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Like 90% of the residents of the 12 states that participate in the Mega Millions lottery, I bought a lottery ticket today. Now most people, when asked what they would do if the won some overly enormous lottery, gush on and on about how they would open a home for wayward kittens or honest politicians or other members of society who just don’t get a fair shake in life. But as I don’t really think I am going to win, I am certainly not going to waste my chance at dreaming by thinking how I could help other people. I have always had an eye on Martha Stewart‘s Skylands estate, once home to the Ford family. Lowenstein had just gotten home from her honeymoon in 2008 when she was told she would be taping the show.'I got home from my honeymoon on a Monday,' she told the New York Post.
Unbelievable: As her family gathered, Erhard said they were unaware how lucky she was, 'They were celebrating the fact that I solved the puzzle.
Entering any sweepstakes or contests from this site will not increase your chances of winning. The other 10% are either dying in hospitals and unable to express their desire to buy a ticket or living in Florida for the winter and were unable to buy a ticket. If I won the lottery (which I know I won’t) I would spend every last little penny on me and my gardening.

Granted, I love my little postage stamp garden, but bigger is better, especially when you can afford to buy… I mean, hire a few dozen landscapers to help you out. She paid a mere $5 million for it and I am sure that I could convince her to part with it for a few million more.
I could just pick up the latest Open Days Directory and do a little window shopping, so to speak, and have my pick of the best private gardens in the United States. One just can not go through the shock of becoming richer than 50% of Paris Hilton’s closest friends without experiencing some sort of mental damage.
30 foot gnomes, bird baths suitable for pterosaurs and a plastic flamingo that would frighten any life loving alligator. Aw hell, I might just stop living in a real house and just take up permanent residence in a green house. And for the low, low price of a dollar, I get to dream about what I would do with it all when (not gonna happen) I win. She spun the bonus wheel and took an as yet unopened envelope--her future prize.But it didna€™t look like it was going to be hers at first. No word yet on how theya€™ll spend the money, by Erhard is likely still just trying to calm down from the initial thrill.a€?I wanted to have some fun and solve some puzzles, she said.

Pictures, displays, or other representations of any prizes used in this site are not depictions or promises of the actual prizes which may differ substantially. You know what they say about glass houses though… The maid just has fit when it comes time to wash the windows.
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God knows, with my chances being 1 in 176,145,920 of winning, I didn’t really buy a chance to win. What I really bought from my friendly neighborhood lotto and liquor dealer was the chance to dream. And no school or educational garden within a 100 mile radius would be without plants and supplies for their projects.

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win million dollars free

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