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Before fuel injection came into vogue, mechanical fuel pumps mounted on the engine were used. Please no link dropping, no keywords or domains as names; do not spam, and do not advertise!
Get on the list and receive a lot full of auto reviews, reports, new technology, events, etc. If you turn the key on before cranking the engine, you’ll often hear a slight whirring noise as the pump turns on to pressurize the system. Some cars, in addition to the relay, also use an oil-pressure switch to turn the pump on and off.An interesting thing about electric fuel pumps is that they use fuel to cool the motor.

If it takes longer for the engine to start (after it has been sitting a while, such as overnight), your pump might be on its way out. When the outside temperature gets hot and the engine sputters and dies but then restarts, your pump could be dying.Like every other automotive repair, always start by checking the simplest and the most obvious. Disconnecting the various plugs, cleaning the contact points, and using plenty of dielectric grease might do the trick.
If you know the pump is bad (but it hasn’t completely died yet), you can disconnect the fuel line at a convenient point and have the pump pump out whatever is left in the tank into a container or two.
Carefully inspect any steel tank for leaks before reinstallation and try not to get any dirt in the tank.After the tank is down, disconnect any electrical connectors, fuel lines, and vent hoses.

Some fuel pumps are held in place with a large locking ring while others are held in place by screws.
If there aren’t and everything seems fine, you can then fill the tank up and be on your way.

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what will changing a fuel filter do

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