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A health coach might be one of the coolest jobs around a€“ coaching and encouraging people to move more, eat better, find greater satisfaction in their careers and relationships, and live all-around better and more enjoyable lives. Just like an athletic coach cheers his or her team on with special strategies, plays and plans, a health coach helps people bring every aspect of their lives together in balance, including emotional health, environmental health, financial health, intellectual health, physical health, occupational health, spiritual health and more.
You can become a health coach through an online certification program, which allows for self-paced progress and flexibility, as well as through in-person classroom certification programs, depending on your current needs, interest and lifestyle. During your health coach certification program, you will learn how to help people become healthier in their bodies, relationships, work lives and more by learning motivation strategies, the condition for creating and promoting optimal health, how to work best with other industry professionals, and how to incorporate exercise, stress reduction and nutrition as an effective health coach. Working as a health coach involves more than just working with the physical body, it also involves a lot of heart, as you really get to the heart of the matter with your clients, whether you are working in a small or large group setting or one-on-one with individual clients.

As a health coach, you can honestly help people look better, act better, feel better and live better. As a health coach, you can work in sports and athletics, with corporations and their employees, with individuals or as a supplement to any other career in the wellness fitness industry, such as personal training, life coaching, fitness management and more. It is a career that looks at people as a whole, rather than just trying to promote health in one area of aspect of their lives. To get started, you first need to complete some training and certification to prepare you for this career of a lifetime. When you are researching health coach certification programs, focus on the elements that matter most to you and make sure that the organization you ultimately select is well-recognized in the industry, offers a variety of success stories and student testimonials and meets the items on your check list.

If you are passionate about health and wellness, you might find these lessons a little more interesting than the ancient history or grammar lessons you took previously. Great health coaches understand how to make connections and impressions, how to motivate and encourage and how to help people change their lives for the better.

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wellness coach jobs bay area

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