be in review itself but not in user comments, dont you think?
Because your broadband IP is dynamic, a software on your device communicate your current IP address to a third party service, the Dynamic DNS service.By registering for a memorable domain name offered by DDNS, you can connect to your Personal Cloud Storage without worrying about your IP address having changed. Because it's always on, I'm fairly certain that I have a good backup of all her stuff.Personally, I also like running backups to a volume that's not always mounted on the machine being backed up. I've always thought that USB drives as a backup solution invite disaster, as they're likely always mounted, and therefore fully accessible in the event that you catch some nasty virus that decides to delete all of your files. Asustor, a relatively new name in the storage scene brings us 2, 4, 6 and 8-bay storage and media solutions complete with a barrage of features and accompanying apps. For example, when we were out on holiday last month, as we filled the flash cards for our cameras, I'd pull the photos off to my little travel netbook and let it copy the photos back home overnight.
If anything had happened to my laptop's drive while we were away, we wouldn't have lost our photos of our kids enjoying their holiday.Finally, the ultimate reason I run backups through my little low-power server is that it's basically just a cache. It's set up to copy everything over to a machine at work during the wee hours of the morning, giving me physical separation of our data and the backup. Both uses the same Transporter Library application that allows you to access a collection of folders stored on the Transporter(s). The little server then trickles data out at our miserable 1Mbit upload speed, taking as long as it needs to to get the job done. That way, I don't have to leave my power-hungry desktop machine on for long periods of time while waiting for backups to complete, which is really useful.As to where our media files come from, we have a couple of hundred GB of photos, perhaps a little more in music (all ripped from our CDs, which lurk in the bottom of a cupboard these days) and maybe 700GB of movies and the likes (ripped from our DVDs which are the CDs' neighbours). The WD My Cloud is a NAS that uses the same software to support Personal Cloud Storage (PCS). With its one plug and one click installation, you can start to share music, photos, movies and files with family and friends and access it from anywhere on any devices over the Internet. A secure cloud service by Lacie called Wuala with 5GB of storage to start you off can be used to share files securely.For backup, it supports Time Machine, Windows backup, NAS-to-NAS and backup to cloud. Once connected to the WiFi router, you can start to load it up with photos, videos, music, files and backup. Then, stream music and videos from your very own centralised media library to your gaming consoles, media players, DLNA-certified devices and smart TVs (with unique support for Samsung Smart TV app for enhanced media navigation).
The app supports viewing of content by type, size and compatilibility.PDF, Word document, a variety of music, photo and video formats are supported.
All Synology NAS can be purchased as enclosure only or with hard disk(s) pre-installed.The DiskStation Manager (DSM) currently at version 5 provides an intuitive web-based operating system that mimics your desktop with drop down menu, pop up windows, task bar and desktop shortcut to all the different apps. So to begin to enjoy the features of DSM you can start with the entry level NAS or go full whack with the top of the range multi-bay enterprise RackStation.Apart from DSM, Synology also developed Mobile Apps for smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android and Windows Phone). DS video supports DLNA TV, Chromecast and streaming to multiple devices at high definition.DS cloud and DS file allows you to access, sync and share your files easily. It also works with multiple DiskStation (office and home) and sync selected folders from each of them over the cloud.

DS file on the other hand, is a file management app that lets you move, rename, download to cache, delete, archive or share links to the files on your DiskStation.Other apps includes the DS download that lets you create download tasks to queue and pull files down from the Internet straight to your NAS and DS cam app that lets you access Surveillance Station, an app that you can install on the DSM operating system to watch up to 6 cameras channels simultaneously on your tablet or smartphone with the ability to take snapshots, play back events and adjust your PTZ cameras. Install and enable only the apps that you need if you have an entry level model as the processor and memory will struggle when you start too many apps.
View and manage your documents, listen to music, view photos and watch movies on your iOS or Android devices over 3G or Wi-Fi. You can also remotely upload or download media from your smartphone or tablet.There is also a built-in media server that lets you stream digital media to DLNA Certified uPnP AV media servers. These include QMobile, Qlife, Qmanager, VMobile (iOS only), Qmusic, Qremote, Qphoto Lite and Qget (Android only). Qmusic lets you access and stream your entire music collection remotely, Qget lets you manage your downloads pulling this straight to the NAS without a PC or browser. Qremote controls the HD Station and play back video, music and photos stored on the NAS on your TV. VMobile monitor the IP cameras managed by Turbo NAS with Surveillance Station Pro or VioStore NVR on the go. Finally, Qmobile allows you to stream music, videos and view photos on your mobile.QAirplay application on QTS App Center and Qfile for mobile lets you browse and view video and multimedia contents and share this on AirPlay supported products including of course the AppleTV so you can watch videos on the big screen. We recommend installing QAirplay on your NAS then stream media content directly to the Apple TV to alleviate the need for another device. While the ReadyNAS system is gear more towards businesses, there are some feature that home users will appreciate.
No accompanying mobile app. Businesses stand to save and benefit from expansion slots with up to 6 bays on some model. Accounts and Security Groups can be created to control access the different folders and file level access. The high models support Active Directory Users and Groups import to ease of setting up with a limit of 1000 users or groups.LinkStation OS lets you manage your disks for models with two or more disks so you can decide if you want a configuration that gives you additional performance (RAID 0 stripped) or data protection (RAID 1 mirror) or both (RAID5 and 10). RAID 5 requires 3 or more disks to stripe data across all disks and intersperse parity data for fault tolerance giving you both performance and data protection. RAID 10 requires 4 or more disks where two sets of hard disks are mirrored and combined into a single array, then data is stripped across all mirrored sets again for fault tolerance and increased performance.For backup, Buffalo offers NovaBACKUP Professional for PC users while Mac users can use the LinkStation as Time Machine to schedule backups from one or multiple Mac computers on the network. Direct Copy function lets you back up the content of your USB drive without using a computer.What we are interested is what is available for those looking to setup their own cloud. LinkStation Cloud services includes Flickr Synchronisation (on some models) to automatically download photos from your Flickr account or upload photos from a designated folder to the Flickr account. Your data will remain in the NAS while you access it via a browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Those looking to keep it simple, look no further.Lenovo IomegaUsing the LenovoEMC Personal Cloud feature you can access your NAS from over the Internet, invite guests to read and write to files and folders and share files with friends and family. Accompanying iOS and Android mobile applications called the LenovoEMC Link lets you access, upload, download, browse and stream content on your NAS over the Internet.There is a built-in photo slideshow sharing feature that lets you share photos online. No accompanying mobile app. Businesses stand to benefit from solid build, dependability and low starting cost.

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