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Professional Stress Management PowerPoint Presentation in Sound-Show and Non-Sound Training Formats, Including Easy-Use Script  77 Frames, 33 Minutes, Editable with Sound, and available in five training media formats. This program will help EAPs, HR departments, and organizational development professionals reach out to employees and help them feel better today, and have skills for managing stress tomorrow. HR managers & department heads always ask, “So what is the vacation pattern of our employees? Today lets tackle that question and learn how to create a dashboard to monitor employee vacations. By using tables, we can continue to add more vacation data (or remove older data) and all our formulas continue to work seamlessly.
Although the calculations are not very complex, explaining each of them can be very tedious.
This dashboard is an excellent example of synthesis – combination of multiple Excel features to create something very simple and easy to use. Heat map of number of people away on each date using conditional formatting (similar example). The basic layout of dashboard is just 3 boxes – a big summary box on top, a large employee view box (70%) and a small calendar view box (30%). If you want to learn how this dashboard is constructed in a detailed fashion (along with 6 other dashboards & ton of material on dashboard design process) then please consider joining in our Excel School Dashboards program. An excellent example to summarize various Excel concepts learned over a period of time that has been put to use for a very useful and common place purpose.  Thank you.
I have tried to download and open the vacation tracker and dashboard.xls twice and asked a colleague to try also. I condiser myself as a pretty good Excel user but here I want to point out this is really a good and pretty example of what Excel can offer to common adminstrative tasks. I'd like to thank you that you've shared this excellent tool including tons of innovative solutions for the whole community. I'd probably setup a calendar template on another sheet and have the 3 month view use offsets with a scrollbar in order to scroll across the entire calendar.
Many request on how to integrate half day vacation but no winner yet, hope to see something soon. I have been reading your posts for a while now and I have to say that you are one of the most generous people I have seen online.
I learn many things from your online portal especially with excel and your words in the portal are very clear in explaining the functions and formulas used. The previous students who took part in the Excel School and Dashboard course, can they get to download the video tutorial on this dashboard. This is very close to what I want to build, a vacation calendar where I can input vacation requests based on availability to a maximum of people that are allowed to be off in a given day per department. I’m in the process of finishing a file where I can track vacation taken on a particular date or dates.
If you want to learn how this dashboard is constructed in a detailed fashion (along with 6 other dashboards & ton of material on dashboard design process) then please consider joining in our Excel School Dashboards program.

Chandoo, would it be possible to deduct partial hours from an employee accrued vacations like Krissy says? I am currently enrolled for the excel school but cannot see the tutorial of the above dashboard. Hi I've always been amazed at your creativity and your ability to think outside the square.
Thank you very much for the great work, this is a great tool for managing the employees leave, you have no idea how thankful i'm right now for leaving it free and unprotected. Learn to use Excel for work: From creating spreadsheets through to creating advanced formulas and functions. This Excel course teaches advanced techniques including VLOOKUP formulas, nesting IF statements, Charts, Pivot Tables & Macros. Learn how to use Excel for Mac with examples (P&L Reports, Expenses…) that take you through, Formulas, Conditional Formatting and Advanced techniques such as Mail Merges.
Here are our recommendations for the best excel books for each profile of student: Excel Beginners, Advanced, VBA and for Mac. If you already know the basics and want to become an advanced user, this book is ideal: It teaches you advanced excel skills with easy to follow, real world examples. If you found this page useful, let your friends know by sharing it on your favourite social networks! Knowing how to use Excel can save you hours by vastly reducing the time you spend on repetitive tasks and number crunching.
Choose PowerPoint for stand-up presentations or the narrated and animated DVD of the PowerPoint program for large groups.
Get a tool to help employees zap head-pounding, stomach-churning, and mind-imploding stress. I especially loved how picture links, conditional formatting heat maps (color scales) & simple calendar logic all have blended in to create a stunning calendar view. Just today, I have uploaded a lesson (35 mins) on Employee Vacation dashboard to our Excel School website. I went from hating to start up excel and facing these dreadfull CSV's with no formatting to having excel open all the time and using every minute I can to turn boring data into visually inspiring dashboards and worksheets. Many people like me who wish to do self-learning getting practical solutions to the problems through your wp.
Need also a running percentile on vacations hours taken (which solves partial days taken) against the total number of entitlement by each department or shift. Currently our employees are allow to take a vacation days which corresponds to 8 hours of vacation; however, there are time, and our company allows it, when employees want to take 2 or four hours of vacation instead 8 hours. I've tried to download the employee vacation dashboard above but I can't open it, would it be possible to email the workbook to me please?
Love this dashboard, but is there a version that shows all 12 months of the year so that it can be printed out as a wallboard? It has a range of very powerful features including advanced calculations, graphs and a macro programming language called “Visual Basic” to further extend its capabilities.

Includes instructions on how to customize the new Ribbon interface, how Mac Office integrates with Windows and many other useful features. Professions that find it particularly useful include Engineers, Surveyors, Researchers, Teachers, Project Managers, Operations Management, Accountants, Auditors, Scientists, Finance and Big Data Analysts. Every week you will receive an Excel tip, tutorial, template or example delivered to your inbox. Thank you for the content, you are helping many people rise above Excel noob-ness to elite-ness! In addition to that, I love every work that you do especially the dashboard to track employee vacations.
It's mission critical, and the number one target for improving morale, increasing productivity, and reducing a string of behavioral risk exposures.
What more, as a joining bonus, I am giving away a 25 page eBook containing 95 Excel tips & tricks. If so, I have created an Excel file that I can deduct vacation day(s) from a date or dates, but I am not able to deduct hours from accrued vacation days from employees. I would truly appreciate If you could modify your file to be able to accomplish this task or I can email you my file, so you can take a look at it and modify as you please. If you can't answer the question, "What are you doing about stress?", management may already be thinking that you are not doing enough. We give you six options to meed the goal.With the Web Course Option, You Can Go Beyond Brown-Bag PPT Presentation Don't just settle for the brown-bag seminars you used to give, or have someone else doing it. You can also choose the no sound, manual PowerPoint stress program for live training, especially if being visible to your employees and showing yourself as the company expert is critical to your program's mission and survivability. Just click "duplicate slide" and add images, text, and your own expertise.Tackle the Right Issues with Your PowerPoint Stress PresentationThis stress management course tackles ten key stress issues employees face from diet and exercise to communication and relationships. With the EAP version, employees are encouraged to contact the EAP if they are struggling with any particular stress issue.
Try the Web Course As mentioned, when you purchase the web course option, we will place your company's logo on the front page of the course if you like--free--at your request (phone 1-800-626-4327 for the free logo imprint option). With the Web Course Stress Management Training (see the non-PowerPoint Stress Management Course Preview here) We will then send you a platform independent Web course. When you slip the CD into your computer it will run exactly as it does on your Web site so you can preview it. E-mail the launch link to one employee client or a every employee in the organization, or the organizations you serve.

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what is the best online training for excel

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