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Heidi Lyman, a math & engineering professor from South Seattle Community College got to go on the ride of her life aboard the number 7 jet of the USN Blue Angels on August 1. Heidi Lyman, a math & engineering professor from South Seattle Community College got to go on the ride of her life aboard the number 7 jet of the USN Blue Angels on August 1.
Her day started out by getting a briefing by one of the flight mechanics overseeing on what to do when the jet does highly extreme maneuvers, especially when pulling positive G-force.
In the air, the pilot took her 75 miles to the West to an undisclosed military airspace where he performed some of the tricks that they do in the air show. Please send us your news tips, photos or ideas of how we can better cover your neighborhood.
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East West Bookshop of Seattle is a community dedicated to sharing great ideas; offering dynamic and inspiring events with authors, speakers and individuals who teach ways of higher living and thinking.
Flying into Seattle and driving into downtown, I noticed about 1 out of 5 cars had a kayak on top. We did a lot of driving this day but not before stopping by The Goonies house as well as seeing the beach where the big Truck race took place from the movie.
They have a gorgeous beach with tons of rocks that ocean splashes against and you can see all kinds of sea life in between all the rocks.
With the government shutdown, going to the national park wasn’t looking promising so we went to Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.
We arrived fairly late at the campground but still took a night walk on the beach and star gazed for awhile. Cant miss the Golden Gate bridge which we stopped and took photos and walked through the old military base that was established in 1776 and is still there and was in use up until 1994. Big Sur just has countless beaches and vista points and the drive kind of takes awhile cause you can’t help but stop at them to take in the views. Hey Rebecca, I don’t remember the name of the campground off hand but I have the itinerary still at my house.
Rebecca, looks like its called Sonoma State Beach, located between jenner and bodega bay on highway 1, 3095 highway 1 bodega bay CA, 94923. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Washington state ferry Tacoma heads east toward Seattle with the Olympic Mountains in the background. RARELY a day goes by when I don’t read something in the paper about the cost of housing and terrible traffic congestion in King County. So I wonder why people who work in Seattle would not consider living in Kitsap County, where I have now lived for the past 15 years.
Within a beautiful 55-minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle is a housing market that’s still affordable. As the cost of housing in the Seattle-Bellevue market now exceeds $500,000 for an average home, today in Kitsap County you can purchase a very nice home for $250,000.

The point is: There is still affordable housing within an easy commute from downtown Seattle.
In the past, I believe people working in Seattle have failed to look west as an option for where they might live. The opinions expressed in reader comments are those of the author only, and do not reflect the opinions of The Seattle Times. Lyman said "It was just like during the briefing, you have to do the Hick procedure too keep the blood flowing and the g-force was a little bit hectic, pulling 7.4 g's. LINDA BACKMAN will provide an understanding of how we uncover our life purpose and release past-life a€?pitfallsa€?.
East West also provides a network of professional practitioners, who focus on helping clients on their paths of Healing, using Clairvoyance, Energy Medicine, Reiki, Tarot, Astrology, Shamanism, EFT, Way of the Heart and many more modalities. I had been wanting to do a trip like this for awhile and I finally got my chance when I was invited on a adventurous road trip my friend, Lauren Johnson had planned out.
We walked way out to the end of the rocks and was just neat to explore and see the star fish and plants in the water. The next morning we took a mile hike from the campsite to the beach which was a beautiful walk and a completely empty beach for miles. We didn’t have a ton of time so we decided to do the Ossagon trail that ends at the Coastal Trail at the beach.
The campground and beach is really far off from the highway so it was really in the middle of nowhere and kind of hard to find but was definitely the coolest campground I’ve seen.
Afterwards, with still full bellys we decided to spend our last day laying on the beach, watching surfers and enjoying the weather. I easily could of spent weeks exploring each place we visited but was great to get just a small taste of everything that the west coast has to offer and spend a week driving down the beautiful coast with 3 friends.
I’m planning on doing this same trip, and am having a hard time figuring out where to even start!
The two major cities — Seattle, where I grew up and worked for many years, and Bellevue, where I served on the City Council for 16 years and was mayor for three terms — are no longer affordable to the average person. The area has five great public golf courses, art galleries, good restaurants, little or no traffic congestion, excellent schools, an outstanding community college and is within one hour of Olympic National Park and two hours from the Pacific Ocean. The two small waterfront communities are Poulsbo and Port Orchard — both cities have populations of about 10,000. I have many friends who commute each day to Seattle on the ferry — they read the paper, work on their laptop, chat with their friends and maybe share a glass of wine on the way home. Now with the rising cost of living in Seattle, and the difficult congestion in King County, we hope people will consider Kitsap County as a place where they can afford to purchase a home, raise their families and share in our wonderful quality of life.
Please keep the conversation civil and help us moderate this thread by reporting any abuse. Participants will learn how to gain a deeper understanding of the a€?after-lifea€? through their own personal experience.
East West Seattle has been sponsoring events for nearly 25 years in the Roosevelt district of Seattle.

We ended up at the Public Market which is always full of people, tons of shops, and restaurants.
The next morning we took our time and chatted with our camping neighbor who surprised us with a hot pot of coffee.
We finally got a shower and started walking around and grabbed lunch at Roam Artisan Burger before going out bar hopping with our host as our city tour guide. We had some time to kill before catching a redeye flight out of LAX so we stopped in Newport Beach at Newport Brewery for some delicious food and drinks. Hoping to spend 2 weeks on the road trip but want to tie it in with a 5 day cruise from Seattle to Alaska than start the road trip down hope 3 weeks will work.Thank you again. In downtown Bremerton, within walking distance from the ferry terminal you can rent a new one-bedroom apartment for about $1,000, where in downtown Seattle you would pay two or three times that price. The fourth city in Kitsap County is Bainbridge Island, a community of about 25,000, which for many years has served as a bedroom community to downtown Seattle with thousands of riders taking the 35-minute ferry ride into Seattle each day to go to work. The next morning we took a cab downtown and then walked to the market to explore and take the ferry around San Francisco to Sausalito before making our way back and hitting the road.
We then walked around seeing the hollywood stars and hitting another bar before retiring back to the apartment. Housing on Bainbridge is more expensive than the rest of Kitsap County, but is still below the Seattle and Bellevue markets.
The commute could even get better in 2016 when Kitsap Transit will consider reviving the passenger-only ferry service, which could provide a 35-minute commute into Seattle on smaller boats. The infamous gum wall is also right next to it which consisted of about 50 people snapping pictures of themselves pretending to lick the wall. We learned that they were juvenille elephant seals and they come to this beach for a month to allow their muscle and bones grow which can’t be done at sea. My favorite part was flying over Camp Parsons, which is my where my son's Boy Scouts troop was. We ALWAYS have events going on here at the store, even if you don't see them on our Meetup group, they will be on our website! After walking around and grabbing some late lunch, we decided to go check out the KOA campground just South of Seattle. We started out hiking the loop to the left which starts out with a pretty difficult incline but is the quickest way to the highest point to see an amazing view of downtown LA as well as the Hollywood sign. We explored that area for a bit before everyone retired to their tents while I set up in my ENO hammock and spent the night.
Waking up the next morning we went back to downtown to see the Space Needle which turned out to be more awesome than I expected.
Afterwards we checked out the Venice Beach and the boardwalk for a few hours before hitting the road.

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