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Think of a mentor as your wingman; someone to listen and advise, someone with experience and expertise. Would you travel in a plane with an untrained pilot or undergo an operation with an untrained surgeon? Sign up for our NewsletterKeep up to date with all of our latest news by signing up for our monthly newsletter. Passion for Creative, City Enterprise Centre, Waterford Business Park, Cork Road, Waterford, Ireland. Laura Hansen is a highly respected spiritual activist, author, TV and radio personality, teacher, intuitive and guide.
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Her unique work has inspired tens of thousands of people through individual spiritual profiles, teaching, seminars, private coaching, speaking engagements, and the media. Laura’s unique gift allows people to experience immediate shifts in their understanding of themselves and their lives. In her over 16,000 hours of meditation, she has explored the energetic structures of our lives and global expression. She carries out her service to others compassionately and with the purpose of inspiring understanding. She has conducted more than 4,000 individual spiritual profiles, and taught countless others how to understand and change their lives in a profound way.
Ongoing and relevant training is essential.We provide a broad range of practical training programmes in the areas of sales, marketing and communications.
Laura holds five spiritual teaching certifications and four-advanced spiritual study certifications.

We cater for new and established businesses on an individual and group basis, depending on their needs and circumstances.We also do a lot of workshops, seminars and speaker engagements for business associations, professional bodies and networking events up and down the country. She is also the Program Director for the Trance Medium training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and works with Iraq War veterans in helping them transition back into civilian life, and back into wellness. She also has BA degrees in Political Philosophy and English from University of California, Davis.

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what is a intuitive life coach

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