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Our humble stylus hopes were only partially met with the HTC Flyer - the 7-inch tablet lacked the sort of precision we were familiar with on regular digitizers - but Samsung takes a definite step ahead with its S Pen system. They range from handwriting recognition - which did a mixed job with cursive, but handled individual letters well; it's worth remembering that Samsung is still finalizing the software - to clipping, sketching and annotating. Where HTC limited what the Flyer's stylus could be used for - fingers, for instance, were the only way to select and navigate apps - the Galaxy Note will respond to pen or touch throughout. From the specs and our initial hands-on time, it's tough to find an obvious flaw in Samsung's positioning of the Galaxy Note as a consolidation of the core mobility tasks. Where the last Note felt like a blown-up Galaxy S4, the Note 4 has learned from both the Galaxy S5 and the newer Galaxy Alpha. So you get a textured plastic back as before, but the edges are metal, while the glass over the 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display curves gently where it meets the sides.
The screen itself may be no bigger than the outgoing phone, but it packs significantly more pixels, with Quad HD 2560 x 1440 resolution.
On the back, there's a 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization, though the bigger changes have arguably made on the front. Meanwhile, though the front lens captures 90-degrees by default, it can optionally snap a 120-degree panorama for group shots. The Note series has always been about the S Pen, though, and both hardware and software have improved in this fourth generation.
As a result, there are two new virtual pen types supported, a fountain pen and a calligraphy pen, the strokes of which vary according to how fast or slow you write, the angle of your hand, and how hard you're pressing. A new PC mouse-style select option has been added, allowing you to click the barrel button and then highlight an area to select, while Smart Select can now gather up multiple chunks of text and images into different temporary folders. S Note gets a quick-access widget, with shortcuts for handwriting, typing, recording a voice memo, or - new to the Note 4 - a Snap Note.
Following that you can delete parts of the original note, though unlike, say, Evernote there's no facility for searching handwritten text. Old Samsung favorites like the split-screen view have been carried over, but made easier to access, with a dedicated option in the app multitask menu.
As before, there'll be two processor options at launch, with availability depending on region.
As with the GS5, there's an Ultra Power Saving mode for stretching out the last few percentage of power left, but it's joined by Fast Charging. Samsung will offer the Galaxy Note 4 in Frosted White, Charcoal Black, Bronze Gold, and Blossom Pink.
We were able to get our hands on the new iPhones while we were there, so we thought we’d share some images and videos we captured of these shiny, new devices, to give you a better idea of the overall size, look, and feel. Below are a couple of side-by-side comparisons of the brand new iPhone 6 Plus (left) and iPhone 6 (right).
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The New Nintendo 3DS XL is a sleek piece of kit that streamlines many of its predecessor's quirks. Jon never knew his life-long love of video games would lead him down the path of becoming an Internet authority on the Just Dance franchise, but here we are. In an early report from XDA Developers, it appears that Samsung still hasn’t figured out how to keep their OS lag-free for the Galaxy S7 edge. Samsung’s latest offering comes equipped with this year’s Qualcomm flagship processor, the Snapdragon 820. But all of these details come from an early report from one source and Samsung’s phones don’t always perform the same way for everyone. The Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy S7 will arrive March 8 for those who pre-order, whule other buyers will be able to purchase the phone March 11. This near-final Windows 10 takes the best of Windows 7 and 8 and also springs forward with Cortana, Hello, and a surprisingly rough Edge browser.
Windows 10a€™s official birthday is July 29, but we couldna€™t wait that long to unwrap the present.
This moment shows an operating system that blends some of the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8, while new features like Cortana and Windows Hello point to a very intriguing future. Because the Start menu is an important part of the initial Windows 10 experience, Microsoft needed to get this right.
Microsoft treats the new Start menu as a dashboard, rather than a launching pad, and thata€™s a perspective I can get behind.
Right now, I really like the ability to tap Cortanaa€™s search bar and see a summary of useful informationa€”a slightly different take on the Start menua€™s Live Tiles.
The Edge browser is Windows 10a€™s problem child, something that could drag down the review. Ia€™m disappointed Microsoft decided toA kill some MSN apps, including Health & Fitness. I like how Microsoft is trying to de-emphasize passwords and other complexity within Windows 10.
