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Our form builder is a highly sophisticated WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tool and so the user can see what his form is going to look like every step of the way.
This form creation method allows the user to concentrate on the form design, without having to deal with creating the code behind it. In the previous tutorial we have a lot to discuss about how to create a search script to perform a search on the MySQL database server and the xml file.
To enhance the appearance of the search form that you created in earlier step, we need the CSS code. Looking for an easy way to create great looking sign-up forms for your website to integrate with your MyBizMailer account?
This article will walk you through the step-by-step process of how to create sign-up forms that can be used on your website (including wordpress). Next you'll be able to choose all the fields that you'd like to include in your sign-up form. Next is to select which email address will be used in the from and reply to sections of your email. In the next step you will select the mailing list that you'd like to add your new subscribers to.
Stage 1: Subscriber Inputs Their Email Into a Form or Standalone PageWe'll actually take care of the designing and styling of these Opt-In Forms below in the "Designing the Actual Embed Form" section that's after this one. Stage 2: The "Almost Done" MessageYour subscribers see this message after they fill in the required fields of your sign-up form and click the button to join your list.

Remember that you'll have to create this page yourself if you choose the "Link to your own page" option. This is the 1st email that your subscriber will receive from you during the signup process. Your subscriber will see this page after they click on the link in the above email to confirm their subscription to your list. This will be the final email that your subscriber will see during this 5 stage sign-up process.
At first this 5 stage process may seem like a lot but it's essential to helping you maintain a clean and responsive list. In the very least each and every form you create has its own stand alone web page that you can point people to. And with a couple quick tweaks to the page you can add a headline, sub-heading, images and text.
With the Opt-In Box Generator you can now easily generate a block of code that then be quickly embedded anywhere within your site. All you have to do is choose the text that you'd like to display within your Opt-In Box and then click the generate button.
With the new Opt-In Box Template Picker you get the option to select from 6 different signup form styles.
After you've selected the Signup form style you like and editted the title message to one that works for your site click on the "Generate Code" button.

Would not be complete if we did not discuss also a tutorial on how to create a CSS search form. What this means is that your subscriber MUST fill in these fields in order to sign-up to your email list. They're to look for a confirmation email from you in their inbox and to click on the link that's within that email to confirm they actually want to hear from you on a regular basis.
It contains relevant information about where they signed-up from and what actions to do next.
This email is all about welcoming and thanking your new subscriber for joining your mailing list.
All you have to do is click the "edit" button in the "Subscription Signup Page" section and you'll be taken to the editor.
All you have to do is key in the text that you'd like made into a hyperlink in the "Link Text" box, click the generate button and then copy the generated code and paste it anywhere you like on your website. This search form has a very important function that is used by visitors to find information on the website like google, yahoo and bing which is basically a web search. Just begin typing in the "Edit Title Text" input area and you'll see your changes right away.

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website create form

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