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Il #01598E My Book Live e #01598E My Book Live Duo contengono un firmware che puo essere aggiornato attraverso il Dashboard.
Per visualizzare le istruzioni, fare clic su "Fare clic qui per le istruzioni" accanto al tipo di aggiornamento che si desidera eseguire. Per verificare se il dispositivo e stato aggiornato all'ultima versione, eseguire i passaggi 1-3 di cui sopra. Nella pagina principale del dashboard di My Book Live Duo, fare clic sul pulsante Impostazioni. Se il firmware del dispositivo e gia aggiornato, si ricevera un messaggio che conferma che il dispositivo e gia aggiornato.
Assicurarsi che l'alimentazione di My Book Live Duo non venga scollegata durante questo processo. Una volta lette le note sulla versione, fare clic sul pulsante Download Now (Scarica adesso) per scaricare il file del firmware. Dopo che il download e stato completato, accedere al dashboard di My Book Live e fare clic sul pulsante Settings (Impostazioni). Selezionare il file .deb scaricato nel passaggio 1, quindi fare clic sul pulsante Open (Apri). Leggere il testo che verra visualizzato e quando si e finito di leggerlo, fare clic sul pulsante OK.
Attendere che il file venga importato e controllato per assicurarsi che sia un file di firmware valido. Una volta letto il contenuto del messaggio, selezionare la casella per riconoscere che si accetta l'avviso. Please select a My Cloud or My Book Live storage device to display that device's instructions.
Once inside the Dashboard, go to Settings, which is located on the top-right of the screen. You may need to access your router's IP table to obtain the range allowed by your specific model router.
The Netmask and Gateway can be obtained from a PC's network settings Local Network Status screen's Details area as shown below. Once the router's port forwarding has been configured, access the Dashboard on the My Cloud to verify that the ports have been properly forwarded.
The Remote Backup utility on the My Cloud Mirror requires to have Ports 22 and 873 forwarded to the My Cloud in order to work.
You may need to access the IP table on the router being used to obtain the range allowed by that specific router. A warning will display, reminding that an invalid Static IP may render the My Cloud inaccessible.
Once the static network values have been set, navigate to the General option under the Settings tab, and scroll down to Cloud Access.
Once the static network values have been set, navigate to the Network option under the Settings tab.
Assign a permanent address to the My Book Live under IP Address This address will be the same address that you will assign in your router. You may need to access your routers IP table to obtain the range allowed by your specific model router. The 'Netmask' and 'Gateway' can be obtained from your PC's network settings Local Network Status screen support tab as shown below. Make sure that remote access is enabled (checkbox is checked), then change the connection option to Manual. For the remainder of this document we will use the example of setting WD 2go port 1 to 8080 and WD 2go port 2 to 8443.
Once you have configured your router for port forwarding, access your My Book Live's Dashboard again to verify you have properly forwarded the ports. The Twonky Media server allows the user to stream videos, music, and photos to any compliant device. If the drive being used is not listed in the table below, it does not include the Twonky Media Server feature. The Twonky UI port 9000 provided by the WD device is to allow end users to verify if the Twonky service is active or not. To display instructions, please click on the "Click Here for Instructions" link next to your model NAS in the table above.