I cana€™t say for certain if any game-changing bugs lurk out of my sight (if you have any suggestions for things to test, please let me know in the comments below). Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. As PCWorld's senior editor, Mark focuses on Microsoft news and chip technology, among other beats.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
The Samsung Galaxy Note is the company's main surprise at IFA 2011 this week, a MID-scale super-smartphone that offers a blend of phone and tablet functionality with a dash of paper notebook thrown in too. The Galaxy Note actually goes beyond 720p with its 1280 x 800, 285ppi display, and like Super AMOLEDs before it it's a stunningly bright, clear and crisp panel with incredibly broad viewing angles and vivid colors. The company isn't saying whose digitizer tech is inside, only that it has come up with a system that combines what's best on the market today, but the end result is free-flowing, jaggie-free ink, and noticeable pressure sensitivity. Hold down the pen button and double-tap the display and you take a screenshot, which you can then mark up or clip in regular and freehand shapes.
The new photo and video editing apps support pen control over the media timeline and clip cuts, and you can write handwritten text into the frames of both stills and video. The 1.4GHz dual-core processor is swift, the HD-capable 8-megapixel main camera and front-facing 2-megapixel camera aren't the underwhelming low-resolution units we've seen used in tablets, and the HSPA+ and LTE support promise solid wireless connectivity. The South Korean company has been hammering away at its S Pen technology since 2011, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the latest result of that work.

The latter has lent some of its metal design, a welcome addition to a phone range long criticized for its plastic construction. It's enough to make the Note 4 feel significantly more premium in the hand, and though the bevelled sides may prompt comparisons with Apple's iPhone, it's a sleek look I can't exactly fault the phablet for adopting. It's a bright, vivid panel, just as we've come to expect from Super AMOLED, and the viewing angles are broad. A third microphone has been added for better noise suppression and directional voice recording, with the possibility to isolate different voices during playback. Pressure sensitivity has been doubled, and the Note 4 can track not only pressure but nib tilt and speed.
With that, you can take a photo of an analog notebook and have it imported: S Note automatically straightens it, adjusts the lighting, and then identifies what is text and what is image in the frame. Samsung's research, so the company says, shows that most people only charge their phones for thirty minutes at a time, and so Fast Charge is designed to take the Note 4 to 50-percent in that time. Samsung has in fact switched back to USB 2.0 for the Note 4, telling me that people simply weren't familiar enough with the faster variant to make it worthwhile including. While the Note 4's new styling and higher-resolution display should satisfy those with a need for instant gratification, it's the enhanced sensitivity of the S Pen which should make a more significant difference over time. Be it changed button placement or new features altogether, it's evident that Nintendo has put a lot of thought into alleviating pain points both obvious and subtle.
When enabled, the console will try to match its screen brightness to the light level of your location. The nub-like C-stick sits to the top-right of the X button and acts as a second circle pad; it's worth noting that games compatible with the Circle Pad Pro will have inherent C-stick functionality, essentially baking in the clunky accessory to the hardware. The card slot is now in a less convenient location, requiring you to unscrew the plate on the bottom of the unit. Performance has improved considerably from last year’s models, and the CPU throttling plaguing the Snapdragon 810 seems to have been balanced out by Qualcomm.
There are also no details on whether or not the Galaxy S7 edge differs in performance from the Galaxy S7. Keep your eyes locked to Digital Trends for our upcoming reviews of the Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy S7. Build 10240, released Wednesday, is just a few buffs and polishes away from the final version, according to Microsoft.
I havena€™t seen anything that jumps in front of users and introduces them to the Windows 10 experience, or even tells you what a€?Microsoft Edgea€? is. Using A the a€?Task Viewa€? or virtual desktops on a laptop feels very natural at this point, and I have to remember that snapping four apps to a large monitor (by dragging the windows into the four corners) hasna€™t always been part of Windows. I feel like wea€™re on the cusp of another culture-changing technology, and Cortana, Google Now, and Siri could evolve into something truly useful.
My beef with Edge can be summed up neatly: Ita€™s dull, some of its vaunted features are overplayed, and it struggles to compete with its chief competitor, Chrome. For all the complaints about Windows 8, Bing, MSN and its related content properties welcomed you.
But Ia€™ll say this: I created a stress test of 30 tabs, from Amazon to CNET to iMore to Salon. But as much as Ia€™d have liked Microsoft to hold onto its extra content, they really dona€™t have a place in Windows 10.
