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In the previous posting in this series we closed with Drucker’s five essential practices for managers.
Time is a central resource, yet unlike other resources it cannot be inventoried, purchased, or controlled in any way.
Drucker argues that there is a three step process that is the foundation of effectiveness in managing time.
Additional sources of time wasting come from (a) poor business systems (processes), (b) over staffing, (c) excess meetings, and (d) information – the wrong information or information in the wrong form. The most common symptom of poor business processes is a chronic state of emergency, the recurring crisis. Research that is more recent than available to Drucker  suggests that these discretionary blocks of time can be shorter than he envisions. In my business coaching work I have come to an approach significantly different from that of Drucker. This entry was posted in Book Reviews, Drucker - Effective Executive and tagged Csikszentmihalyi, Drucker, effective manager, effectiveness, managers, meeting, meetings, Peter Drucker, The Effective Executive, time management, work by Mark Orton. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 2) Personal Capacity, 3) Motivators, 4) Work Design, 5) Information, 6) Performance Feedback, and 7) Resources.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. First is recording the use of time, second is managing time,((2)) and third is the consolidation of discretionary time. However, if people are figuratively bumping into each other, spending time negotiating the interpersonal politics, worried about turf battles, there is probably over staffing present. He clearly states that this is the time during which the effective manager gets real work done, the work that is their contribution to the results of the organization.
In Csikszentmihalyi’s seminal 1991 book Flow,((3))  it is observed that periods of intense engagement and productivity are generally not sustainable for more than a few hours at a time. The best strategy for building these blocks of time to focus on the really important, managers can benefit by just seizing the time and skipping the initial time logging work.
There is no sense to thinking that time is managed in the way every other resource in the organization can be managed.
Thus the use of our time and the organization’s time is critical to achieving results.
The first occurrence is the signal to examine what needs to be changed to prevent the second occurrence. This strongly suggests that managers should seek to carve out a number of briefer blocks of time instead of struggling to create half or full day blocks.

Too many managers spend too much time gathering this data or allowing the data gathering to be a stumbling block to their effectiveness.
Second, which of the tasks on your time log could be done or better should be done by someone else? A key element in whatever solution you come up with is to understand that these blocks of time must be uninterrupted and continuous. How many times do you undertake a task that really could be handled much more competently by someone else?
Not only do you have to discipline your staff, but, more difficult perhaps, you have to discipline yourself to turn off cellphones, email, IM, and all the other electronic interrupters that you are so addicted to. Ask those who work for you, “What is it about how I work that causes you needless work?

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what is effective management skills

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