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Geithner, who presided over the government’s response to the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, takes time out in his memoir to attack… some conservative trolls he really didn’t like on campus while at Dartmouth.
In the book, Geithner writes that as a Dartmouth undergrad in the early 1980s, he found himself in opposition to the Dartmouth Review, a confrontational campus publication that, in the process of nurturing future prominent conservatives—Dinesh D’Souza, Laura Ingraham, and Pulitzer Prize winner Joseph Rago, to name a few—found itself printing articles in ebonics, using a Nazi slogan to describe a Jew, and (allegedly) publishing a roster of gay students. Following in the footsteps of his father and “several other relatives,” Geithner (at the time, he writes, a registered Republican) enrolled in Dartmouth in 1979, just before the Review was founded (with the support of Dartmouth English professor Jeffrey Hart, a former speechwriter for presidents Nixon and Reagan). The Review made a target of Dartmouth professor of music William Cole, a celebrated musician and author of books on John Coltrane and Miles Davis, for his teaching style, once even reportedly publishing transcripts of one of Cole’s classes. The publication ran an article titled “Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Freedman,” which parodied Dartmouth President James O. Funnily enough, Bloomberg reported in 2009 that when students protested the Review’s criticisms of affirmative action, some even suggesting physical harm be done to D’Souza, Geithner was the one who played the role of peacekeeper, suggesting that those angered by the publication start their own publication to counter its influence.

D’Souza has been trolling Obama for years, with articles that charge Obama governs according to his father’s worldview--or as D’Souza put it more colorfully “the dreams of a Luo tribesman of the 1950s” with a book called The Roots of Obama's Rage and with a follow-up “documentary,” 2016: Obama's America, which cautioned viewers that nobody really knows who this Barack Obama guy is. The piece—an intended satire of affirmative action—was not received quite as warmly as the “I speak Jive” scene from Airplane!. Freedman (who was Jewish) by comparing him to Hitler and his impact on the campus to the Holocaust.
One student, according to the Times, became so depressed as a result of being outed that he discussed suicide.
In January, D’Souza was indicted for violating campaign finance laws when he funneled $20,000 to the campaign of Wendy Long (who lost to incumbent Sen.
Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner speaks during a press availability December 1, 2011 in Washington, DC.

Geithner urged the Senate to confirm Assistant Director of Enforcement for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Richard Cordray to become the head of the CFPB.
26 letter that lawmakers need to raise the $16.7 trillion debt ceiling by the middle of October, when he expects that the Treasury Department will have about $50 billion left to fund the government. That’s the lesson to take, apparently, from the publication of former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s new memoir, Stress Test—and the flak that book is receiving.

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who is the secretary of treasury currently

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