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On Wednesday 18 March, the M&L Association and the Educational Radiotelevision will organise a webinar on "Greek winners in the Medea-Awards 2014". This year the European Collaboration Award was given to Digital Stories created by the 1st Primary School, Sparta in Greece and Vuorentaustan School, Ylojarvi in Finland in the framework of an etwinning project and represented at the Awards Ceremony by Maria Alexandra Koumanakou. The documentary ‘Werner Heisenberg’ is about a German scientist who developed the quantum physics theory and is known for the ‘Heisenberg uncertainty principle’. The Classroom is a short animation produced in 2010 by British GCSE Mandarin students (Year 11) at St Chad’s Catholic & Church of England High School, Runcorn, as part of the formal education programme “Projector Community Languages” of Cornerhouse, educational charity and art centre.
Eyes on the Skies, by telling the history of the telescope in astronomy, aims to offer a compelling perspective on how human knowledge of space and our place in it has been completely revolutionised in the last 400 years.
Monkey Tales Games is a 3D video game series supporting children in primary school to learn mathematics through five exciting and fun video games with age-specific themes.
Customers can either register to participate in a live webinar session and interact with host and other participants or download the webinar session afterwards. Manage customers, orders, sales and post-sale activities, integrate sales and services, increase revenue through the service channel.
Manage products, catalogs, orders, invoices, stock and deliveries, shelf audit and optimization, point of sale visit planning and optimization. Choosing an auditor, attorney, insurance provider or other professionals for your community association is not a simple task. Writing bid specifications and choosing the right professionals for your community association is not a simple task. Rules are essential in community associations for the same reason that laws are important in society. Community association volunteer leaders have a special responsibility to the association and the owners they serve. For managers, board members and attorneys, the trial presentation of a collections case is a great deal of work. Comprehensive condition assessment programs are a critical early component to an integrated approach to maintenance planning and implementation. Bankruptcies by homeowners can have a serious impact on the ability of a community association to manage its affairs and pay the bills. The aim of the MEDEA Awards is to encourage innovation and good practice in the use of media in education. A second prize for the audience favorite was given to the highly popular "To Pantopoleion" - The Grocery Store, submitted by Safer Internet Hellas & Art Productions, Greece and will be presented at the webinar by Dr Veronica Samara, coordinator of the Greek Safer Internet Center. It recognises the impact of quantum mechanics on our daily lives and the related philosophical questions.
This production enabled teenagers to learn Mandarin in a fun, interactive and engaging way, increase their understanding of Mandarin and Chinese culture through the use of film and practical creative workshops, and encouraged teachers to deliver more creative language sessions at school. The Universe is a vast, complex, mind-boggling realm; showing science's step-wise visual foray into the final frontier will help make astronomy much more accessible and "real" to students of most ages.

In the games, a player has to solve 3D puzzles and is challenged by a monkey to take part in a mini maths game which the player has to win to get to the next level.
It is not reviewed in advance by Oracle and does not necessarily represent the opinion of Oracle or any other party.
This presentation will provide you with tools to evaluate various professionals that you need to successfully manage and govern your community as well as the information you need to understand and negotiate professional service agreements. This presentation will provide you with the information you need to write simple, effective specifications and contracts, evaluate professionals interested in working for your association, and select the right professional for your community. But to prevent anarchy, rules of order for association meetings are necessary and important. Rules provide certainty and order, protect the freedom and safety of residents, clarify provisions found in the governing documents, and protect commonly-owned resources and property values. This program outlines procedures which can be used for accurate budgeting and planning and tools that can be used in assisting with the process.
This webinar will discuss board member responsibilities including fiduciary duties under statutes, association bylaws provisions and the business judgement rule. This webinar will explore ethical issues that could arise in collections and bankruptcy cases and that need to be considered for a successful trial. The awards also promote excellence in the production and pedagogical design of media-rich learning resources. The one-hour webinar will focus on best practices of using media and in particular videos for learning. This presentation will offer basic information on the processes, procedures and rules of order to successfully conduct board, annual and special meetings of your association. But unless your rules are enforced in a uniform and effective way, they will not accomplish the above objectives. This webinar will cover these topics and help you successfully execute and plan your next exterior maintenance project. Specifically, two speakers will present their approach in using media to promote safe navigation on the web and also to encourage collaboration through digital storytelling. This presentation will provide basic information on how to enforce rules, conduct hearings and maintain order in your community. Considering offsite storages like Amazon S3 and Glacier with weekly or monthly backups retention can be cheaper options.Test your backups!!!!Testing your backups is very important, its always great to know backups are recoverable and not corrupted.
Community associations are governed by elected Boards and many are managed by professional management.
All webinars are always free to homeowner members of the Pennsylvania & Delaware Valley Chapter.
Usually we would evaluate the value based on size of xtrabackup_logfile (amount of transactions to apply). Usually it would depend on what type of data would you have and business requirements for the backups.

Time required for backups play an important role here, backing up to a slow NAS share can be time consuming, and it will make xtrabackup record lot of transactions which will further increase your restore time.
Would it be wise to have a 4th server which would be part of the cluster, but not read from to perform the backups?
I am assuming this a Galera cluster setup, in which case you can do backups locally on any of the node by using tools like percona xtrabackup, however the best solution would be spinning off a slave from one of the nodes and running backups there.Q : With Mudumper, can we strem the data over SSH or netcat to another server? Actually he has added new features to the tool which  makes it more comprehensive and feature rich.
He is planning the next release soon, stay tuned for the blog post.Q : Is MyDumper an opensource ?
Right now we need to download the source and compile, however very soon we will have packages built for it too.
Prepare and Restore are common terminologies used in the backup lingo, in the webinar, Restore means copying back the backup files from its storage location to the destination location, whereas Prepare means applying the transactions to the backup and making it ready to restore.Q : Is binlog mirroring needed on Galera (PXC)? At this moment we do not have the ability to take Incremental backups with mydumper or with any other logical backup tool.
However, Weekly full backups (logical) and daily binlog backups can serve as the same strategy with other Incremental backup solutions, plus they are easy to restore Q : Is it possible to encrypt the output file ? What will be Best methodology to back up data with the database size of 7 to 8 Gb and increses 25 % each day ? Indeed its possible to encrypt the backup files, as a matter of fact, we encrypt backup files with GPG keys before uploading to offsite storage.
The best method to backup a 7 to 8G instance would be implementing all 3 types of backup we discussed in the webinar, your scenarios require planning for the future, so its always best to have different solutions available as the data grows. Innobackupex is part of the Percona-Xtrabackup toolkit and is a script which does binary backups of databases, MyDumper on the other hand is a logical backup tool which creates backups as text files.Q : How can I optimize a MySQL dump of a large database? The main bottleneck while taking MySQL dump backup of a large database is if any table is found to be corrupted then it never goes beyond by skipping this corrupted tables temporary.
Is there any tools which would faster in restoration and backup technique or how come we use MySQL dump to optimize this kind of issue in future during crash recovery. Mysqldump is logical backup tool, and as such it executes full table scans to backup the tables and write them down in the output file, hence its very difficult to improve performance of mysqldump (query-wise).
Faster backup recovery can be achieved with binary backups, look into using Percona Xtrabackup tool, we have comprehensive documentation to get you started.Hope this was a good webinar and we have answered most of your questions.

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