I was shocked when a recent build gave me a Blue Screen of Deatha€”I cana€™t remember the last time Ia€™d seen that in a Microsoft OS, period.
But herea€™s what I can tell you: As a vision, the scope of Microsofta€™s ambition for Windows 10 is breathtaking.
But for right now, leta€™s start the conversation: Whata€™s your (nearly final) verdict, anda€”more importantlya€”what do you think will be most important to evaluate once the RTM build is finally released? Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links.
Thanks to those extra pixels, however, there are no oversized icons as on the Infuse 4G; instead, you get a deliciously crisp Android playing field, fonts that look sliky-smooth almost until the full level of zoom, and webpages that can be read without needing to first resize them. The stylus itself is markedly thinner than the Flyer's but gets a dedicated silo inside the Galaxy Note; on the side is a small button that, when you hold it down and tap, activates some of the pen-specific features. In the messaging apps, you can draw maps or handwrite replies rather than tap them out on the on-screen keyboard (which itself, thanks to the relative broadness for a phone, is well-spaced and easy to use), while you can also write into emails. In the mail app, for instance, landscape orientation offers a two-pane view of your inbox and a specific message preview, with a draggable split-point.
Battery life is an unknown at this stage, but at least the 2,500 mAh pack is user-replaceable, while the 9.65 mm thick design (and 178g weight) means the Galaxy Note slips easily into a front jeans pocket. Hardly a surprise in Berlin this week - its three generations of forebears each arrived at pre-IFA show - the Note 4 nonetheless has plenty to prove. Give it a little longer, meanwhile, and the Note 4 should fully charge in 30-percent less time than its predecessor. While we aren't fans of every minor tweak or detail, on the whole this redesign is a pleasant upgrade.The 3DS' implementation of stereoscopic 3D has caught a lot of flak for being too demanding. The C-stick is more responsive than its modest appearance lets on - we had no trouble using it for camera control in Majora's Mask or for quick smash attacks in Super Smash Bros. Our attempt to swap cards led to us accidentally hitting the power button, which is a less-than-ideal situation. It outdid the competition overall, and the virtual reality (VR) apps they tested ran without any noticeable stuttering. Samsung has a long history of performance issues with their TouchWiz interface and we’ll likely have to wait a bit longer before they finally nail it down. You scoff, but Microsoft says only six percent of users use ALT-TAB to bounce from one app to another. Edge tabs hung, stuttered, and became unresponsive,A pegging a Core i5-based HP Spectre at 98% CPU utilization and 97% of the available memory. Ia€™m still seeing some inconsistencies connecting over ethernet and Wi-Fi, however, and that shouldna€™t be happening. But as I craft my review, therea€™s no denying that Windows 10 feels like a tribute to the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8, and it moves the ecosystem forward. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements.
The Samsung S Memo app supports photo, voice, text, handwriting and drawing capture, and is added as a regular Android "Share" option to make adding content, like photos you've just snapped with the 8-megapixel camera, straightforward. Even with that bar in place, there's still plenty of room to see your appointments, which can be dragged and dropped across the calendar.

Samsung is also hoping that third-party developers will add support for the S Pen, and is releasing an SDK for building in compatibility.
Strangest of all, moving from the Note back to our Galaxy S II, the smartphone suddenly felt small. The transition is largely invisible — the brightness scale is not as varied as, say, an iPhone — and pleasant on the eyes. As we’ve come to expect from most of Samsung’s phones, regardless of what preliminary performance charts tell us, the report mentions both lag and stutter in the TouchWiz interface. There areA numerousA unskilled Windows users out there, and they're going to need some handholding. And while I like asking questions of Cortana, there isna€™t a good way of telling what shea€™ll respond to, and thata€™s a problem.
Also, my Surface Pro 2 refuses to rotate the display into portrait mode when undocked, a bug Microsoft blames on a driver issue. You simply a€?traina€? the machine by letting the PC camera look at you for a moment or two.
