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Sit back, relax, and allow the transformational power of self hypnosis, subliminal programming, combined with binaural beats for attracting wealth vibrations, to literally transform your ability to create prosperity, for yourself, and others, from the inside out. No matter who you are, and I want to share with you the life enriching way you can completely and easily, without an expensive education, inconvenience, or loss of time, come into a renewed sense of life, energy, joy, and develop a higher quality of life and greater success with binural beat wealth frequency subliminal and self hypnosis programs.
How to get much more success on your present job without resorting to nagging, backstabbing or game playing. How to create an “invisible wealth frequency” around you, to capture all the things and opportunities you need! The theory behind binaural beats for attracting wealth, as used in this program, is that if you apply slightly different sound frequencies to each ear, a balancing effect is created within the brain itself, synchronizing the brain’s internal wiring. Solfeggio frequencies are the ancient, healing musical notes used in the harmonic hymns and chants of the Gregorian church. You need to prove it to yourself, that you can experience your own personal prosperity miracle. Download the Subliminal and Self Hypnosis MP3s with Binuaral beats for Attracting Wealth, PLUS a Library of Classic Wealth eBooks Now. A 22 minute binaural beat, wealth frequency self hypnosis MP3 download to begin using right now! A 40 minute binaural beat for attracting wealth subliminal MP3 download to begin using right now! A FULL LENGTH eBook in Adobe PDF format, with 17 chapters devoted to the "Quantum Science" of YOU getting rich! Two appendixes FULLY explaining your Brain wave states, and the miraculous power of binaural beats, and transformative Solfeggio frequencies. Three easy and powerful energy meditations to attune your personal prosperity frequency to the "law of attraction".
A Resource Section, with wealth ideas and prosperity links to help you start your own successful online business! Links to other very worthy and valuable prosperity programs I can honestly reccomend, including Seven FREE Prosperity and Wealth Lessons from Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield, two of the teachers featured in the film, "The Secret".

I really and truly want YOU to succeed, and I am putting everything I have that can help you to live more richly and fully into this download package! Prosperity by Charles Fillmore Charles Fillmore was the founder of the Unity School of Christianity, and was active in the New Thought Movement of the last century. The Master Key System by Charles Haanel The Master Key System gives you a means of tapping into the great Cosmic Intelligence, and attracting from it the realization of your ambitions and aspirations.
As you migh know, just one session with a professional therapist can cost anywhere from $50-$100+ per hour.
If your computer has the capacity to burn an MP3 to a blank cd or to your MP3 player, or simply has a sound card and headphone jack, click on the Pay Pal button above to IMMEDIATELY DOWNLOAD a zipped folder with the 22 minute Get Rich self hypnosis program with healing Solfeggio frequencies and binaural beats, the 40 minute Get Rich binaural beat subliminal program, the ground breaking "Science of Getting Rich UPDATED for the 21st Century" eBook, PLUS the FIVE BONUS eBooks for just $11.95!
Click the Pay Pal Button Below to Download the Wealth Frequency Subliminal and Self Hypnosis MP3s, PLUS the Classic Wealth Creation eBook Library! Do you want to not only get rich, but also contribute to making the world a richer place for all?
Simply relax and let your mind go, and your brain will naturally synchronize with the binaural beat wealth frequency! The chants and their special tones were believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings when sung in harmony. You owe it to yourself to try this life enriching method, and feel the wonderful, wealthy results that subliminal messages and self hypnosis can bring.
You can burn this to a cd, upload it to your MP3 player, or listen to it directly on your computer with headphones. This comprehensive prosperity program includes the world famous wealth classic, and the basis for the movie "The Secret", "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace Wattles, "updated for the 21st Century" by Jane Ma'ati Smith. Learn how to manifest anything you want, simply and easily, with these very easy to do, "feel good" prosperity meditations.These meditations incorporate "Zhang Fu Theory" from Traditional Chinese Medicine to dissolve the blocks to your prosperity on a cellular level.
Changing your subconscious wealth attitudes and prosperity beliefs will go a long way, but you will still need to do something in "the real world", and this section will provide you with a start on your own independant income! This book presents a progressive Christian viewpoint of the nature of God and the Universe, and how to utilize this force to create the rich and abundant life that you have always desired!

The Master Key teachings consist of 24 lessons, designed to be studied one per week for 24 weeks.
Atkinson In this clear and classic work, William Walker Atkinson's one and only purpose is to acquaint you with the means of developing, and effectively using, the mighty forces latent within you- the awesome power of Personal Magnetism and Psychic Influence.
Upon payment, you will be e-mailed a personal code number to access our secure download system, and recieve the entire package. You may have experienced the fact that sound and music can effect your mood; you not only hear it, you can also feel it. In this way, it is possible to tune your brain to particular frequencies, such as Alpha, which will produce a deep, hypnotic state, with hardly any effort or previous experience from you! The reader is instructed to read and re-read one part per week before proceeding to the next.
This book is not just theory-the author provides practical and easy to do excercises to allow you to develop your latent powers of influence and manifestation. Used this way, "The Master Key" will equip the reader with a new power to achieve any personal goal, and a new ability to enjoy life's beauty and wonder. These are the men who made the United States the powerhouse of wealth that we know it today. With easy to follow, step by step directions, this book is the TRUE inspiration for every book on creating wealth and prosperity ever since!
Learn the TRUTH about THE SECRET to creating fabulous and lasting wealth from the man who wrote the book!

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