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Gregory Hood recently asked the hypothetical question, "What Would You Do With $55,000?" Despite what Jim Giles would have you believe about people being in it for the "money movement", money is notoriously difficult to come by for even the most vital advocacy work. Now, I understand that there are many good reasons why we have trouble raising money, and I'm not begging for a handout. The cardinal objective is to establish visibility and credibility with our target audience of working- and middle-class conservative Hoosiers as their foremost advocates. This basic process will be enhanced with a mature constituent relationship management framework to achieve several secondary objectives, including directing Hoosiers to lobby their state legislature to pass an Arizona-inspired illegal immigration enforcement law. Since the mainstream media either ignores us or attacks us, it’s necessary for us to create our own media, to cover and publicize our own events. This is the cheapest camera I could find that had acceptable YouTube-level quality, a tripod mount, and an external microphone jack. If things are set up ideally, the assistant can sit at a chair between the camera tripod and the table, both keeping an eye on the camera and assisting attendees with membership forms, voter registrations, petitions, and other paperwork. I would enjoy feedback on how this project could be improved upon, and will keep you posted on its progress.
The $PLC owes the man at least a few thousand dollars for that infomercial for Mark Potok that he hosted. The ideal we are shooting for here is to create cells of White Nationalists across America. I don’t want to get bogged down in the timeless tension between European and American nationalists.
The BNP may be doing a lot of things right that we could emulate, but acting British and crafting a message that floats well with the typical Briton is not among them. The lack of financial transparency within the BNP is a major cause of friction within the BNP. There is a party office in Belfast which constantly phones members asking for money and they send at least one begging letter a month. I wouldn’t look up to the BNP operation, maybe some of the parties on the Continent are better.

Any one of us should try to be an entrepreneur, and trolling for donation from Internet affinity groups doesn’t count . Does anybody have any experience with the Philips MC235B Flat Wall Mountable Micro Shelf Program I was thinking about acquiring it and just wasn’t sure if its the ideal 1 to acquire. Many anti-Semites claim that Jews are stingy, but when it comes to forking over real money for ethnic advocacy, things are a bit upside-down.
To accomplish this, we will need to set and then achieve immediate and tangible goals for them. Contact local employers who do not use e-Verify, initially attempting to persuade them to use it with listing of advantages. Advertise on HoosierNation.us blog, e-newsletter, Facebook group, Craigslist, Stormfront, local classifieds. It contains CofCC membership forms, anti-illegal immigration petitions, voter registration forms, and a brag-book presentation on the mission and methods of our advocacy group. Thanks to plummeting prices for consumer electronics, quite a bit can be accomplished with relatively little up-front investment.
The volume was proficient for a gathering of over 30 people in a high-traffic urban setting. There are obviously quite a few more costs here, like the cost of hosting a website, the cost of the office supplies involved, the cost of  driving to the site, and numerous other incidentals.
Think if every major city had somebody set up with a mobile media studio who was prepared to jump in and use it to cover local events and stage local protests. Our lack of fundraising is ultimately due to our failure to establish credibility with our target audience. I explain that our electoral system is designed in a different way, one that precludes making the kind of progress that’s common in Europe. He announced on air, a day or two after the death, that he had been living on his grandfather’s pension, which had now obviously come to a halt, and he would now unfortunately have to get a real job. I work with the Aryan poor quite a bit and they surprisingly lack belief in all these CTs that many middle class Americans seem to entertain (i.e.

Pat McClain with Hanson McClain investment advisers spoke about the problem of coming up on that much money all of the sudden. We will do this by compelling local employers to implement the e-Verify program in their hiring processes using a database to target employers who fail to use the program and free classifieds to target employers who are actively hiring.
The entire setup, plus a lovely assistant, all fit in my 1997 Buick LeSabre ($800, sold separately). But I do believe it illustrates how a truly lean advocacy strategy can be woven together with cheap equipment, readily available Internet resources, and several hours of time spent implementing constituent relationship management strategies similar to what that the professionals use.
Rather than one Al Sharpton, we could have dozens of distributed ones, working around the censorship wall.
Pierce and because of the fiasco that occurred afterwards it broke the trust that many had placed in it.
He did say that he was glad that he no longer had to tend to the needs of his elderly father, though, so it’s not all bad news.
I know plenty of well-off people who are racialists and I know (and can understand) why that immediately sets off alarm bells.
The petitions must be plugged into the database and geolocated to the appropriate state-level representatives for appropriate routing.
I’m beginning to make some incremental progress with this, but these things take time and I still have a lot to learn, obviously. Besides you kind of have to prove you have something to offer before investment: famously the Bavarian aristocracy saw in the early NSDAP a way to bring the workers back to the nationalist camp and away from the SPD and KPD. I tend to think that what all the CT belief comes from is the fact that Americans tend to be fundamentally rather bored and seek an escape and explanation for things in CTs. You have to earn it in their eyes and sell yourself to them as a positive solution to their perceived problems.

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what to do when you win a lottery jackpot

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