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Mari Kojima talks about her life and her little island -- Japan -- as seen through the viewfinder of her camera. Alka Chaturvedi: Professor at Prestige Institute of Management and zonal trainer of JCI India.
Sarvjeet Singh Gyani, business owner with a passion for environment, shares his story of 'water management in action'. Join Peggy as she shares her passion for inspiring people of all ages to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle. Perfectionism-is-a-barrier-to-progress Jun 27, 15 10:53 AMCompromise is the name of the game, and perfection or imperfection is often the end result. Something happened Jun 24, 15 03:12 AMAnd finally, the fifth article in the failure series.
Accountability Partner Jun 23, 15 04:33 PMAn accountability partner is a person who helps you keep your commitments.
She looks at the amount of hours in a week, and breaks down the necessities of healthy living, then looks at the time left over, and asks how to best use this truly free time.
She dissects the difference between ordinary and extraordinary and how to make the giant leap for that additional 'extra'. It is a person that you trust very much and you let him in on everything you're planning to do.
She will inspire you to be the best you can be by following common sense with a sprinkle of humor and a dash of beautiful Santa Barbara scenery!

You will also have a better understanding of why you procrastinate and be able to look at it from a different perspective. Peggy firmly believes that optimum health and well-being is achieved by engaging the body in movement while appreciating the beauty that surrounds us. Peggy is the recipient of numerous fitness industry certifications and awards including international fitness instructor and program director of the year. She is probably best known locally for her development and leadership of the Jazzercise program and was a key player in designing, equipping and programming Santa Barbara’s only fitness and aquatics center for older adults. But you'll always spiral back to the lazy self you were because your approach didn't address the root of the problem. Now, let's get to the actual root of the problem that is procrastinating.Rebelling against authoritiesThe first reason why people procrastinate is to resist the pressure from authorities. You procrastinate to indicate that you're not agreeing with the options in this no-win situation.You can't openly rebel, because you'll risk anger and punishment from your authorities. But by delaying actions and procrastinating, by not putting your best effort into your work, you can get even with your oppressor. It may also seem that procrastinating is the only option to have some control over your life.Solution: Choose your option and firmly back it up! Complaining will only make it worse.Diminishing fear of failureThis is the domain of perfectionists. You set very high standards for yourself and are an expert in criticizing yourself if you make any mistakes.

Your subconscious will want to protect yourself from failure if you attempt a project where the risk of failure is high. They have nothing to do with each other.Defense against fear of succes'Fear of success' has many explanations.
In short, you are in conflict with yourself, you need to choose between friends and advancements, (you're a part of both worlds and are unable to choose one or the other).
You fear the envy of your co-workers if you should be the one to get a promotion.Solution: Make a clear choice! Focus on the positive sides of success and whenever you feel yourself procrastinating, remind yourself of the benefits of your choice.I hope that you now have a better understanding of why people procrastinate.
You have conditioned yourself to be lazy and therefore you can also condition yourself to be motivated and energized! You need to discover what's causing your laziness, what is the reason why you procrastinate? How can you deal with your fears differently?If you want more info about why people procrastinate.

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what is time management and why is it important pdf

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