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The second stage of reverse engineering is functional analysis, or the objects overall purpose and function. The third and final stage of reverse engineering is structural analysis, or what makes up the object. Group Norms: We divided the responsibilities and tasks for making this new and improved truck by assigning different sub-projects to the person who could complete them most effectively and efficiently.
In this part of the project we showed our amazing final creation to 2 adults and they gave their opinion on our work and gave their initial reaction as well as suggestions to make it better. For this project, Jerry and I had to find a way to enhance the T9 automoblox truck using reverse engineering and our wonderful inventor skills.
Empower is the first and only browser-based analytical tool that integrates earned value, schedule, and other key performance data to enable proactive management of complex projects.
Empower™ features an attractive and powerful user interface that provides immediate productivity gains for control account managers, program managers, support staff, and oversight organizations. Sort Windows are used to identify problem areas, to sort elements based on performance, and to filter elements based on user-specified parameters (control account manager, performance, dollar value, data quality indicator (DQI), etc.). Data quality is one of the most serious challenges facing integrated project management today. Control account managers often struggle with providing an integrated cost and schedule assessment when generating narrative analyses. Empower includes a host of charts and reports that have been optimized to streamline the task of performance measurement analysis and reporting. Format 5 narrative generation and coordination is the most time-consuming task for a control account manager.
Project management data comes from many sources, including network file systems, databases, and websites.
Empower is a server-based application that can be installed behind a firewall at your location, or hosted on external public cloud servers that have security levels up to and including the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Encore Analytics, LLC was founded by the creative minds that brought you wInsight and Risk+, two incredibly successful software tools used for the proactive management of complex projects.
Gary's work with DAU and H&A provided key insight into rapidly changing requirements for project management analytics and alerted him that software vendors were not updating their tools to meet changing market demands.
Version 2.0 marks the end of Empower's reliance on Deltek's wInsight AdministratorA® for data maintenance.
One lucky attendee will win an iPad Mini, but everyone will enjoy hors d'oeuvres, drinks, and a glimpse of Empower 2.0.
May 16, 2013 - The release of Empower 2.0 at EVM World on May 29th marks the end of Empower's reliance on Deltek's wInsight AdministratorA® for data maintenance. In addition to building a complete administrator module, we have also added over a dozen enhancements to the Empower analytical interface, including cross contract filters, data validity checks for the new time-phased data on IPM Format 3, text-only grids for 508c accessibility, and a number of new charts. Incorporated a host of new data quality tests published in the June 16, 2015EVMSIG DCMA Test Steps. The view and filter editors now track changes made interactively, making it easier than ever to create sophisticated views and filters. Allows the mapping of elements from one structure to another to cross-populate performance data to alternate structures. Organizations can develop custom data health checks that will show in the DQI exception column, views, charts, Excel exports, and selected reports.
Provides advanced database maintenance and upgrade capabilities without requiring the assistance of DBAs. Linguaschools is a network of small- to medium sized Spanish language schools with 7 schools in Spain and 6 schools in Latin America.
Charts and graphs provide the visual representation of your data and help you facilitate the understanding of whatever it is you are trying to deliver.
Due to their interactivity, Flash-charts are particularly popular among designers and developers.
Aspire FlashCharts Plugin enables you to generate interactive and animated flash charts and dashboards on your web interface. Open Flash Chart is an open-source charting control that you can use to generate flash charts on your website. FusionCharts Free is an open-source charting component that enables you to integrate interactive and animated flash charts in your desktop and web applications.