Clicking on Settings will bring the user to the Status page, where brief details on the status of the Twonky server will be provided.
Clicking on Setup will give the user access to settings for the Language, Server Name, and the Navigation Tree type. Changing the Language setting will change the language of both the Twonky Media Server configuration pages, as well as the language in the menu trees sent to any DLNA compliant devices. Changing the Server Name will allow the user to change what the displayed server name is when browsing for Media Servers.
The Navigation Tree setting will let the user change between 5 settings: Mobile, Classic Media Navigation, iPod-Like, By Folder, and Advanced Media Navigation.
Once the user has made all the changes they would like to make on this page click the Save Changes button.
Clicking on Sharing will allow the user to change what directory is used to stream, and enable or disable sharing on different media receivers on their network.
Clicking on Media Receivers will give the user access to settings for specific media players.
Clicking on Aggregation will allow Twonky to collect information from any other device also running Twonky or Windows Media Player, and presents all available media from the user's network in one location.
Clicking on Advanced will allow the user to set a username and password to access the Twonky Server configuration page, as well as setting a music compilations folder, set a rescan interval, giving the user the option to have the server automatically restart if it detects a change to the NIC card in the device, enable logging, and performing server maintenance.
The first option available once the user has clicked on Advanced is Username and password, which provides the user the option to set these parameters to avoid unwanted access to the Twonky configuration page. Next, the user has the option of listing their Compilation Folders.This field will allow the user to input a list of folders that will be automatically handled as music compilations. Restart on NIC changes gives the user the option to have the server automatically restart if it detects any changes to the NIC card in the drive.
Logging provides a way to enable logging for the Twonky server, which may be used in troubleshooting. Server Maintenance allows the user access to settings such as: restarting the server, re-scanning the content directories, resetting the service to default settings, and clearing the servers cache memory. Alle unita WD My Cloud, WD My Cloud EX2, WD My Cloud EX4 o My Book Live Duo Personal Cloud e possibile collegare un'unita USB attraverso la porta USB posteriore posizionata sulle unita. A questo punto, Sistema Operativo (OS) richiedera le credenziali da fornire per misurare le autorizzazioni di un utente specifico per l'unita di rete.
Il processo e stato completato e ora l'unita esterna verra correttamente visualizzata sul desktop. IMAGE USAGEOffice Depot reserves the right to monitor all image uploads, and to remove any content you upload if we believe it violates this Statement or our policies. GOVERNING LAWThese Terms constitute the entire understanding of the parties and supersede all prior and contemporaneous written and oral agreements with respect to the subject matter hereof. When connected to your network's router (wired or wireless), allows you to store your movies, music and photos and access them over your network — on computers and mobile devices. Built-in media server streams music, photos and movies to such devices such as Blu-ray Disc™ players, Xbox 360®, PlayStation® 3, as well as any other DLNA-certified multimedia device. They’ve just released their My Book Live, a network hard drive that has come with a Ethernet LAN (non USB) that made specially for hooking up with your home network. The device is designed for backing up data, storing multimedia film, and streaming content to DLNA-certified gadgets such as HDTV, printer, media player and so on. If you are interested, Western Digital My Book Live network hard drive is available now in two sizes, 1TB and 2TB for $170 and $230 at Amazon. Il vantaggio di aggiornare al DLNA Media Server piu recente di WD e costituito dall'ottenimento della certificazione completa di Windows 8 e dallo sfruttare l'APP di WD per Windows 8. Se si desidera utilizzare il server multimediale TwonkyMedia, non e necessario effettuare nessun'altra operazione. If the information needed is not in the steps below, please Contact Us for additional assistance. Please ensure to follow the steps listed below and add said ports if using Remote Backup with the device. Any modifications to the share settings using the Twonky service UI are not supported by WD. If the user is taken to a search result, or otherwise are unable to access this page make sure they can access the .
The information visible on this page is the version of the media server, the quantity of media files stored on the server, and the activity status of the server.

This will allow the server to ignore other content types and only stream the content the user wishes to. From here the user can set what type of player it is, and set a customized navigation layout for that specific device. With this feature enabled, the user won't need to switch between different servers when searching for any media in specific. Questa unita puo essere utilizzata per collegare un disco rigido USB esterno, un'unita flash o una fotocamera.
Examples of such images include, but are not limited to, images containing sexually explicit content or graphic violence, images containing viruses or other malicious code, or images covered by intellectual property rights not owned by you. If one or more of the provisions herein shall be held invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality, and enforcement of the remaining provisions shall not be affected or impaired. Includes iTunes® server support to let you to centralize your music and stream it to a Mac or PC.
They’re still trying to make some money in other market, such as the NAS or Network Attached Storage that proved to have a rising popularity on these days. The WDC My Book Live offering up to 100Mbps transfer rate, and it has come with WD SmartWare software to automate the backup. Le patch consentono di scegliere di utilizzare uno dei server DLNA, e di passare ad un altro server, semplicemente applicando una delle patch.
Se il DLNA Media Server di WD e il server desiderato, la patch dovra essere scaricata e installata. For assistance accessing the Dashboard, please see Answer ID 10420: How to access the Dashboard on a My Cloud.
For assistance doing this, please see Answer ID 5871: How to access the Dashboard on a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo. If they are not able to access the Dashboard, the drive is either not properly connected to the Network or is being blocked by a firewall or other security software. More detailed information on the server is also provided, for example, server uptime, network information like the IP Address & MAC address of the drive, the date the server's database was last updated, among other information. The user can change this to point to a different network share, or a sub-directory on the share.
For example if they have both Music and Video files in the folder that is shared, and set the content type to Videos-only the user will only stream the video files in that location. In addition, the user has the option to fully reset the list of devices, as well as enabling or disabling access to a specific device. If one is set, the user will not be able to access the Twonky Media Server configuration page without it.
If this is set to 0 than the drive will never scan for new data once the server is running. Cio consente di attivare piu funzionalita, quale l'unita USB che serve come una destinazione per i backup con Time Machine e anche come un punto di ripristino o un backup USB nel cloud personale stesso.
You will not upload content or take any action on this site that infringes or violates someone else's rights or otherwise violates the law. These Terms are governed by the laws of the State of Florida, USA, without regard to its choice of law provisions.
Plus, you have the capability to access media and files stored on the drive from anywhere, securely over the Internet.
Western Digital My Book Live is also backed with 3-year limited warranty, that will let you use the NAS at a peace in mind. Per scaricare e installare la patch del TwonkyMedia Server, e necessario attenersi allo stesso processo, qualora fosse necessario recuperarla. For information on how to Reset a My Cloud device, please see Answer ID 10432: How to reset a My Cloud device.
The courts of general jurisdiction located within Palm Beach County, Florida, USA, will have exclusive jurisdiction over any and all disputes arising out of, relating to or concerning these Terms.
The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply to these provisions.

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