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These 30 minutes training webinars will teach you what you need to know to build your XANGO business.
The Weekly Webinar Training — “WWT” — series is designed to provide quick, 30-min training sessions full of information, inspiration and recreation.
Presentation ReactionsWhen a speaker tries to say a joke and the joke… somehow doesn’t work…How the top rated speaker of an event ends his session.

Don’t know if you have been following the complete madness that our seminar on that same topic brought at Software University , but the fact that more than 200 people came and around 4K watched the interview that we did for SoftUni looks like we know what we are doing and that the seminar was a great success.
The platform requires you to be a subscriber though + don’t forget, it’s in Bulgarian! We are extremely sorry that we are not going to be able to deliver a ton of value то you today and please be sure that we are already in discussions around rescheduling the event.

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webinar training tools

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