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The 2012 Olympics in London, England will soon be here and we want to make sure our readers are as informed as possible. We wanted to make sure that we didn’t list the female athletes that you will never see during the telecast. This entry was posted in 2012 Olympics, ana ivanovic, Features, hope solo, soccer, sports, swimming and tagged Alex Morgan, How Women, Lolo Jones, Olympics on June 30, 2012 by Bobby Roberts. This entry was posted in Cover Song Month, cover songs, indie music, Music, Song of the day, youtube on June 30, 2012 by Bobby Roberts.
A few years ago, I posted a picture of Adam Morrison in the stands at a Gonzaga basketball game. Before I go, I just want to let the Brooklyn Nets fans know that this will be the face of your franchise if the team can’t strike a deal with Deron Williams. This entry was posted in adam morrison, america's white boy, Brooklyn Nets, marijuana, sports and tagged Adam Morrison, Brooklyn Nets, College Basketball, Gonzaga, NBA, White Boy on June 29, 2012 by Bobby Roberts. Jenkins is the best 3-point shooter in the draft and Scott is one of the most consistent scorers.
The Celtics were already the best defensive team in the NBA, but by drafting Sullinger and Melo, they got much better. I am already deducting point for including their first round pick in the trade to rent Gerald Wallace for one-third of a season. Cleveland concentrated their talent by trading some late draft picks to Dallas for the rights to Zeller. Fournier is a talented shooting guard who could come to the NBA right away or could stay in France to add strength and experience. Detroit had a need for a dominant big man, mid-range offense, and a three-point scoring threat. Aldemir has a lot of potential, but he will need to mature overseas before the Clippers even ponder bringing him over. Jones III was a top-five talent going into the college season, but concerns about his knee and inconsistent play made him fall in the draft.
This entry was posted in 2012 NBA Draft, cleveland cavaliers, draft grades, houston rockets, new orleans hornets, Sacramento Kings, sports, Washington Wizards and tagged NBA, NBA Draft on June 29, 2012 by Bobby Roberts. This entry was posted in Cover Song Month, cover songs, Music, Song of the day, youtube on June 29, 2012 by Bobby Roberts. This list of undrafted players is filled with players who were once future first-round picks but fell to injury, unknown talent came out of nowhere, and established players who lack upside. This entry was posted in 2012 NBA Draft, Georgetown, iupui jaguars, ohio state, seton hall, sports, undrafted, west virgina mountaineers on June 28, 2012 by Bobby Roberts. You can make the playoffs by selecting blue chip prospects in the first round, but you win championships by having a deep bench.
The last few years have seen all of the established players who spent all four years in college.
This entry was posted in 2012 NBA Draft, baylor bears, gonzaga, live coverage, michigan state, missouri tigers, purdue boilermakers, Robbie Hummel, sports, trade on June 28, 2012 by Bobby Roberts.
I’m expecting a lot of trades tonight with many teams owning multiple top 40 draft picks.
This entry was posted in 2012 NBA Draft, anthony davis, Bradley Beal, david stern, Features, jared sullinger, kentucky wildcats, live coverage, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, sports on June 28, 2012 by Bobby Roberts. Wrote best-selling true crime book "Deadly Innocence"Follow on TwitterEmailprintcommentFORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. Every female athlete in this post are medal contenders in their respective events and a few could win the gold.
He was looking like a shell of himself and probably had a fatty blunt rolled up behind his ear. Many teams improved their teams by making smart draft picks and some teams left fans scratching their heads. If the Hawks were looking to improve their offense, they would have had a difficult time beating the duo they picked. Sullinger is the best low-post scorer in the draft, but with his size disadvantage, that skill may not translate to the NBA.
Taylor is a nice pick and would be a nice backup point guard behind Deron Williams (if he signs back with Brooklyn). They could have opted for a three-point threat here, but with Derrick Rose due to miss a huge chunk of the 2012-13 season, Teague was the smart choice. They also drafted Waiters at #4, even though they were rumored to be in love with North Carolina’s Harrison Barnes.

Miller had ACL surgery before his freshman year and didn’t look like he was healthy all season.
Green is more of a sure thing than Ezeli and I’m fairly certain that he would have been there at #35. They were finally free from them after not re-signing Mike Dunleavy and Josh McRoberts, but apparently there was a void.
He is a pass-first point guard, which is good…but lack any offensive skill past eight-feet.
It helped that they had the #1 overall pick, but the picks of Rivers and Miller really made sense for the team. Harkless has the same skill-set as most of their current players (a slasher who is a tweener). He has an NBA-ready body with skills at the power forward position that no other talent had in this draft. They drafted Ross about ten spots too high, Acy is a guy who loves to dunk everything with little fundamental skills, and Zubcic will never play in the NBA (at least not for the next four years).
Many undrafted players will go into NBA Summer League hoping to land a camp invite or deal with a team. Who do you pick to make an NBA team or stand out in NBA’s D-League this upcoming season? You should expect pick and trade analysis, fashion critiques of draft suits (I’m hoping for some hideous suits), and a lot of snarky comments throughout the night. Cleveland, Houston, and Boston could shake things up if they can unload their draft picks for a big return. A few of the names will be familiar to you, but we have picked out a few sleepers who will turn heads and make appearances on every sports blog the day after their event. It’s a simple song that has more honesty in it than Abraham Lincoln had in his entire body. He was one of the best players in his high school class, so if he gets healthy, this could be a steal. They did the best they could do with those picks, but the Middleton pick concerns me a little with his past injuries. They ended up with three quality draft picks in the middle of the first round and added a ton of talent.
Sacre is a guy who can make an NBA squad or be assigned to the NBDL for a bit to get some seasoning. Mike Conley doesn’t have the best skills on offense, so Memphis will not upgrade the position with Wroten Jr. The biggest asset the Heat earned in this draft is a future first-round pick from the 76ers. He could end up being a nice player, but will stay over in Greece for a minimum of one year. Rivers was the #1 overall talent going into the college season and Miller was the veteran leader on a National Championship team.
Nicholson has a nice shooting touch for a big man and O’Quinn is a hard worker who has some skills in the paint. He will pair nicely with DeMarcus Cousins and be a high character guy that franchise needs. Ross is a good shooter and is athletic, but I don’t know how he will pair with DeMar DeRozan. Most of these players will either sign with a NBA D-League team or go onto Europe and play. He will be stashed for at least two seasons overseas and could end up being a 6’7 point guard when he arrives in Washington. Dallas seems to be focused on guys who can contribute right away and leaving the projects for the rest of the league.
If the Kings kept this pick, it would have been confusing since they have a lot of players with range. He may never make it to the NBA, but once again, teams use late second-round picks on players worth taking a flyer on.
He has average rebounding skills and Toronto hopes that he improves and can bring him to the NBA in a few years.
I am always skeptical when an artist attempts to cover this track, but Jack’s Mannequin knocked it out of the park. They needed to address their offensive woes in the draft, but only called Sullinger’s name to help.

