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Once the last person has listened to the phrase, each person must write down what they thought they heard. This game is especially helpful in building effective communication skills between you and your child, spouse or other close persons. However, when playing this game, it is essential to focus on the answers people offer, without trying to change behaviors or place blame on someone. There is no talking allowed during this exercise, so nobody knows who will be standing up next. I can see how playing games like this can help not only improve your communications skills but even help build rapport with the people you are playing with. Lorie Eber is not your typical jock, product-pushing, miracle pill, health and fitness consultant – far from it.
Lorie is passionate about helping others who are ready to make long-lasting changes to their eating and exercise habits.
We offer Christian life coaching courses and coach training outlines (some nearly free!) that let you run your own classes and workshops and introduce Christian coaching to your church, ministry or leadership team. The Questions for Jesus Workshop is the perfect way to introduce a group to the powerful practice of your praying deepest desires. Using coaching questions and life purpose principles married to historical Christian spiritual practices like the practice of the Examen of Concsciousness, this unique life purpose workbook helps you discover God's hand in your life story. Built around eight full-color visual maps you record reflections on, Listen to My Life creates a picture of your calling journey where you actually see the interconnections and meanings in your story.
The book includes eight key maps: My Life Now, My Life Story, Peak Experiences, Valley Experiences, Reviewing My Days, Desires & Longings, Life Giving Rhythms and Following Forward. The Dream Journey DVD and Workbook builds on Andy and Janine Mason?s earlier book, the Dream Culture and its core message of bringing dreams to life.
From the first DVD session, Andy and Janine invite the participant on a journey, ?an adventure with Father God where you experience more of Him and uncover the greatness He has placed inside you.? Sharing personal stories, teaching, demonstrations and activation exercises, the Mason?s equip the participant with the tools to not only discover the dreams and desires of their heart, but practical tools to turn their dreams into actions. What would it be like to live in a community where everyone was empowered one to live out their dreams? The Dream Journey Workbook helps you define your dreams and take practical steps towards attaining those dreams. The Dream Journey DVD set is designed to be used in a group setting with a facilitator for a series of six sessions, or it can also be used alone. Peer Coach Training can help you build lasting, accountable peer relationships in your church, small group or team.
Build authenticity and provide a concrete growth strategy for your small group with this special peer coaching bundle. Each of the 9 course sessions features a short teaching segment plus a demonstration of a coaching skill from the DVD, a debriefing time led by the facilitator, and an application exercise where group members practice that week?s coaching skill with a peer.
This interactive destiny workshop, built around the book The Calling Journey, is a perfect tool for coaches who want to offer life purpose courses to their church or organization. The Open Source format (Electronic Download) means you can offer the course royalty free and customize it to suit your needs. The Coaching Lasting Lifestyle Change workbook was created by Lilly Tryon, a certified professional coach and registered nurse with over 25 years of experience in the field of health and wellness. Coaching Lasting Lifestyle Change provides everything you need to lead a wellness training program with no previous coach training or experience needed.
Coaching Lasting Lifestyle Change is a DVD-based curriculum designed to provide a basic introduction to Christian wellness coaching and its application to congregational health ministries.

