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It is clear from speaking with clients and other thought leaders that there is a trend in many organizations to do a better job of putting data to work. Most of us recognize that data is a hidden asset, which organizations have been stockpiling for years, but have yet to fully capitalize on. Technologies are readily available and in some instances baked into existing products we use every day.
Expertise is available for hire or for minimal investment; there are a ton of great books out there on the topic.
At CT TyMetrix we have spent a great deal of time over the years speaking with clients and others in the market place and while the trend to put data to work is there we’ve found that it is an evolutionary process, with many clients at different levels. Craig Raeburn is Vice President, Product Management, for CT TyMetrix, a Wolters Kluwer business.

Kirsten van Engelenburg onManaging Change in Changing TimesHi Ryan, thanks for your reaction.
Gaetano Falcone onManaging Change in Changing TimesHi Kirsten, thanks for your interesting blog. Recent articles have sited selecting and integrating Data Analytics and Business Intelligence tools as one of the top priorities of many CIOs.
For example, mining the data from invoices submitted by law firms can yield a wealth of information to corporate law departments (for example – Are higher-priced attorneys billing for tasks that could be performed by a lower priced staff member? Take for example predictive modeling, once thought to be only for the big boys and highly expensive, it’s now available in Microsoft Excel.
I just finished reading Analytics at Work and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about how they could put data to work to improve their organization’s performance. As a means to provide guidance and a roadmap for our clients we’ve put together The Legal Performance Management Continuum.

Developing strategies based on this analysis and collaborating with law firms on staffing models for certain case types can yield great savings.) The challenge has often been answering the questions “How do I use that information?
Such tools allow organizations of any size to gain insight into their data with minimal investment (mostly just time invested in understanding how the tool works).
This model is designed to show the progression of evolution of law departments as they begin to put their data to work, but it’s applicable to almost any organization.
The Continuum and evolution through it should not be considered a onetime event, but cyclical and constant. It may have answered the question at hand, but also prompted you to think of the next set of questions and answers (and another report).

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what is performance management training

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