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The Business Administration Associate In Science Degree is designed for the student transferring to a four-year institution. The Marketing Certificate prepares students for marketing and management training positions that require a working knowledge of marketing, advertising and sales. For more information about any degrees or certificates, contact the Business and Applied Technology office or the Counseling Department.
Business Administration requires a variety of skills, including supervising staff, developing departmental plans, setting goals and deadlines, and customer service.

Information Technology has become a crucial and vital component in all aspects of modern life. We are a student-oriented community with organized advising sessions, approachable advisors and a student- friendly environment. We teach our students how to craft a news story, how to direct a TV program, how to orchestrate a public-relations campaign and most importantly how to understand media issues in their socio-economic and global contexts. Students are advised to consult with a counselor for transfer requirements to specific universities.

Apply to our fully online Business Administration associate degree program and (in just four semesters) youa€™ll build the foundation required for a career in such business-related fields as Accounting, Human Resources Management, Finance, Management and Marketing. The IT Diploma and Bachelor , which is offered by Fujairah College , prepares graduates to join the workforce in the UAE and in the Eastern region as qualified IT professionals.

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what is the business administration and management

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