Samsung brands it as HD Super AMOLED, and claims it's the statistical midpoint discovered when consumers were polled for their thoughts on ideals of front visibility, single-handed operation, pen input and calling. A virtual whiteboard app, intended to be released through Samsung's own appstore, will allow two Galaxy Note users to collaborate remotely on a single shared workspace. Whether app creators will jump on board is a similar question to that HTC is asking about its own stylus-specific SDK, and remains to be seen. Nonetheless, it's the GSII's huge sales success that Samsung will be hoping to replicate with their stylus-toting new model.
The major new features of this model include improved 3D support, which Nintendo dubs "super stable." According to the system setup process, the inside camera tracks your eyes and adjusts the screen accordingly.
We're excited at the possibilities this will bring to the table now that it's a standardized input, and we hope that developers put it to good use.Two new buttons, ZL and ZR, sit on the inside of the shoulder buttons.
Developers can put this extra power to use, and it's largely why Xenoblade Chronicles 3D can exist as a New 3DS-exclusive title. Considering the Gear VR is included with pretty much every pre-order of the Galaxy S7 edge, that’s probably a good thing. Then there’s frame skipping in the Play Store, but that’s a standard issue with Samsung’s phones and nothing to get too surprised by. Edge may indeed be a€?blazing fasta€? on the benchmarks, but right now, Chrome wins in my everyday usage. Thereafter, when you sit down at your PC, it recognizes you and logs you ina€”no effort required.
This brings the handheld's button count closer to modern console controllers, and are essential for enabling games like Xenoblade Chronicles 3D to feel uncompromised on the handheld. This isn't the first time that Nintendo has upgraded its portable hardware during its lifespan — Game Boy Color says hi — and it remains to be seen what type of split this power bump may lead to. And if you share that PC with others in your family, it will recognize them, too, automatically logging them in and picking up where they left off. Public-transit players will be pleased to see that the effect holds up on bumpy rides just fine, too.
These buttons feel tiny, though, and their position requires a new way to hold the console lest you mash both the Z- and shoulder-button at the same time. Considering there are already millions and millions of old 3DS units sold, we don't anticipate developers abandoning the greater user base any time soon.It makes sense for Nintendo to offer a new, upgraded unit like this because the original 3DS is creaking under how many new features have been bolted on since it launched in 2011. While 3D is far more durable on the new unit, though, it still can break: exceed a 45-degree angle and the camera loses track of your eyes. We find ourselves doing that quite a bit.NFC support also makes an appearance in the New Nintendo 3DS XL, bringing amiibo support along with it.
At the time Miiverse didn't exist, amiibo wasn't a factor, and one Circle Pad seemed sufficient (well, not really, but Nintendo apparently thought so).
We also noticed that when looking away for a moment and then returning your eyes to the console, the 3D will take an ugly split-second to figure itself out and resume its usual beauty.
The sensor is located underneath the bottom screen and behaves just like on the Wii U GamePad — namely, a game activates the sensor and you tap an amiibo against it, and the handheld retains the information until later de-synced with another tap. The screens themselves, meanwhile, are identical in resolution to every previous 3DS, and appear identical to the old 3DS XL.
It's a more deliberate application than the console portals of Skylanders or Disney Infinity, but is in line with the portable Skylanders portal.
We are so far unable to test its application in a game since no game in our mitts has the functionality enabled (Smash Bros. It's slick, robust, and ready to ride out the rest of the platform's lifespan with rejuvenated energy.For Nintendo, the reasons to upgrade are clear. The card slot now sits on the left of the bottom-front of the hardware, in the corner below the D-Pad. But for players who are perfectly happy with how their current system works, the decision to throw down another $200 (in the US) isn't quite so clear. Time will tell whether this discourages or enables accidental card ejects, but there it is. Whether you choose to upgrade to New 3DS XL or not will ultimately depend on how much you feel the need to keep up with features that have been bolted on to the 3DS. The power button has moved from the bottom face to the right-front side, and the Start and Select buttons now occupy its former location — similar to a DSi. Again, it remains to be seen whether exposing the power button like this will lead to accidental presses, which hasn't been a problem for a Nintendo handheld in quite some time. The sides of the top screen now have a slider on each side — one for audio, the other for 3D. Really want to take advantage of the new inputs when games inevitably start supporting them? The wi-fi switch is noticeably no more, now relegated to a soft switch on the Home screen's quick-settings menu, adding a few extra steps to what was a convenient process. The choice is yours.These impressions are from attending a media event in San Francisco, travel costs were provided by Nintendo of America.

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