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Some of the documents have been edited for clarity and length; base your answer(s) on the document as presented. Historical Context: As the United States entered World War II, the societal expectations of American women expanded dramatically. Question: Discuss the various appeals made to American women and how they related to the war effort. Directions: The following questions deal with women, their role in World War II, and the opportunities they received in relation to the war.
After my husband went into the Seabee's I quit my job at Gibson's and went to work in a woolen mill. At the mill the government used to send out all the Purple Heart soldiers to talk to use and tell us that we couldn't take time off, and pushed all this patriotism on us. After the war things changed because women found out they could go out and they could survive. After the war began, Curtis Wright, the airplane factory, needed women to replace their engineers who had been called up for the draft. My husband had received a disability discharge and stayed home while I went on to army camp. I think our whole country changed after the war when all the "Rosie the Riveters" continued to rivet when the war was over.

My concerns aside, I selected this oral history as Katherine O'Grady experienced many of the points I tried to bring out in my DBQ. In addition to the employment angle, O'Grady's description of how the government arranged for Purple Heart soldiers to speak to the employees at the mill was fantastic for the question at hand. The husband was not sleeping though and 'caught' his wife in the act of pillaging his pockets. Bottom line- in the government's effort to raise fund for war bonds, the government played on a popular stereotype which, if given adequate thought, compromise the message of their other propaganda campaigns, such as enticing women into waged labor. In every course of research, there is a find of information that makes you sit back and go, 'Wow!' Document 4 was my 'Wow' piece of information. The advertisement opens with the statement that women were absent from work at a rate of 50% more than their male counterparts.
The ad goes on to discuss that doctors needed to teach their female patients that menstruation does should not result in the curtailment, or in this case time off, from everyday activities or work. Finally, the advertisement suggested if women workers used Tampax, they would be on the job and in turn, the war would be won. The Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service or WAVES, represented an opportunity for American women to join an organization in which comparisons could be drawn to the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines.
I selected the Ott oral history as the subject led a rich life, before and after World War II. The fact that Ott served as an engineer provides adequate merit to present her story but not only did she work in a male dominated field, she left the job to join the women's version of the army.
Also, the ability of Ott to leave the army because she wished, or her husband wished, to pursue domestic pursuits illustrates the differences the military expressed when it came to the enlistment of women and men. I selected Briggs' story as her career in professional baseball richly illustrates the unique opportunities women were able to pursue because of World War II. More importantly though, Briggs' baseball career gave her self-confidence to pursue other goals in her life, as in her case the pursuit of a college education.

Roosevelt, although she allowed for the fact some women might wish to continue their employment, believed most women only worked if the financial viability of her family required so. The document serves as a nice conclusion to the previous seven documents and provides a nice transition to the essay section.
Both answers are fairly simple as the question is designed to serve as a transition to the essay and get students thinking about women and their feelings in regards to employment in the postwar era.
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