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On the previous page, we saw that a flat file database wasn't always the best choice as it causes a lot of data duplication. Once the tables have been set up, a relationship can be created to link them together - as shown by the lines linking the tables below. It is vital that the nature of this tacitly understood mechanism is better appreciated by the people who design software and technology.
In the early days when I moved there, a man at the car park took your money as you drove in. He gave you change from a ?10 note and -- if he knew you -- he would very occasionally allow you to park if you had no money, on the understanding that you would pay him back the following day. Yet digital transactions are recorded -- and customers know this; they thus expect loyalty to be recognised. Just as we design physical objects to fit the evolved shape of the human hand, we need to design experiences to fit our evolved psychology.
As the behavioural economist Shlomo Benartzi and I concluded during a long dinner, Uber could simply offer customers one "out" every 20 journeys -- customers could use these to cancel out surge pricing on critical journeys. And entailed a walk back to your car to fix a sticker in your windscreen.Now you can pay by mobile phone. This would reduce the outrage which Uber recently aroused during the Sydney hostage siege.The same goes for Uber's minimum fare.

The nature of any business relationship unavoidably changes over time -- because the balance of probabilities changes. If I spend ?200 a month on Uber cars, it seems unfair if I am not entitled to take a ?5 journey once in a while. Any non-anonymous transaction involves more than the exchange of money; it also entails the exchange of an invisible and unquantified mental "trust currency".
Not every day, but sometimes.Or, let's take a trivial but illustrative example from parking at my home town of Sevenoaks.
Yet if I forget to pay -- something which unavoidably happens once a year -- they fine me ?30. Over time, we expect businesses to which we have been repeatedly decent to reflect that in their treatment of us. Loyal repeat customers believe that, with each transaction, the seller should add a mental credit to the favour-bank. No "We notice you forgot to pay -- you owe us ?4." Just a straight fine -- just as someone would get who had parked there illegally who had never previously parked there legally. These fines, imposed by the council, are blamed by local tradespeople for destroying businesses in the town centre.This violates all instincts of fairness. Far more businesses, I suspect, need to discover their equivalent of Amazon Prime.Not all business relationships are like this.

A better system might be to offer me an Amazon Prime scheme where I pay ?50 a year and save ?1 a day on all parking. If I buy a newspaper at a motorway service station, I regard that as an anonymous, stand-alone exchange -- what you might call "transactional capitalism".
With the benefit that you are given one or two moments of grace every year at moments of memory loss.When you design things for efficiency, the thing that gets lost is the need for forgiveness -- for the-benefit-of-the-doubt. On the other hand, the relationship I have with my local pub landlord or Uber is different.
There I expect the sum of my past transactions to be reflected in the conduct of future business. You had flown with the airline ten times a year for 15 years, yet at the end of each year your status was effectively reset to "random tourist".

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what is relational leadership style

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