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A hyperconnected business world, spurred on by social media and globalization, demands a leadership style that can harness the power of connections. Collaborative leadership is the capacity to engage people and groups outside one’s formal control and inspire them to work toward common goals—despite differences in convictions, cultural values, and operating norms.
In terms of accountability and control, the collaborative leader looks at performance on achieving shared goals. Body Leadership has formulated a unique SSTM® Management Training program in order to create a culture of injury prevention.
At Body Leadership we believe it is essential that staff are supported by the concept of personal responsibility for safety at the highest level.
Body Leadership's SSTM® Management Training enables managers to plan, oversee and measure specific personal prevention strategies, nipping problems in the bud before they escalate to an LTI or more serious injury.

The below diagram illustrates our REP approach which makes our training more effective in reducing workplace injuries over the long term. Leaders need to shed the commandand-control and consensus styles in favor of collaborative leadership. Most people understand intuitively that collaborative leadership is the opposite of the old command-and-control model, but the differences with a consensus-based approach are more nuanced. This is meritocracy, being performance driven, also looking and people who lead collaborations. Based around the three pillars of Responsibility, Empowerment and Prevention (REP), this training is a way to create SSTM® injury prevention culture throughout the organisation.
Through the training program managers will be taught specific strategies to lead cultural change.

Once staff are empowered with a personal toolkit of SSTM® injury prevention techniques managers can then lead a prevention program to support the people on the ground. There are a lot of cost-effective solutions that enable meritocracy once the organization has decided to “open up”, be more collaborative etc.

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what approach to leadership will you take

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