Fly Charts is an XML-based charting solution that enables you to generate interactive and animated charts on the fly. Flash Charts Pro offers cross-browser, platform-independent animated charts for your websites. Animated Chart enables you to present static and dynamic flash-based animated charts on your website. Rich Chart Builder enables you to generate animated and interactive flash charts for a variety of purposes. Muhammad Usama Alam is a software engineer and web developer with over 8 years of experience in designing and developing business solutions for enterprise. The stages of reverse engineering are visual analysis, functional analysis and structural analysis. So Jerry and I exchanged emails that way we could send each other the things we did (new wheel, new tire, Gantt chart, etc.) that way we both had everything we needed and could post everything onto our separate weeblys. Before we came up with a final idea we had to consider a few factors that eliminated some of the ideas we had originally brainstormed. Empower is specifically designed to quickly locate problem areas, identify trends, display element-of-cost information, graphically display schedule Gantt information, provide immediate insight into data quality issues, and streamline the creation of narrative analyses. The Empower Sort Window provides maximal ease of use for technical managers, without sacrificing the flexibility and power required by more demanding users.
Data errors marginalize management's effective use of the information and negatively impact customer confidence in supplier management systems. Empower displays the detailed schedule activities for each lowest-level element (control account or work package) for quick comparison of the earned value schedule variance, and the actual vs.
Empower includes a built-in editor with powerful formatting controls, integrated spell checker, and change tracking to facilitate a more collaborative narrative analysis generation and approval cycle. Updates to the software usually require only a single command at the server level; no client-side changes are required. Further, it was apparent that Microsoft Windows-based third-party applications were increasingly unacceptable on both government and industry desktop computers due to IT mandates. This is not a conference function, so you need not be a conference attendee to enjoy the event. We loved the positive feedback we received regarding Empower's advanced analytic interface, but heard "loud-and-clear" the market's desire for a single vendor for software support, maintenance and upgrades. Empower provides easy migration of wInsight data, user profiles, views, filters, and custom reports for a seamless move to the new environment.
So if you really want to learn a language you should immerse yourself in the local culture.
Whether you are publishing a survey report, an election result or a financial analysis, charts play a major role in data presentation. These charts give users a way to interact with the chart, move charts among data values and see the data instead of reading, analyzing and visualizing it. Developer Center offers complete ActionScript 3 class reference that gives you documentation of methods and properties used in Astra Charts.
This library offers a rich gallery of visualizations provided as image charts (using a simple URL request to a Google chart server) or Interactive charts (using a Google developed JavaScript library). Jerry and I came up with the idea to ramp up the car with larger wheels, realistic tread pattern on the tire and color changes to make the automoblox truck look more exciting, like a monster truck. The browser-based architecture provides a lower total-cost-of-ownership than desktop tools, since no application is installed on individual computers.
Empower contains a powerful analytical engine that examines earned value data, scheduling data, cost and schedule data integration, and estimates-at-complete against a rule-based system, to identify data quality and integration issues. Charts can be zoomed, expanded, printed, and exported for incorporation into other tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Word.
Changes are identified by user and can be accepted individually or globally within a narrative analysis. Empower users need only a modern browser (one that supports HTML5 and JavaScript), an Empower website address, and login credentials. As a result, Gary and Jim partnered again to develop a rich browser-based solution to project management analytics.
In addition to building a complete administrator module, we have also added over a dozen enhancements to Empower's analytical interface.

Don't look any further, you came to the right place to learn Spanish abroad in the most effective and fun way. A part from our Spanish courses we offer an extensive activity program for all our students.
In fact, many free and commercial chart plugins are available to download — you can implement them on your website right away.
We concluded that the truck needed noise, because all of us know the best toys we had made some sort of noise.
We used these factors to choose the idea(s) that we would create to enhance the truck, however we wrote down all of our brainstorming ideas so we could look back at them later.
Users who desire more flexibility can build custom views and filters that are stored independently for each user and are available from any client machine.
It graphically displays the baseline plan, current plan, percent complete, activity relationships, and critical path. Quick access to element-of-cost information is provided at all levels for cumulative, incremental, budget-at-complete, and estimate-at-complete data.
Courses are generally open for all ages, nationalities and backgrounds, adding an international flavour to the Spanish classes. You can use bar charts, box charts, candlestick charts, compound charts, formulas, line charts, map charts, pie charts, QR codes, radar charts, scatter charts and Venn charts. So the only thing logical to do was to put a thin plastic piece in between the holes on the wheel rim. Empower leverages your current software investment by seamlessly integrating with existing databases, migrating many of your customizations, and providing a familiar interface that will reduce implementation and training costs. A DQI column can be added to any view to quickly identify elements that have data quality issues.
Time-phased headcount charts are also available at all levels for quick analysis of staffing needs.
Our friendly, enthusiastic teachers are Spanish natives with a university degree and many years of experience in teaching Spanish to speakers of a foreign language. It is just as important to sketch our ideas because it is used to get our ideas on paper and to set a realistic and rough "goal" as to what we want to design and what it should look like. Existing views can be imported from Deltek, Inc.'s wInsightA® software or they can be built in the Empower View Editor.
A detailed DQI report can be generated for each element, which lists all data anomalies by category. The Empower Artificial Intelligence Report provides a clear and concise plain-English interpretation of performance-to-date, which is contrasted with projected performance to evaluate the reasonableness of the estimate-at-complete. It shows the original thought process that we went through to make it and can be compared to the final inventor assembly to show growth and change. Filters can be built from interactive filters and saved for reuse, imported from wInsight, or created using the Empower Filter Editor. DQI information for all elements in a period, or for all periods of any single element, can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis and reporting. Plus other people can understand our ideas better if they are sketched out as apposed to just written out as an idea.
The Empower Sort Window supports a tree view that maintains the hierarchical relationship of elements during sorting and filtering. This provides a visualization of the control account-to-work package hierarchical relationship that is very useful when performing interactive program reviews and generating narrative analyses. Sort Windows can be exported to Microsoft Excel with perfect formatting, including color codes and trend arrows. So overall I would say we worked pretty well as a team and we divided the tasks based on each of our strengths and weaknesses.

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