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Steve literally had an opinion on everything, and his thoughts often echoed his insane commitment to quality at Apple computers, whether on his approach to mistakes. But he had plenty to say on deeper matters as well. Steve Jobs in his famous Stanford Commencement Speech told 3 stories of his life and his struggle from the time he was born. Recently in an interview with Tim Cooks the current Apple CEO, he revealed that, they have left Steve Jobs office as intact and it has been not used by anyone after his death in  year 2011.
Conducting my own research, I’ve gathered some of the best advice on maintaining a healthy work-life balance by incorporating them into my own personal life. A simple quote “Actions expresses priorities” by Mahatma Gandhi clearly reflects how tasks can bring about a change in our lives.
Whether in school or at work, you may have encountered instances when pressure and stress begins to build, resulting in a change in your performance. As much as work, health, and relationships take priority in your life, it is also important to schedule time for your own renewal. Along with scheduling time to relax, you need to find time to spend with others, whether it’s with your partner, kids, parents or friends. And last but not the least, the best solution to this would be to avoid bringing your problems home from work and vice versa.
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With no clear boundaries, work-life balance does appear to be a goal that's just out of reach. Nicole received her Bachelor's degree in Media, Culture and Communication from New York University. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. With a life nothing less of a movie script,  it’s no wonder that Steve Jobs is remembered not only for running an immensely  successful company, but for being way outspoken.
His name is still on the door and has been kept in this way as a tribute to him and the inspiration it still draws on apple employees.

Yet, it often feels impossible to manage all of the office deadlines, meetings with clients, taking care of yourself and family, and various errands we have to deal with on a daily basis. Allowing your instincts to guide you in carrying out multiple tasks can certainly catch the eye of your supervisor on how efficient you are but can also negatively impact the work you engaged in resulting in poor quality or lack of creativity. It will energize and refresh you, and enable you to nurture the creative thought that is essential to every business owner. However, as many experts on the subject have pointed out, balance isn't about building an impenetrable wall between your personal and professional lives, but finding ways to connect and integrate the two.
Newcombe and Woods told Business News Daily that employees often lack the ability to prioritize and balance their work and family life. Here are six actionable ways to help you adjust your attitude and feel more in control right now. It keeps the lights on, pays the mortgage, makes the car payment, funds retirement and permits yearly vacations, Newcombe said. When a calendar is implemented, Woods said, you will be able to schedule work activities during the work day and establish a cutoff time to be with family. Like maintaining a calendar, implementing a strong daily routine will help keep you on track to achieve the balance you want.
Where you spend your time and energy has a direct connection to how successful you are in achieving work-life balance.
She began freelancing for Business News Daily in 2010 and joined the team as a staff writer three years later. If your life gets out of balance it causes you an enormous amount of stress resulting in the feeling of unhappiness and insecurity to sink in and dictate the remainder of your precious life.
When we make time for the important aspect that govern our lives, that is when we often derive the most sense of balance. Start with the basics, such as having a good night’s rest, getting organized, setting priorities and delegating tasks.
When you’re at home with your family avoid checking or responding to work-related emails, put your work devices away or just switch them off for a couple of hours and enjoy the special moments with your loved ones.

In order to perform at your peat potential, you don’t have to take on every task that comes along, rather, prioritize your work accordingly. It simply falls under the human nature category, so the best solution to this would be to avoid leaving your problems at your work and vice versa. Workers also have trouble overcoming the guilt of working long hours and accepting the need for individual personal time.
Adopting the right mind-set allows you to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your labor, rather than making your job seem like endless drudgery. Howes noted that setting strong habits, such as sleeping 8 hours, avoiding checking your email for the first couple hours of the day, getting outside daily, and taking time to eat right and work out, will make you healthier and happier.
Clear a small block of time on your schedule today to truly disconnect from your job (that's right, shut your phone off) and do something that relaxes you. It will do wonders for your well-being, your relationships and your career will benefit too. There will be instances when your colleagues will request favors from you in completing their assignment.
In addition, set an out-of-office message to let your folks know you won’t be answering emails or phone calls while you’re on vacation.
Although you would not want to create any animosity between yourself and your colleague by saying ‘No’ directly, the best instance would be to politely inform them on the nature of your assignment and the urgency of completing it. And lastly, before retiring to your bed, consider planning the next day with a to-do list for you to follow.

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