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The fifth instalment of the post-apocalypse is as satisfying as it is epic, beautiful and dangerous. Featuring some of the most exciting improvements seen in the series, Fallout 4 is a stunning showpiece of finely tuned gameplay, storytelling and crafting – so much crafting – and is wildly fun to play.
Set in a post-apocalyptic retro-future Boston, Massachusetts, in the good ol’ US of A, players take the role of a vault (fallout shelter) survivor destined to wander an irradiated wasteland, where bands of sadistic Raiders mercilessly terrorise settlers, murderous Super Mutants attack on sight and even the environment proves generally inhospitable. Unlike previous Fallout games, our hero is actually one of the last surviving inhabitants of a pre-war world, forced underground into Vault 111 literally as the bombs dropped and placed into cryogenic storage, only to be unceremoniously thawed to find everyone else in the vault deceased. It’s then up to you to wander and survive the wasteland, rendering assistance on fellow survivors or handing out punishment like a boss, and ultimately trying to find your young son, who was abducted by unknown assailants while you were still on ice. What is instantly noticeable is the attention to detail in the environment and non-player characters (NPC) – a trademark for which game developer Bethesda is well known.
The landscapes, indoor environments and even the weather are all rendered in beautiful detail, making for some very special eye candy. As expected, the central mission in the game takes players through a sprawling story of mini-missions and investigation upon investigation, clearing out raider bunkers (squeeeee!) along the way and following the breadcrumbs that lead to your offspring. Crafting is nothing new in the gaming world, but the extent to which weapons, armour and other items in Fallout 4 can be built and modified is brilliant. One of the most exciting elements of this crafting system is the new settlement workshop, which allows players to build settler homes – buildings, furniture, crops of food, defenses, a dog house and more – from whatever materials are lying around. Whereas in previous games the junk strewn everywhere was only good for hoarding, now, when broken down, it yields components and parts to create or modify other items.
This system also opens up enhanced weapons modification, evident after your first few Raider encounters, giving the retro-future style from previous Fallout games a hearty splash of Mad Max: Fury Road. The final surprise is an NPC element that ups the ante in battle: say hello to Legendary NPCs. Fallout 4 is a familiar experience for those who have played previous editions in the franchise, but with so many great improvements that it feels like a complete revitalisation; one that will undoubtedly draw in and inspire old players while also attracting those who have never stepped into the wasteland before. Receive the latest breaking news across sport, money, life and entertainment, delivered every weekday and Saturday.

We’re quickly learning more about Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the suspected killer of a soldier in Ottawa on Wednesday, who was himself shot dead after a rampage through the Canadian National War Memorial and Parliament. Zehaf-Bibeau’s passport had reportedly been confiscated by authorities when they learned he had planned to travel somewhere overseas to fight.
The attack came just two days after Martin Couture-Rouleau drove his car into two Canadian soldiers in a Quebec parking lot, killing one.
Even if the attacks were ISIS-inspired, that probably doesn’t mean ISIS commanders in Syria or Iraq actually ordered them.
A Politico Magazine article written last week, before either of these incidents, noted that U.S. While preventing attacks in Western countries was part of the justification for the international campaign against ISIS, it’s long been clear that the airstrikes would make such an attack more likely. It boggles the mind how British specialist supercar manufacturer Noble spent nearly 3 years to morph a drop-top rendering of the M600 into a prototype, but they finally made it happen.
As the almost 3-year-old rendering predicted, the real thing is, as expected, a Noble M600 with the roof hacked off.
Any Fallout fan will tell you there’s a veritable rabbit hole of side-quests to complete and plenty of good ol’ aimless wandering to do, with all manner of enemies to defeat, loot to score, and fellow settlers and wanderers upon which you can either rain pain or render aid. Craft new armour plates, upgrade components or simply paint it fuchsia to personalise with flare. Not only do they boast formidable strength, power or weapons to begin with, but knock them down to 50 per cent health and BOOM! He told friends that he just wanted to go to Libya, where he had lived several years earlier, to study Islam and Arabic. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Rouleau was a recent convert to Islam and ISIS sympathizer who had his passport revoked for similar reasons. It’s not clear whether there was any direct connection between the Zehaf-Bibeau and Couture-Rouleau incidents. ISIS has directly called for attacks on Canadian citizens, along with those of other countries participating in the coalition.

Self-starting terrorists are a lot more difficult to track than those with direct ties to international networks. According to the RCMP, Rouleau was one of 90 individuals with suspected radical ties under government monitoring. It remains to be seen whether this is all they are capable of, whether something much worse is in store. There’s no picture of the Noble M600 Speedster whatsoever, a pretty epic fail all things considered.
Apparently, the carbon fiber body shell of the production-spec M600 hasn’t suffered any structural changes minus the deletion of the fixed roof, while structural rigidity of the prototype drop-top is acceptable for an early development mule. Furthermore, the company hasn’t released any weight figures for the M600 Speedster concept.
The incidents will also raise questions about the seriousness of Canada’s radicalization problem. Again, we don’t yet know for sure whether Zehaf-Bibeau had any links to Syria or ISIS. In September, an Afghan-Australian ISIS lieutenant in Syria called a friend in Sydney asking him to carry out a beheading on camera—the call was intercepted and the Australian friend arrested. Meanwhile, politicians say little if anything about Canada, which does have such activity and has actually been the origin of attempted attacks on U.S.
Make sure you’re packing a Fat Man (portable nuke) just in case the tide of battle turns against you.
There was also Mehdi Nemmouche, the Frenchman who had spent time fighting with ISIS in Syria, who shot three people dead at the Jewish Museum in Brussels back in May, well before the airstrikes against the Islamic State began.

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