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Private Sector Development Training Programmes are International Training Programmes funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).
Every business organization establishes a structure for its management in order to improve the effectiveness in the tasks carried out in the organization, called as business management hierarchy.
In the hierarchical structure of organizations, the authority, power and the responsibilities are delegated so that the person to whom we delegate is able to make the needed contribution to the workgroup.
The advantages of such kind of hierarchical arrangement include speed in decision making since it does not involve too many people. The effect of delegation of authority in management results in creation of levels in organization. Middle management Level – Operation level is guided by middle management level as this level takes decision pertaining to the actual use of resources and for a general span of time extending up to the financial year.
Top level management – The third level is called top management level which is on the top of the hierarchical arrangement.

The best structure so far from the business point of view is the hierarchical structure that helps organizations to get divided into levels and each level is required to handle its own set of activities, responsibilities and accountability.
Generally it is observed that three types of levels can be seen in any organization’s business management hierarchy. It is described as operational level management which is generally the front line work with day to day decision making of structured nature.
These professionals are expected to bring better operational financial results on year to year basis. It consists of people such as CEO, managing director, general managers, presidents, and vice presidents etc.
These jobs require more conceptual skills since you deal in future and everything that is uncertain. The concept of delegation of authority results into delegation of decision making and consequently needs acts for implementation.

The decision making is clearer since it has not to be discussed and depends on general consensus.
It is more related to man machine relation and resources utilization by workers and their supervisors since they are engaged in actual implementation and execution of work. And if we look on the organization as a whole, the work is divided into groups in such an effective manner, that organization can easily achieve success & professional growth. This level, which is described as middle level management, is placed between operational people and top management. Each of this level management perspective must change, this demands for additional skills as one aims at the top level.

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what is business management in pdf

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