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Learn how to use interactive storytelling to make online learning more captivating to students.
Criterion Referenced Instruction, or CRI, is an approach that centers on multimedia-rich, self-guided learning experiences. We created a virtual Spanish language learning community for public librarians across the state of Indiana. Every profession has its own unexpected benefits that you don't discover until you've officially joined its ranks. Instructional Designers have to answer a lot questions when we design eLearning activities. What would you reply if someone asked you “How much time will an eLearning course development take”?
Personalized eLearning experiences are powerful eLearning experiences, as they build a meaningful connection with every member of your audience. A recent study by McGraw-Hill Education shows that more students are turning to mobile devices to help them study.
Would you like to share your eLearning expertise with more than 440,000 unique readers per month? Becoming a Trade Show Samurai is the single biggest thing you can do to ensure astronomical trade show success. We are not selling smoke and mirrors, we’re not selling tricks or tips, we are not selling ads or direct mail or fancy booths.

For Exhibitors we offer a training program for your booth staff that will give them a strategy for capturing leads and the confidence to pursue results during every minute of the show- on and off the show floor.
For Organizers we offer seminars and workshops for your exhibitors that will help guarantee that your show is mucho productive for them. CCMI's Provider Satisfaction Survey is Coming SoonYour opinion is important and we want to hear it! In early September, you will be receiving CCMI's Provider Satisfaction Survey through the mail. You will notice our survey looks a little different this year. Stay tuned for more information and thank you in advance for sharing your feedback and ideas with us!
ICD-10: Need a Refresher?If you attended one of CCMI's ICD-10 seminars months ago and need a refresher or if you attended a seminar sponsored by another organization and would like additional information, we offer an abundance of ICD-10 resources on our ICD-10 Transition Support web page. Best Practice Guidelines for RadiologyStandards for high-value, patient-centered care are continually changing as ongoing research reveals new findings and insights.
Today's clinical research strongly supports eliminating all X-rays in the first six weeks of care, unless there are red flags present. Sanitize for Your Patients' Health & Safety"Anybody trained in medicine - any school kid, for that matter - knows that washing hands helps stop the spread of germs.
According to a study conducted by Michigan State University, only 5 percent of people washed their hands enough to kill infection and illness causing germs after using the bathroom.
The topic of patient safety is of upmost importance, which is why CCMI has hired local expert, CLIPS Consulting, LLC to analyze 30 clinics in the ChiroCare network on their current infection prevention and sanitation initiatives.

Staff your booth with Trade Show Samurais this year and it will be your single most productive trade show ever.
In an effort to make the process as streamlined and efficient as possible, we have transitioned the survey from an online process to a paper format. The feedback we gather from this annual survey helps identify areas of interest and of concern to the network. While it may be convenient to have X-rays as a reference, doctors practicing high-quality, patient-centered care should always use caution when exposing patients to radiation, and expose patients only when it is medically necessary.
To make matters worse, 33 percent of hand washers didn't use soap, and 10 percent skipped the hygienic step altogether.
Watch for a report in the upcoming months as we learn more about CLIPS' findings and recommendations tailored to the chiropractic profession. But after all that is said and done what your people do in the booth will have by far the most impact on your success. We also use your responses to assist in the development of new programs, supporting materials, and educational opportunities. We tend to see that doctors with high radiology services are those practicing with old, outdated standards.

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webinar training tips jumping

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