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FOR SALE signs lined the street when the PCH Prize Patrol van pulled into the neighborhood for the surprise sweepstakes winning moment.
With TV cameras rolling, their hearts pumping, and the Big Check, balloons and roses in hand, they approached the door.
Winner Stephanie Gornichec of Caldwell, Idaho was overcome with emotion when she heard she won one million dollars in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.
The Gornichecs were on the verge of losing their home and considering filing for bankruptcy because they had no more options … that is until they heard that famous knock on their door from Publishers Clearing House. Stephanie won one million dollars with an online sweepstakes entry at PCH Search & Win.

That’s wonderful, a Godsend for Shaun & Stephanie of Idaho to be able to keep their home !!! Behind one of the signs, the famous prize award team spotted the house number of the newest Publishers Clearing House winner.

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who won pch 1 million a year for life

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