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American country singer, songwriter, and guitarist A member of the progressive outlaw movement in country music, Nelson has shown his individuality in his unconventional repertory choices, his jazz-influenced phrase style, his tendency to sing slightly behind the beat, his inventive guitar playing, and his phenomenal songwriting capabilities. Willie Hugh Nelson was born during the Great Depression to Ira and Myrle Nelson of Abbot, Texas. After high school, Nelson enlisted in the Air Force, but he was discharged nine months later because of recurring back problems from an injury he sustained while baling hay years earlier. After much financial success and many road tours, Nelson decided to retire in Ridgetop, Tennessee, to focus on songwriting and farming. Nelson married his fourth wife, Annie D'Angelo, in 1991, and he has fathered seven children.
This instrumentally sparse, simple, and raw album reiterated Nelson's desire to create in his distinctive way.
Given this repertoire (and how it was performed), this album seemed to transcend generic labeling. Along with Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, and Johnny Cash, Nelson released this album in 1985. The personal nature of this album, coupled with its simplicity, creates an almost spiritual experience for listeners.
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After his parents' separation in 1934, Nelson and his sister, Bobbie Lee, were left to be raised by their paternal grandparents. While working in a string of jobs-as an encyclopedia salesman, a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman, a guitar teacher, and a disc jockey-Nelson continued writing songs and playing with local bands. Eventually, Nelson longed to be on the road again, becoming more disillusioned with Nashville. This concept album (a record created around a narrative theme) was the artist's second with Columbia Records, and it was the first recorded in Texas. Although these singers had been friends for some time, it was Jennings's idea for them to come together as a quartet, grounding the album in the formative spirit of the outlaw movement.
Although he has been defined primarily as a countrymusic artist, this label does not fully capture the extent of his musical aspirations.
Since then, the artist has continually refined his own style of country music and-especially after returning to Austin-has fought hard to maintain his musical autonomy and his integrity.

Often called his masterpiece, this realized Nelson's vision of making a cohesive and unified album, one in which all tracks were interconnected.
This unusual project united some of music's big names and big voices in a collaborative spirit. This fatal battle, however, invokes the struggle for spiritual understanding, lost love, and solace.
Nelson never compromised himself for the corporate establishment, and he has been hugely successful at whatever venture he chooses. Under the guidance of their grandparents, both childrenwere exposed to music early in life.
He soon signed with Pamper Music as a songwriter, and he played bass with Ray Price and the Cherokee Cowboys.
Nelson's move to Austin in 1971 marked the beginning of a new era in country music, its fan base, and his career. Nelson experimented with musical styles and materials, notions in opposition to the conservative nature of the corporate Nashville establishment. The album tells the story of a ruthless preacherwhosets out in search of his stolen wife and her lover. Once more, Nelson was shifting outside of the mainstream-he chose to do an album of music he liked and songs that moved him, rather than focus on commercial viability. Nelson got his first guitar at age six (a Stella from the Sears catalog), and, along with his sister on piano, he began performing gospel at the early age of four.
Nelson, along with Hank Cochran, Kris Kristofferson, Harlan Howard, and Roger Miller, entered the competitive world of Nashville songwriting, and he was successful. His rebellion against this structure was highlighted in his association with the outlaw movement. The title song narrates the movement of an immortal spirit traveling throughout time and space, and each member of the group has his own verse to sing. Although reviewers received the record favorably, it begged comparison with his earlier smash hit, Red Headed Stranger, and the album was not promoted or marketed well. In 1939 one of the most powerful influences on Nelson's early life, his grandfather, died.
However, his dream of recording his own songs with a record label that would promote his style consistently eluded him. After being released from Atlantic Records, Nelson signed with Columbia Records in 1975, and he was given full creative control of his recording sessions, including the use of his own road band (which was unheard of in Nashville). This group of country musicians challenged the homogenized Nashville sound while remaining faithful to and respectful of country roots. As with Red Headed Stranger, CBS wanted to make a low-key release and then quickly transition to anothermore commercially appealing record.

Some of Nashville's best musicians performed in the band (Bobby Emmons and Reggie Young), and the title track made it to number one on the country charts. Taking it upon himself to support the record, Nelson gave interviews and played excerpts during his live sets (normally, he rarely deviates from his long-established playlist). His death gave the impetus for the young boy-at age seven-to write some of his first songs.
Nelson brings disparate musics (and, therefore, audiences) together, and, with his signature jazz-influenced singing and dance-hall rhythms, he has created and cultivated an appealing and easily accessible musical style. Ultimately, Nelson argued that these songs easily communicated with audiences, introduced an older repertoire to a younger crowd, and brought back an older audience's favorites. This album was also the impetus for the 1986 television motion picture Stagecoach, which starred all four singers. In sixth grade, Nelson got his first professional gig playing guitar with fifteen horn players and drummers in the local John Raycheck Band, which performed primarily polkas, schottisches, and waltzes. In 1985 Nelson began to raise money for American farmers with his Farm Aid benefit concerts. The experience forces listeners to consider the ramifications of love, murder, redemption, and morality. Musical Legacy As a singer-songwriter, Nelson has created an inspiring musical legacy, with his creative output of albums, selling millions of copies. Driving home from Colorado in 1975 with his third wife, Connie, Nelson dictated his ideas about one of his most famous albums, Red Headed Stranger. Although Nelson did not write all the songs on the album, he was able to interject his own material when the narrative he had constructed demanded it. During informal sessions in 1977 at Emmylou Harris's Southern California home, Nelson and Jones created a record (which Jones subsequently produced) that would sell more than five million copies, remain on the country charts for ten years, and be one of the biggest selling records of his career. Nelson has received numerous Grammy and Country Music Association Awards, along with being admitted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame (1973), Country Music Hall of Fame (1993), and the Songwriters Hall of Fame (2001). Although Nelson has suffered serious nosebleeds and bronchial infections, and he has undergone surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, he signs autographs before and after shows. With no bass, drums, or electric guitar, Nelson reflects on his long life with the help of an acoustic guitar, fiddle, and a piano.

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