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This 500g fireworks finale piece has massive willows with color at the ends that drip down slowly!!
Inspired by the true experiences of a real championship race horse, thisbeautiful tale is a moving celebration of the power of caring. Whenthirteen-year-old Katie Durham learns that the owner of a neighboringThoroughbred farm is going to destroy a newborn colt, she rushes to save him.Although Willow King''s legs are badly twisted, Katie fights for his life,begging for the chance to raise and train him.

Because one of Katie''s own legsis nearly an inch shorter than the other, she feels an immediate kinship withWillow King. Together, Katie and King embark on a painstaking journey oftraining that becomes more harrowing than Katie ever expected.
Yet through itall, she remains determined to see this brave little colt grow into thebeautiful Thoroughbred champion she knows he''s meant to be.

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willow king book

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