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If you are looking for a quick allround answer to What is Communication, you are highly unlikely to get one. The start of our journey to understand communication must be with the definition, what Communication is. If you are telling someone something, you are sending them a message that they should receive. Study Skills Strategies Apr 24, 16 09:19 AMNeed a certain boost to your Study Skills Strategies?
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The means can be: speeches, emails, blogs, forums, text messages, voice messages, poems, essays, books, newspapers, ads, articles, and practically anything you can speak through, write on or draw on.
Effective Communication is a process where a message is received and understood by the receiver in the manner that the sender intended it to be.
Business communication takes place in the context of people and organizations transacting business, so the definition of communication as listed at the top of the page applies. The entities exchanging information are employees, customers, bosses, boards, stockholders, companies, departments and so forth.
One specific - and subjective - dynamic that applies to business communication is that it tends to use its own "language" (business jargon) and the entities (sender and receiver) tend to adopt and maintain their public identities while communicating.
In some sense and very unfortunately, business communication is not as authentic as other types of communication.
Communication in its most basic sense is transferring information from sender to receiver.
The various definitions of communication (organizational, business, interpersonal and so forth) are just flavors of the basic definition of communication. Communication in its most expansive sense is everything and anything (not just information) that gets sent and received.Under this definition, all sentient beings are constantly communicating.
Effective communication is a somewhat esoteric concept that is frequently applied to business management. Put simply, effective communication aims at improving our understanding of the emotional content (*taps head and does a bad Bruce Lee impersonation) behind any given information.
Effective communication, then, aims at fostering a deeper understanding between communicators, by creating a stronger emotional resonance. Experts in the subject maintain that the first step towards becoming a more effective communicator (should you wish to, of course) is to become a better listener.
Of course, effective communication is largely emotion-centric as a concept and so the final point brought up by the article is to improve your own emotional awareness.
Or where you, the business manager who needs to get staff trained effectively, can do so within very reasonable budgets. A common mistake people make is to focus on the delivery of information, rather than how it is received.

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For now, let's call the entity that transfers information Sender and the entity that receives the information Receiver. It can also include other beings, but since this website is about communication in the workplace, we'll leave animals, dead people and angels out of this conversation.
Theoretically, this understanding makes us more empathic and thus better able to relate to our spouses, co-workers, employers and friends.
You can do this by fully focusing on the speaker (as opposed to being distracted, or deliberately distracting yourself), not interrupting them and openly demonstrating an interest in what the speaker has to say. A stressed person, even if their outward demeanour seems pleasant enough, gives off a lot of anxiety, from body language to posture, so it is best to deal with your anxieties privately before dealing with others (where possible). It is about improving your understanding of yourself and others around you, in order to live and work with other in a more harmonious way.
If you find yourself entrenched in petty squabbles or constant bickering with your friends, spouse, family or colleagues, then there is a good chance that there is something deeper that is bothering you. With a greater emotional understanding of yourself, not only will you be able to avoid potentially stress-inducing situations, but you should also be able to recognize patterns in others that you have seen in yourself, allowing you to become more empathic and, ultimately, a better communicator. This feedback may be an oral or written message, or an action or simply a silence.Transmitting or sending message is half of the communication process. When messages reach to the receiver, he decodes the message and sends his response to the sender to complete the communication process. If the receiver does not understand what the sender wants to convey, then the sender refines or repeats the message.

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