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Here at What Makes a Good Leader Ian Pratt brings to you his years of leadership expertise where he has repeatedly coached leaders on how to engaged their average-performing teams, resulting in significantly higher performance. Analyzing your leadership and management activity using lean six sigma and infusing what we know about employee engagement and high performing teams in to a coaching plan will see you quickly improve the performance of your teams with most leaders achieving greater than 50% improvement in performance from their team in under 8 weeks. A good leader is unlikely to be aware of their uniqueness or the value that they bring to the organisation as they will be humble, however they will lead a team that performs at a level far higher than others in their industry, upto 202% higher. There is no task for being passionate about people, being passionate about people is a theme that is woven through every aspect of a leader’s role, it is evident in the way you start your day, give feedback, cascade strategy, manage performance, conduct one on ones, and run team meetings.
Leaders are not born they are developed through hard work and a constant focus on improving all areas of their leadership.

Passion for your organisation includes how your organisation ontributes to society, the value it adds to customers.
At what makes a good leader you will find out how you too can become a great leader, inspiring your people through your passion and achieving 202% more than others in your industry.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. They inspire their people, they bring their strategy to life and they effortlessly drive change. Outsiders will explain the success as luck or as being in the right place at the right time but there is a uniqueness to all great leaders.

Look beyond your mission and vision to find a higher purpose that will motivate and inspire your people.

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what makes a good leader 5th grade

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