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You will learn not only the best classroom procedures, rewards and warning-steps that work, but also effective ways to prevent and handle classroom behavior problems. Want information on purchasing the Book: Preventing Disruptive Behavior in Colleges; A Classroom and Campus Handbook for Higher Education? Want information on consulting with the instructor, confidentially, FREE, then on a "per question fee basis"? By setting expectations for student behavior, classroom rules help create an orderly, respectful environment that’s conducive to learning. Students can brainstorm their own classroom rules.  This creates a sense of ownership for the class, and students are more likely to hold themselves accountable for rules that they helped write.
Round up all those conference freebies collecting dust on your shelf and use them to start a class “store.”  Students can earn tickets for good behavior, and a certain number of tickets can earn them a goodie from the class store. Set a class goal around good behavior (just be sure to define the terms), where the prize is a class party. Since my husband and I are proud parents of a preschooler, we walked him to his first day of school. It is a really good idea to give the child chance to choose their own shape and use it for their identity and beloning. Back when we were both teaching, we dreamed of a website that would make lesson planning easier. Teaching, especially at the secondary level, requires special knowledge and preparation in the area we teach, plus excellent leadership skills. Our classrooms look should match the call for excellence, hard work, and respect; otherwise, we might as well be talking to the wall everyday. More importantly, the manner in which classrooms are kept should show how much a teacher values respect -- the respect students need to have for learning, for each other, and for property. Creating a classroom that our students enjoy coming to every day is the cornerstone of classroom management. AccommodationsHotels, Condos, Villas, Suites, Room for rents in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye.
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This tutorial has total confidentiality and privacy, even if you are referred by a school administrator. It requires that we be specially prepared in the subject that we teach, and that we know how to work with young people. Classrooms that are messy and disorganized (books and papers piled on the desks, various materials and resources strewn all over the place, bare and dirty walls) are not conducive to learning. Adults and students who walk into a bright, neatly arranged, poster-filled classroom feel like they’re walking into a museum. Although students might not verbalize it, they see and feel that sense of respect every time they walk into a classroom. A fresh, appealing room environment contributes to the feeling that being a student is a “special” experience.
I walked into another teachers behavior management plan, organization, set-up, schedule and procedures. Before we even stepped into the classroom I could see from bulletin board #1 that shapes are an important part of this classroom. Each teacher has no more than 45 minutes at a time to “manage” all of them, and bring out the best in each of them!
Yet, 32 or more different and hormone-raging students do not automatically sit quietly in the same room for 45 minutes at a time, and allow teachers to work with individual students. On the other hand, clean, organized, poster-filled classrooms will do wonders for behavior in those rooms. A neat, well-organized, poster-filled classroom has a powerful effect on students – it sweeps away discouragement and mental clutter. I can tell my son is going to have a great time in preschool, considering since his first day, he has asked hundreds of times as to when he can go back! A disorganized, unkempt, or clutter-filled classroom will send the message to students that poor behavior and middling work habits is acceptable, regardless of how often or how forcefully we say otherwise. Plus, an attractive classroom encourages students to want to be part of what goes on inside.

We can walk into some classrooms and just know that the teacher expects the best from students.
This is not a slam on her because she was doing a phenomenal job we were just wired differently as teachers. With our adorable Mother's Day Superhero craft, kids create a cape for the special woman in their lives! There were no established classroom jobs for the students and it seemed like I was wasting half of my day deciding on helpers and settling arguments for the front of the line.
Now, multiply that times 30 (or more) “in the same room” – 45 minutes at a time, everyday for 6 or more continuous hours.  Could you handle that? At first I went with jobs to cover obvious needs in the classroom, but came up with only 6! Simply have your class write about their supermoms in our adorable View on Facebook·ShareThe Classroom Creative 3 weeks ago This adorable Mother's Day Apron Craft and writing activity is our top seller for Mother's Day! It would take too long to go through the entire class of students so everyone had a turn to do something special. My wonderful husband helped to design new classroom job cards for my new classroom job organizational chart I am working on for next year. View on Facebook·ShareThe Classroom Creative 3 weeks ago I created this Secret Agent Mother's Day craft and writing activity with my friends who foster children in mind. Later in the week I will post the finished product and explanation for how my system works! View on Facebook·ShareThe Classroom Creative 1 month ago Keep your students hard at work on their literacy skills with our NO PREP Spring Poem of the Week Unit.

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