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I spent yesterday morning listening to my local NPR station, which was broadcasting a discussion amongst a panel of military veterans who had returned from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. I know people in Iraq Veterans Against the War, and I like them, but they are not close friends; we show up at the same meetings and events rather than hang out together on weekends. Troops from Iraq are returning to the United States — haunted, disabled, addicted, proud, grown-up, transformed. Six of the children were part of one family, including four sisters — Masooma (9), Farida (6), Nabiya (4) and Palwasha (2) — and their brothers — Faizullah (12) and Ismatullah (13). Will we ever know what went through Robert Bales’ mind as he shot and killed nine children and set bodies on fire? We do know that he is married to a woman named Karilyn and that they have two children, Quincy and Bobby. What happened on the night of March 11 in Kandahar Province was a terrible and heartbreaking tragedy.
I know that all good people around the world, regardless of nationality, religion or political values, join me in grieving that such a terrible thing could happen. I have no indication that my family’s own safety is at risk, but I appreciate the efforts that have been undertaken to protect us.
All I can do now is emphasize my sadness and my condolences to the families in Panjawai for their terrible loss.
I had read about the innocent victims and learned of their names but this is the first time I read the statement issued by Karilyn Bales, the wife of the accused. Frida Berrigan has hit upon the maor issues, the ones that I have been chewing over since this incomprehensible story broke. If you have an interest in promoting stories of nonviolence, building this community and correcting the mainstream media’s misrepresentation of nonviolent action, please consider donating to Waging Nonviolence. If you’d like to develop a more ongoing supporting relationship with WNV, consider joining our membership program instead of making a one-time donation. In-depth storytelling that captures the universal human drama of people building power from the ground up. The people who brought you Beautiful Trouble track the new creative edge emerging among movements across the globe. Through provocative and courageous action, immigrants are challenging the very existence of the border. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.
Set in a beautiful olive grove in the rugged mountains near Tarbena in the Costa Blanca region of Spain. This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to gain hands-on experience of constructing and plastering a real straw bale building that will be used for visitor accommodation, in the beautiful surroundings of our olive grove set in a lush green valley in the mountains north of Alicante.
Hands-on experience of all the stages in straw bale wall construction, and in depth theory and practice of applying a wide range of different clay plasters to a real structure. On the first six days we will build a straw bale structure and cover it with the first two layers of plaster.
The final two days will present both the theory and practice of clay plastering in much more depth.

Application of clay plaster to existing brick and cement structures so you can enjoy all the benefits of clay plasters without building a new house from the beginning. This straw bale workshop will be mainly hands-on, building a small temporary structure out of straw bales, and applying all the different clay plaster techniques to both this and an existing 4×4 metre building which will be used for visitor accommodation at the olive grove site.
Note that we are running a series of workshops at this time in Spain, also covering how to plan your dream natural home, building with earthbags, building a natural floor, and a final workshop combining natural building with meditation, yoga, dance and sensuality. Numbers on the workshop will be limited to ensure a good learning experience, and we are expecting the allocated places to fill up before the workshop begins.
The workshop will be lead by Earth, Hands and Houses founder Paulina Wojciechowska, a qualified architect who has over 17 years of experience building with straw bales and  earthbags in communities all around the world. Click here for more details of the camping facilities, maps, travel information and other accommodation available.
This will be more than just a straw bale workshop – it will be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy learning and relaxing amongst like minded people, some who may become your friends for life! A five day workshop set on the site of a beautiful straw bale house beside lake Hancza in a national park. Warsztaty sa prowadzone w pieknym miejscu, na suwalszczyznie, nad jeziorem Hancza, do okola lasy i laki. Come and learn in a fun, interactive and hands-on way how to plan the site, design and build your dream natural building home with architect, author and natural building guru Paulina Wojciechowska and Antony Dennis.
An exciting and fun hands-on 6 day workshop where you will learn to build and plaster a straw bale structure in a beautiful olive grove in the mountains. Earthbag Workshop, PolandWarsztaty Budowy z Workow Wypelnionych Ziemia Earthbag, Superadobe. Warsztaty piec dni ustawic w miejscu istniejacej kopuly earthbag i slomy beli domu w pieknym sosnowym lesie. After looking in the game files all i found was corn.So, yeah, maybe Reto got drunk and forgot what corn looked like. The six panelists were male and female, black, white and Latino, and spanned a few generations.
My friends have traveled to Iraq and Afghanistan with Voices for Creative Nonviolence, Christian Peacemaker Teams and other groups. But troops in Afghanistan are facing a new phase of that protracted battle in the wake of Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales’ massacre of 17 civilians in Kandahar on March 11. We know she kept a blog about the ups and downs of being a military wife and that soon after Bales was identified and accused, she issued a statement. We extend our condolences to all the people of the Panjawai District, our hearts go out to all of them, especially to the parents, brothers, sisters and grandparents of the children who perished. I hope there will soon be no reason for protection of families, whether here or in Kandahar Province, or anywhere, because the pain inevitably inflicted in war should never be an excuse to inflict yet more pain. As you do your jobs, I plead with you to respect the trauma that I and my extended family are experiencing.
The victims and their families are all in my prayers, as is my husband who I love very much.
Anyone in the military could have snapped, could have killed nine children and almost as many unarmed, pajama-ed adults.

Atomic Veterans (usually as to Nevada, Japan, Pacific) have started any kind of dialogue with trash-depleted uranium -related veterans (Kosovo-Serbia, Iraq-Afghanistan …)? It adds a certain balance to the whole story as well as additional weight to a burden that should fall heavy on us all. What worries me is that a show trial and possible death penalty may close the issue, by making this an isolated incident of a rogue soldier. Theory lessons will back up the practical skills learned and provide the opportunity for more detailed questions to be answered. Paulina worked alongside leading straw bale and clay plaster veterans Bill and Athena Steen in 1997-8 and has been involved in running straw bale workshops and designing and building straw bale structures since then. The food will comprise a self service breakfast, full cooked lunchtime meal, and a light supper.
If you are  camping, you are welcome to arrive any time on the day before the workshop starts and to depart the day after the workshop ends. There is a rest day on Sunday 15th May. This a textual and visual minefield, so you might want to stay away if you're easily offended.
I had one of those cliched “driveway moments” that NPR loves to raise money from — when you sit in your car in your driveway because you can’t stop listening — even though I don’t even have a driveway. Please respect me when I say I cannot shed any light on what happened that night, so please do not ask.
Please allow us some peace and time as we try to make sense of something that makes no sense at all. What this nation — what this war machine — demands of men like Robert Bales and women like Karilyn Bales is too much, it is wrong, it is criminal, it must end. It’s hard to find anything that makes sense in something so senseless but maybe taking on the burden of “working to bridge the divide” is the only thing that really makes sense after all. But I have only second-hand relationships with people currently or recently in the military — a guy I went to high school with who is my friend on Facebook is in the Army, my sister-in-law’s friend’s ex-husband was in the Navy, my husband’s cousin whom I have never met was in the Army.
In fact, the number just changed from 16 to 17 dead, with no explanation given by military investigators.
Acknowledging that, and working for the end of the wars, will not return Mohammed Wazir’s family to his open arms. What is also startling is that if you are in the military, it is likely that your parents, aunts and uncles, siblings and cousins are also in the military, and so are your friends.
But how can I be compassionate and constructive when I know so little about what the lives of men and women in uniform are like? Functional leadership behavior: Measurement and relation to social power and leadership perceptions.

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