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These days, we can access the Internet, no matter where we are and the good news is that our modern times’ technological advances permit us to even use the Internet on our phones and various gadgets.
The first thing you need to know about a local area network, is that it refers to a computer network which interconnects two or more computers which are in close proximity to each other.
This computer network also comes in handy, when replacing CDs and floppy disks which somehow require more time and efforts, when handling the information, files, documents, applications and whatever else people want to copy from a computer to another.
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In your view how does the new technology of communication influence mass communication theory and practice? The new technologies are introducing many changes to mass communication, and communication theories must be developed or revised to keep up with the changes.
One of the ways the new technology is affecting mass communication in general is by giving the user more control over the communication process. The trend toward greater control and activity on the part of the user means communication theorists are going to have to shift to models and theories that recognize the interactivity of the new media (Rogers & Chaffee, 1983). The coming of cable television and, to a lesser extent, VCRs also means mass communication theorists should change the way they think about the audience, particularly the audience of television. Tehranian (1990) argues that the new technologies, like the old, should be viewed neither as technologies of freedom nor of tyranny, but basically as technologies of power that lock into existing or emerging technostructures of power. In a related sense, Stevenson, Burkett and Myint (1993) argue that the new communication and information technologies can strengthen the centralised industrial, command economy or decentralise empowerment for finding creative solutions to local and global problems through new social technologies. The link between technological growth and socioeconomic development is hinged on various arguments. Some researchers have also indicated the need for the new ICTs to address problems of human needs. Although many governments may be giving top priority to acquisition of the new technologies because they are perceived as pivotal to overall development, there is however a growing anxiety or unease among these governments to curtail the use of the technologies by groups engaging in unauthorized conduct or groups which challenge the authority of various regimes. We are guiding in Assignments and Handwritten AIOU Assignments of Classes Matric to Master Degree. Scalable to any size without losing image quality; can be used for any printing or online applications.
Moreover, it is quite surprising how local area networks are now replacing the traditional floppy disks and even the CDs that people have been accustomed to use, when transferring information from one computer to another.

Generally, this type of connection has to do with the computers existing in a limited area; for example, we can mention the computers that people working in schools, office buildings, public institutions and various small organizations need to use and share resources between them. The good news is that everyone can install this computer network in their homes, using hardware like Ethernet cables, hubs and network adapters which are quite accessible to every pocket. Here you will find out everything about the best and the worst electric dryers on the market. Cable television channels and videotapes give the audience member access to specialized programs and material, far beyond what is available on the three commercial television networks and public television.
Once a program has been videotaped from a commercial network broadcast, it becomes possible to skip the commercials by pushing the fast-forward button on the remote control of the VCR. One consequence is that we probably should have theories that give less emphasis to the effects of mass communication and more emphasis to the ways audience members are using mass communication.
It is no longer possible to think of television as a uniform or monolithic system, transmitting essentially the same message to everyone.
Increasing globalisation, facilitated by the new technologies, has brought about changes which flow through to local communities. Indeed, today the advancements in informatics permit us to copy data, files, programs, and various applications without using the floppy disks that once were valuable tools, when needing to share resources between computers. You should know that Ethernet LAN is one of the most popular local area networks people use these days. By reading the article you will know what models to stay away from and which are the ones that you should buy for yourself. Videotext and Teletext offer the user a wide selection of news stories or other information. In a sense, this heightened selectivity due to the new technology could create a kind of balance that has been lacking in mass communication, with the audience and the message producers being more equal in power.
This shift might give increased importance to the uses and gratifications approach to the study of mass communication. This realization has consequences for a number of theories of mass communication that assume to some extent a uniform television message, or a uniform media message (Webster, 1989). On one hand, they open up opportunities for centralisation of authority, control and communication typical of the modern industrial state, and on the other hand, they supply alternative channels of cultural resistance and ideological mobilization for opposition forces.
Paradoxically, however, these local communities are forced to make international connections in order to solve local problems.

So, if you are eager to find out more about what local area network is and how it works, stick close and read on the information we provide in this article.
You should know that unlike a LAN, which is a network covering a limited area, a WAN refers to a broad area, and the Internet falls in this category as well, as it interconnects billions of computers, without being limited by proximity or other related conditions. CompuServe, a computer information service that can be accessed through home computers, has 550,000 subscribers (Couzens, 1989). The decentralization of communication due to the new technology can be seen taking place in the U.S. However, a LAN comes more like a response to the need people have to share information, when using different computers at home or in various public institutions and private organizations.
For further information about local area networks, you can feel free to use the Internet, if you want. Government Printing Office, which plans over the next 10 years to shift to much heavier dissemination of information by individual agencies and through electronic mail, on-line data bases, floppy disks, magnetic tapes, and CD-ROMs (U.S.
Essentially, it appears that the fragmented or segmented audience that is characteristic of the new media probably leads to a lessening of the impact of the mass media suggested by cultivation theory, the spiral of silence, and the agenda-setting function.
On this basis, one can argue that the new communication technologies serve the interests of both the privileged and the underprivileged classes in society. At issue here is the challenge posed to individual freedom to communicate as against the desire of various governments to control the moral content or `political correctness’ of what is communicated. These special interest groups allow people who are interested in the same topic—science fiction, poetry writing, an arcane computer programming language such as FORTH—to communicate with one another. This is a big change from the way communication through media has largely taken place in the past. In a SIG on CompuServe, messages are not being chosen for the audience by someone else and imposed on them, but are being shared by people who are more or less equal but have a common interest in a topic.

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