The Cavs could be pretty interesting in a couple seasons with a nucleus of Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Waiters, and Zeller. Cunningham could be an elite defensive backcourt stopper, James can play right away, but lacks upside, and Crowder is a 6’5 power forward with no position in the NBA. The Lakers traded Dallas for the rights to Johnson-Odom after the draft…presumably for the younger Kardashians to marry.
A player can be taught to shoot, but at this point, he is a project that will take time to develop. Philadelphia is a volatile team and if they suffer a few key injuries, they are a lottery team. Finally, Barton was a top high school talent going into college, but took a little time to develop into a plus scorer.
Satoransky won’t be in the league for a couple years, but he has enough upside that he could have been taken in the first-round. Their dream of playing the NBA one day is not dead, they will just need to work even harder and hope that a team takes a chance on them. Taylor was a four year player at Vandy and Charlotte is looking for guys who can contribute right away. He impressed me in many games this season and along with Hummel could surprise a lot of people by making the team and earning playing time.
They didn’t get the #1 pick and had many opportunities to move out of the #2 position and get more picks to help their team rebuild.
I like what Portland did in the draft, but it lacked the instant star power fans expected from their high picks. Times are exciting in Edmonton, with new GM Peter Chiarelli in place and new coach Todd McLellan expected to bring a breath of fresh air coming over from the San Jose Sharks. Although we won’t see the regular clashes between McDavid and Eichel that we saw between rookies Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin in 2005-06 because the Sabres and Oilers play in separate conferences, it will be fun to watch their shared evolution. Will they keep it and pick Noah Hanifin, considered by many the top defenseman in the draft?
Or will GM Don Maloney parlay that pick into a veteran player who can help the Coyotes, desperate for an impact forward and, specifically, a center? While there has been great change off the ice, with Mike Babcock lured to Toronto after establishing himself as one of the top coaches of his era with the Detroit Red Wings, new faces have also been added to upper management, including former NHLer Mark Hunter. However, as the draft weekend approaches, there is still no general manager (Kyle Dubas is handling GM-related calls from other teams).
There is a preponderance of junior hockey, and specifically Ontario Hockey League, savvy among the Leafs' management team, but the group is distinctly lacking in NHL experience. We know Chicago Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman has to free up cap space with core players Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews about to start their new contracts in the fall. Patrick Sharp, a member of all three Blackhawks championship teams of the past six years, is a likely victim of the cap crunch, but where would he fit?
And Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon loves his old Blackhawks and could use veteran ballast up front for a team on the verge of being a playoff contender. Bryan Bickell and Kris Versteeg are possibilities, although not as intriguing as the 33-year-old Sharp, who has two years left on his deal and a $5.9 million cap hit (although his actual dollar value is lower).
Don Sweeney will be overseeing his first draft after replacing Peter Chiarelli, who built a Cup winner for the Boston Bruins before assuming command in Edmonton (see above).
Sweeney will have his challenges trying to fit the Bruins’ impressive young core under the salary cap, and on Thursday he traded the rights to Carl Soderberg, an unrestricted free agent who finished the season with 44 points, to the Colorado Avalanche for a sixth-round pick in the 2016 draft. Still, the offer sheet does have the potential to upset a team’s salary-cap cart, even if it does match. Ron Francis, heading into his second draft as the Canes' GM, would love to divest himself of the ugly Alexander Semin deal (three more unthinkable seasons at $7 million per year), although to move Semin the Hurricanes would have to eat some of the contract and likely throw in assets to sweeten the deal or take back another onerous contract. Francis must also figure out what to do with core veterans Eric Staal and goaltender Cam Ward, who can become unrestricted free agents at the end of next season. Would he be willing to stay with the only NHL club he’s ever known for a significant hometown discount?
Or would the captain be interested in pursuing a second Stanley Cup (he won with the Hurricanes in ’06) somewhere else and be willing to help facilitate a trade by agreeing to be moved?
Lots of moving parts, but it’s worth remembering that Staal's brother Jordan came to Carolina during a big draft weekend deal back in 2012.

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