Offer the Questions for Jesus Course and take people on an amazing journey of learning to ask Jesus the questions he most wants to answer and hear him speak personally to your deepest desires. The Open Source format means you can offer the course royalty free and customize it to suit your needs. This Participant's Guide is what each learner needs to go through the course, Leadership Coaching: Developing Discipling Leaders through Coaching.
This Workbook (a companion to the Christian Life Coaching Handbook) provides coaching clients with an introduction to life purpose discovery, plus over 60 reflection exercises for finding your destiny.
While there are some individuals who communicate quite easily with others, there are also some people who have no idea as to how to begin engaging conversations.
The first person in the game must simply choose a phrase and quietly whisper it in the next person’s ear. The group will then be able to see how much the phrase changed as it was passed down the line.
It is designed to strengthen nonverbal communication and the ability to cooperate as a team. While most people perform this exercise for about 10 minutes total, some people may perform it longer if they wish. There are many ways to strengthen your communication skills, and some ways are through games and exercises.
That was always such a fun game, and yes, I agree that it really helps improve conversational skills. My name is Melissa and I have built this website to help you improve your communication skills. And this workshop's interactive approach gets participants praying and sharing what they heard right off the bat. Built around the eight visual maps in Listen to My Life, this Guide offers 11 session outlines (some are designed to be repeated more than once) divided into sections on Life Stories, Reviewing My Days and Valleys, Desires and Rhythms.
Dream Culture is about activating us to dream God-dreams, and about helping leaders build cultures where people are encouraged to dream, risk and do the impossible. Andy and Janie are captivating presenters who will inspire you to attain your dreams and fully engage in your future. A typical session features a short teaching segment plus a demonstration of a coaching skill, a debriefing time, and an application exercise where peers practice with each other. This Small Group Package includes everything you need to offer Peer Coach Training in your small group or team. By the end of the course, everyone in your group will be meeting regularly with a peer partner to support and encourage each other in their Christian growth. Each participant builds a personalized calling timeline that unlocks incredible insights into how God is at work in their lives and how to lean into his agenda for them. Please note: this is not a self-study course, but a set of resources for offering a course to others. This package equips those in health ministries and and anyone working with wellness issues with the coaching tools to bring about lasting change in those who desire better health and well-being. It contains notes, practice activities and discussion questions that provide a engaging and interactive learning experience. This interactive training program integrates coaching concepts, techniques and Biblical principles to equip you and others to attain fitness goals and experience the abundant life Christ made possible.
Using coaching questions and asking principles, this facilitator's package teaches how to identify your deepest longings, and how meeting Jesus there changes everything.

Leadership Coaching: Developing Discipling Leaders through Coaching is a DVD-based training workshop that integrates the basics of coaching into the disciplemaking process.
This 65 page workbook provides handouts, discussion questions, homework and coaching exercises for course participants. The reader walks through a four-part model of life purpose (Design, Passion, Preparation and Calling), identifies the destiny clues in each area, and then combines them into life mission, life purpose and life vision statements.
However, instead of becoming frustrated, consider trying the following games and exercises to sharpen your communication skills.
Many people may remember playing this game as a young child in school, as teachers often use it to show how gossiping and not listening can be harmful.
That person will then whisper the phrase to the next person and so on until they reach the last person in the group. This game shows people the importance of getting information from the initial source rather than from other people. Each participant will need a chair, and four people at a time must stand for no longer than 10 seconds. The goal of this exercise is to find a way that only four people will stand at a time, maintaining proper levels of nonverbal communication and teamwork. The above exercises and games will not only help you strengthen your skills in communicating, but they will help you build strong relationships as well.
The sections can be done as separate experiences or strung together to created a longer course. This Facilitator's Package includes everything a leader needs to offer Peer Coach Training in his or her group. It contains instructions on leading an introductory training on DISC, 30 team building exercises, sample workshop schedules and helpful tricks, links and tips to confidently lead your first workshop.
Each course facilitator needs only a Coaching Lasting Lifestyle Change Facilitator Package.
The focus is on coaching leaders (hence the title) within a small group or discipleship group context.
For an overview of the course and the presenter's materials, see the Leadership Coaching: Developing Discipling Leaders Through Coaching Facilitator's Package. Covering everything from personality type to value statements to life messages, this book is a wonderful resource for the life coaching process. A handout and facilitator's outline is included for each session, along with hints on setting up and making the most of the course. This coaching course covers the basics of how people grow, the fundamentals of coaching (like listening, asking and the GROW model), and a treatment of when to use a coaching, mentoring or pastoring approach.
You can even use it to offer life purpose courses or workshops in your church with our life purpose course outlines. It contains new games and exercises to spice up your workshop and involve your participants in an engaging and fulfilling way. Each activity is broken out into sections that will help you easily roll them out with exciting results each and every time.

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