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Chinese-based eSports team Newbee eSports Club has set a new Guinness World Records title for greatest prize money in a videogame competition (team) after scooping an incredible $5,028,308 US dollars (approx.
Lottery winners have been left furious after realising that those who matched four numbers actually received a smaller prize than those who matched three. Players felt cheated after discovering that if they got four numbers correct earlier this week they were awarded with ?15, whereas people who guessed three numbers correctly got ?25.

Grandmother Elizabeth Wilson, 74, beat the 1000-to-one odds to guess four numbers, however she was dismayed to find out that she would get ?10 less than those who didn’t guess as well as her. The strange winnings came about because far more people than normal matched three numbers, however matching three number means an automatic ?25 win, so the pot of money for the people who matched four numbers had to be reduced.
This was little consolation for some, such as 63-year-old Lyn Blakemore, who feel like they’ve been cheated.

Others have complained that this highlights flaws in the National Lottery’s pot system.

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win prize money in india

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